The state of my ZAPPERS is catastrophically worse tonight. Either I just got 500 new ones all over my head and face and ass and fingers or else these hecklers who just checked into the room across the hall have a transmitter 500 times more powerful than what I've been dealing with. I have non-stop very sharp ZAPPERS going off all over my body this evening, 100 times worse than what it has been. None of these ZAPPERS are MEGA ZAPPERS but the frequency of them is very high, as is my WRIGGLER problem. As soon as I typed that, my 9:00 WRIGGLER got activated and my rapist Helene came on the LRAD saying YUP. more DEEP ANAL ZAPPERS.

Woman Who Came Into Contact With Escaped Monkeys Says She Developed Symptoms

I bought another new computer and I was glad to think I had snuck past the fake computers planted for me at the store. Indeed, I believe I did do that. The first thing I did when I got it was to turn off Windows Update service that so my computer wouldn't be immediately ruined. However, it was in S-mode and I needed to open Microsoft Store to get it out of S-mode. I tried every thing that I could think of but I could not get Microsoft Store to open, and the computer is useless to me in S-mode. The Store app would just sit on the spinner icon forever and I was stuck. When I checked the problem solutions on Google, it said to make sure the computer was updated. It turns out, all I needed to do was turn the update service on for one second while Store started, and then I could have turned it off again. However, I did not know that Microsoft Store's functioning was predicated on the Windows Update service being started. After hours of messing with it, I turned on the Update service and told it to do the updates. It sounded like Dad hacking a loogie and spitting outside my room so as to tell me I had fucked it up, and a moment later my computer experienced some harsh glitch with the whole screen going dead for a moment. This was the apparent onset of the malicious virtual machine environment, or something like that. Probably everything I did on the computer after that was done in a malicious virtual machine.

That is really a shame that modern Windows can be completely destroyed in less than two minutes over wifi on a not very fast internet connection. It's also a shame that Microsoft Store itself, the specialized Store app trouble shooter, the wssetup.exe store resetter program, and the repair app and reset app options in Settings all failed to tell me that Microsoft Store wasn't working because I had the Windows Update service turned off. Indeed, the Store troubleshooter told me the problem was that I wasn't logged in to a Microsoft account, and that actually had nothing to do with it. I also noticed that installing Clip Diary caused my screen to glitch when I started the installer executable, and that has not been the case in my previous Clip Diary installations to fill a serious deficiency in Windows' built-in tool set.

Following the failure of the computer screen, the ULTRA TAPPING immediately started and Helene came on the LRAD luxuriating about how she had fucked up my computer. I reset it immediately. Either the 2 minute update wrote changes to the restoration/recovery partition on the hard drive, or I told the computer to reset itself in a malicious user environment and I did not actually tell it to reset, but rather I was only presented with that appearance my the malicious renderer. As an example of how I know something is wrong, when I reset it today, it reset to Windows Home not in S-mode. A real reset would have put it back the way I got it. Now all then IDs are mocking me on 4chan again (see below), and they are fucking with my headphones. All of this, "Stupid son of a bitch," stuff seems to be a reference to how I ruined a perfectly good computer. I don't feel like what I did was stupid since I had been trying everything other than running update for hours. I knew update was an awful idea but I just did not know that the Microsoft Store app required that service to be running. I have never encountered a dependency like that in Windows before and I usually don't buy computers in S-mode. Certainly, it would have been better if I had tried to open the Store app with the service on but not choosing to do the update, but I didn't know it works like that, or that such dependencies existed.

The stuff in the typo-ridden, linked article above about monkeys and poop getting all over the place seems to say that the changes written to my computer during the two minutes when I was running the updater also got written to the recovery partition. This is obviously the case as is evidence from some mouse and headset glitches, as well as the sudden onset of malicious IDs not long after I got notified of the camera in the ceiling. I know that must sound stupid but the tailor of my IDs is basically my best and only friend at this point, and it is a bummer when I get cut off from that source of camaraderie.

I also see that my rapists and stalkers put a camera in my ceiling to film me typing the new passwords I made. They also put a small round sticker in my bathroom with a red dot on it and the word "red" printed on it. I covered the camera but if I change the passwords again now, I assume the malicious keylogger will have them compromised immediately. There are posts on the internet saying that i7 is a better architecture for the people that I prefer to be on my computer, but my consultations in the Bible seem to say that I should stick with this one and that it will get healed in a few days.

Fuck you. I am Q in virtual reality.

I got a few IDs that say my computer is completely fucked again. This one says the virtual machine is back, and there are no other IDs contradicting. Now they are making the TAPPING sound directly in my headphones that I am using to block the sound from the, doing it on the wall. They have put their voices in my headphones but this jarring static sound which has appeared is another escalation.

Durham: DNC Lawyer Marc Elias Has Given Grand Jury Testimony

>Former Perkins Coie partner, and DNC/Hillary Clinton lawyer Marc Elias.

>Former FBI General Counsel James Baker

>An employee of "Tech Executive-1"---aka Rodney Joffe, a Sussmann client who assisted with the Alfa Bank hoax.

>Current and former employees of Georgia Tech (involved in the Alfa Hoax).

>Fusion GPS

>And it leads us to believe that Durham is focused on something more substantial than the false Alfa Bank allegations - perhaps the inception of it all: the claim of Russian hacking.

Perkins Coie is related to Emily Hancock and I, and to the Pookiekins diminutive by which Pewdiepie and many others mock me. There's a few pictues of Mark "Alias" Elias that look very much like Joey Collins with whom I was still on good terms while I was seeing Emily.

James Baker, I think, was my coworker at Exide. We began chatting in the break room one day in the fall of 2016. He was telling me that there was something fishy in Exide's books, basically, because if you look in the database and things add up in one place, they ought to add up the same if you add them up in another place, and he was finding that they did not. I told him that actually they ought not add up like that because data only works that way in a relational dataset, and that Exide's data was non-relational. I also told him that my coworker Sandy, a body double for the so-called Toy Box Killer David Parker Ray, who did not die in prison since he was working with me at Exide around 2016-2017, was the person making it non-relational and that if they turned the data integrity constraint on to make the data relational, then Sandy's system would break. If I had stayed in the break room another minute, my boss Rod would have barged in to interrupt us. As it was, I saw barging down the hall towards the breakroom as soon as I walked out into the hall. This is Rodney Joffe whose last name "jefe" signifies that he was my boss. This was a false persona and a mask used by many people at Exide, and there were indeed two such false personae and masks being used by multiple persons: Rodney Williams and Rodelene Williams, both called "Rod Williams."

Baker gave some testimony that appeared in the news in October 2018. When my life had gone to shit after taking that job at Exide, I began to suspect that they inserted fraud papers into my hiring package and then not terminated their fraud when I quit in January 2017. About 18 months after I quit, I went back to obtain definite confirmation that everything was terminated when I quit. I think Baker was in the office that day when I went there, and he mentioned in the news item that I demanded these things, and the copies of my paperwork, and that I was refused categorically and issued a criminal trespass notice against returning after they called the cops on me.

I found my value for the fine structure constant "alpha" at Georgia Tech about one month before I got expelled. All of this Alfa Bank and Georgia Tech stuff is about that. Everyone at Georgia Tech said my work was bullshit and that I should be expelled and have my life ruined because they don't like me and I suck compared to them, in their opinions. Soon after, it was revealed that my theory of negative time has an application toward a real-world free-energy device. Since the theory and technology were new, these results were hidden and obfuscated behind some news about fusion in 2014 and the surrounding years. This is the meaning of the name of Fusion GPS: that little bit of work at Georgia Tech which the people at Georgia Tech (and elsewhere) shit on and lied about was actually better than all of the combined life's work of all them put together, by a long shot. Interestingly, Lockheed reported in 2014 that they would have commercial reactors available within 10 years, and those ten years are almost over.

Where they write, "the inception of it all, the claim of Russian hacking," refers to the first of two work units I produced at Georgia Tech in 2009 and 2011. I described them in a recent post. In 2009, I attended two talks by Sir Roger Penrose and one by Abhay Ashtekar. The material presented to me gave me a good idea about a paper I could write. I had a bad feeling about something bad happening to me as soon as I wrote it, however, so I procrastinated. That summer, my PhD advisor sent me to give a research presentation to the collaboration meeting of the Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory in Berlin. When I was looking for flights on Expedia, there were a few with a four hour layover in Paris that I could not parlay into a free sightseeing tour of Paris, and there was one with a 12 hour layover in Moscow. I could have easily parlayed that into free tourism had it not been for the visa restriction in Russia of which I was unaware. During that 12 hours in 2009, I decided it would be a good time to write that paper which is now called SCP-001 (link). I submitted the manuscript to arXiv in early September when I got back to the USA. The paper was censored and never published, and some mysterious payment routed through Cyprus to Paul Manafort in October 2009 has been an object of interest ever since.

Nothing came of my paper for a while. In the latter part of 2011, I learned that Abhay Ashtekar had basically stolen my idea instead of contacting me about it. Also, there was some result about alleged superluminal signals in Italy which excited me, and I rewrote my paper to try to get my research career going in the right direction again. The much improved rewrite got censored from arXiv too. During the rewrite, however, I also advanced the state of the work such that I was able to obtain a numerical value for the fine structure constant to within 0.4%. The formula exhibited low Kolmogorov complexity and it was based on pi as many had expected the true origin of the fine structure should be. I also started going to Occupy Atlanta on November 5, 2011. A few weeks after that, two women appeared simultaneously saying that I had raped them ~6 months and ~18 months previously. Then, with Helene acting as the student justice administrator to ignore that fact that neither woman had any evidence other than their word against mine, I was wrongfully fired from my job and expelled from Georgia Tech. When I could no longer pay rent, Helene kicked me out of the condo I was renting from her and I became homeless soon after. She says she kicked me out because she was going to lose her renter's permit due to me arguing with the property manager but that is BS. She kicked me out because I could not pay rent after she got me fired from my job.

Sussman looks like DJ Farmer in the photo above and I understand DJ was complicit in the fabrication of the Steele dossier's lies. I advise DJ to do everything in his power to bring me something that will please me. The person on the right above from "Fusion GPS" is Helene proudly wearing a shirt in the color of her torture bag. Durham in the middle there is a chimera of two Dad-affiliated persons.

I had paid some people to let me use some accounts set up under their respective legal personae. Last night, I called one of the places. As soon as I told them my name was name on the account, I got blasted in the face with the assfucking smell of condoms and a bunch of cops drove by with their sirens of. It was is if they thought I was telling them that my personal name was the name on the account rather than that the name of the fictitious legal person I use for the purposes of business with them was the JOHN DOE fictitious legal person I had obtained the license for. Under the terms of the USA law, I am using JOHN DOE as the d.b.a. name for JONATHAN WARREN TOOKER, another fictious legal person whose name in the Latin alphabet is the same as my name Jonathan Warren Tooker only due to some coincidental nuance in the scam that the United States of America is running. However, they blasted me in the face with that condom stink as if to tell me they didn't like it that I lied, but I did not lie. It is understood that the company I called was asking me about the name of the fictitious legal person I use for my business dealing with them, and not about the name my parents gave me. I did honestly tell them that name. The part where one's d.b.a. fictitious legal person is usually spelled the with the same letters as the name one got from their parents is just a coincidence from the way the United States of America Corporation set up its fraud scheme. One has jack shit to do with the other, but they are both called a "name." If my stalkers had asked the company to clarify, which name they meant before blasting me in the face with that stink, they would have learned that they were asking for the name I gave them.

When I left my room this afternoon, the stalkers across the hall who don't realize who they are fucking with, and who are going to die for their brazen rebellion, said the name of the company I had called last night. When I came back into the hotel, the stalkers in the lobby who also don't realize that their are actions are profoundly foolish said, "My name is Jonathan," as if to further antagonize me in relation to their own ignorance about one's name and the name of one's fictitious legal person. I purchased the rights to those other legal persons that I use. I did not steal them and I do not use them other than for the purposes stated at the time of purchase. It is the ignorance of my stalkers not to understand that when that company asks me for my name, they really were asking me for the name of the fictitious legal person I use to do business with them. They don't care what my real name is or who I am. All they care about is the identity of the fictitious legal person I use to do business with them.

If you think what I'm doing is a crime, the law of the USA says that you are to presume my innocence in that matter until guilt is proven in a court of law. However, these pieces of shit still blasted me in the face with that stink and they have deployed mutiple hecklers to torment me about it today. The real truth is, the USA has jurisdiction over JONATHAN WARREN TOOKER, a fictitious legal entity that it created and owns, but they do not have jurisdiction over me. For most people reading this, the USA has jurisdiction over them and their legal person, but it is not like that for me. I am not like those ones.

I finally figured out what this graffiti is. This stuff covering Atlanta when I moved there around 2002 says KILL HELENE. This is the same SEVER who wrote SEVER in the bathroom in the Walmart in the Green Acres Mall. I recognize the handwriting.

I recently put it together what the STR8 TETH and EVEN LES pairs of tags were. STR8 TETH is about me getting arrested for burglarizing my own legal residence off of 10th Street. BANDOE, REM, and CULT are also about that. There's remembering me getting arrested in the "bando," which wasn't really a bando but was actually my own legal residence. On CULT, there was some asshole I had never seen before and who was not the home owner or the landlord that showed up with an eviction team to throw my shit out on the street about two hours after I posted about how this gate feature in that neighborhood is the likeness of a sewer monster on the X-Files, which is also the real reference of certain soy boy images. They have a cult in that Home Park neighborhood off of 10th Street, for sure. I went back into the house after that guy evicted me without having the marshal first serve me eviction paperwork. However, he or his masters ended up getting the cops to arrest me for burglarizing what was rightfully my own legal residence since the marshal had never served me eviction papers. The judge had ordered that I should be evicted but judges do not have the power to terminate residency. The marshal is the one who terminates the residency and he didn't do it. While the judge was clearly pro-Helene, the marshal must have been pro-SEVER.

After I got thrown in jail for living peacefully in my own home, my rapist Helene, who I had become homeless to get away from, both when I refused to work in an office with her and when I refused to beg her for rent money, came into my cell to torment me with her black face disguise and ebonics. She poisoned me in the jail cell with her fake Kool-Aid packets, and she raped me in there enough that I had blood in my stool after passing out due to poisoned Kool-Aid. She knew that the only reason I had become homeless to begin with was to get the fuck away from her, and when I got thrown in jail she jumped at the chance to make me be locked in a tiny little cage with her 30 hours at a time, and rape my asshole who know how many more time than she already had. She does that because she is evil. She knew I only became homeless to get the fuck away from her, and she jumped at the effort to force my efforts in that regard to fail, and also to rape my asshole some more and poison me. She was doing that in 2019 and she is still doing it by staying in the same hotel as me, stomping on the ceiling when I write her name, and using her TAPPING drones to constantly torture me with her modified Chinese water torture.

EVEN LES says that the people who defrauded me at Exide had done so with the promise to give me more of what I was looking for in life, but instead they gave me EVEN LES than the little I had had. Instead, they have tortured me so much and robbed me of so many years, now I really don't have a desire for EVEN MORE anymore. All I want now is to kill them and their children, and to make them suffer as they die, and make them know that I, the Lord, have hated them and loved their enemies.

It was just this week that I finally put it together that SEVER HENSE was also one of these compound meaning items. It means kill Helene, who was born Helene before she started using aliases. This is is at the top of my list of things to do.

I made a post recently about how the Jews are like the scorpion in The Fox and the Scorpion. Although I cannot know what is Helene's mind, my belief is that Helene is also like the scorpion. As the scorpion convinced the fox that he wouldn't sting him, Helene has people convinced that she loves me and/or cares about me. While I cannot know what is in her mind, I do know the following. No one has harmed me as much, as often, or as many times as Helene has gone out of her way to harm me with malicious intent. She raped me when I was a little boy and she acts like it was mistake that she hurt me as much as she did in her botched attempt to measure the harm her anal rape did to the lower abdominal tissues of the child that had been entrusted to her care. Though she acts like it was a mistake and some one-off thing, she raped me who knows how many dozens more times as an adult, and after I spent nine years working on my PhD, she expelled me from college with sick and malicious lies about my perfectly upright behavior.

If she held a true spirit of contrition about what she did, she would have stopped raping me. Her doing the same thing 50 more times signifies that she is proud of what she did, and not contrite in the least. She has people convinced, however, that she is not my main enemy but she is, in my opinion. Other people may hate me more than she does, but they have not had the wherewithal to harm me that Helene has had. Helene is my rapist. If she could cut my figurative balls off tomorrow to make the crown land on her head instead of mine, she would do it in a heartbeat. My main contention here is that the main goal in her going to such lengths to convince people that she doesn't hate me is for her to be well positioned near me should that chance to cut my figurative balls ever arise.

She does not love me. She has dedicated her life to killing the people that love me and my law, a law which she hates. I could ask, "How can she love me is she hates my law?," but it is better to say, "She hates my law because she hates me." Helene does hate my law. She has devoted her life to making to war on those who want my kingdom to come, and the coming of that kingdom is the outcome she desires least. She says she loves me but that is a lie meaning that she wants me not to die violently, but to slowly fade away into the sad oblivion of rape, torture, poverty, and loneliness into which she has knowingly cast me. She does not want my kingdom to be established. She desires abject failure for me in all of my endeavors as much as she desires catastrophic defilement and unspeakable psychological agony for everyone laboring to bring my kingdom to fruition.

Helene hates me. I don't care what she has you convinced of, or what she can fool your lie detector into telling you. No one has acted against me in my life with malice as much or as reliably as has my rapist Helene. Despite her clear and obvious ranking at the top of the "harm done" chart, she is still able to convince people of her lies with her crocodile tears. Due to her profound psychopathy, her thinking is disordered, and the logical framework of her motivations is not well-formed. Therefore, I advise against analyzing her because one will want to say, "What she's doing has to make some kind of sense, and I just need to look harder to see that it is." That is not true because she is a classical lunatic. I wouldn't she's got a screw loose or even that she's got all of her screws loose as much as I think it's just a pile of shit up there. Instead of analyzing her, ask, "Who has harmed him on a regular schedule of intended malice the most throughout his life?" The answer is Helene. The rest of this stuff is just my opinion but that chart factually has Helene at the top of it. Helene is like the scorpion. Her nature is a black-hearted evil that most people won't ever understand.

I changed my password on the FTP account for this website. Although I knew my GoDaddy password was certainly compromised, I did not change it because you cannot see the FTP password in plain text in the cPanel, which is the admin panel for GoDaddy Linux hosting. However, what my rapists and stalkers and their accomplices did was to log into my GoDaddy account and change my FTP password so as to lock me out of my own account. They have never used it to lock me out of my own accounts until yesterday, and this is another big escalation in a year of many such big escalations in my rapists and stalkers acting against me with impunity. Hopefully, I will get more out of them getting caught locking me out of my own account than I would have gotten out of cutting them off cleanly by changing my GoDaddy and FTP passwords at the same time.

How about that stock market today?

Germany Roiled By "Political Earthquake": Navy Chief Resigns After Saying "Putin Deserves Respect", Warning China Is "Not A Nice Country"

>"Respect he really demands - and probably deserves."

What is this "probably" bullshit when my RH solution stands on its own without M3 at all? The truth is, every other genius on Earth gets as much leeway as they want to be eccentric but the ultra-high Dunning-Krugers in the halls of power have denied my genius and said that my eccentricity was retardation, and that I don't deserve "respect," whatever the fuck that is, because I'm retarded. What I deserve, and will obtain, is obedience. The dictionary says respect is admiration and that is absolutely not what my grievance is about. My grievance is that I created the whole world, and everyone and everything in it, and it all belongs to me, everyone and everything, literally, but these Satanists are acting like my ownership is conditional on my conformity to the norms of the Satanic culture they have farmed across the millennia.

After breifly using Windows 11 and now going back to Windows 10, I think not only is the bottom centered taskbar feature a good solution to the problem I solved by moving the taskbar to the side, but actually bottom centered taskbar icons is better.

I swtiched hotels again today. This room is ok but the internet here is (intermittently) awful. I went to Verizon to get a hotspot and the guy made me wait about a half an hour while the people in the store mocked me before he told me that they didn't have any hotspots. This post will remind me to kill all of them. Particularly, I touched one of the phones and it made the zapper in my finger activate. A moment later, I discovered that someone had turned my brain off (raped me) to put a small black glove next to the phone I touched.

After that, I went to Best Buy to look for a hotspot. They did not have any but they had some Jewish stalker in there waiting for me, and some Jewish man and his wife there supervising. The stalker started to pitch a fit, and I told him that when Jerusalem is a nuclear wasteland that can never reinhabited, then he will know that the Lord has acted. He went into full conniptions after that declaring that he was going to kill me with "slave shit." To hide his Jewishness, he started ranting about Amistad as if he was black, or there on the behalf of black interests. Then he threw a water bottle at me, or some clear bottle. It grazed my hip and the apparent meaning of the action was as if to demonstrate that the people around here still have the same impunity to act against me violently as they do everywhere else. Certainly, no one is stopping them from doing the TAPPING and BANGING, and stationing my rapists in the hotel with me. When I was leaving Best Buy, the securty was saying, "It made contact," but it is my realistic expectation that the complaint about him hitting me with a water bottle will go the way of the tripping complaint in this video I watched yesterday.

When I came back to the hotel after not finding what I wanted, Pedo Sadist who I mentioned in some posts yesterday was similarly disguised as a black person at the desk. I was forced to interact with that person to pay for my parking. During the course of badgering about whether or not I was ok, the phone rang and she said, "Amistad," when she picked it up. Then she also made several facial contortions in the likeness of the so-called Odom impression of Daisy's Destruction. When I checked in and I was waiting for the elevator on the 6th floor, there were a bunch of hecklers heckling from behind one of the closed doors.

UPDATE: This person at the desk that I named as Patricia Vuittonet made a hyperagressive snarling face at me when I walked through the lobby after uploading my post.

Vatican fraud trial sees more delay amid procedural errors

>The Vatican's big fraud and embezzlement trial

>The delay means the trial, which had already been proceeding at a snail's pace even by Italian standards, won't get off the ground until mid-February at the earliest.

>financial crimes related to the Holy See's 350 million-euro investment in a London

>they failed to respect basic procedural steps during the investigation meant to protect the rights of the accused, including summoning them for questioning so they could respond to the accusations.

>Pignatone set a procedural hearing for Jan. 25 -- "hopefully the last one" -- and said he hoped by mid-February to then unify the proceedings against both sets of defendants and open the trial in earnest.

>In a motion to the court Tuesday, prosecutors doubled down on their refusal to provide the full tapes, saying the cuts concerned information unrelated to the trial that needed to remain secret for investigative reasons.

This is Vatican trial is pretty much related to what I was talking about in my earlier posts about the Exide and their fraud conspiracy against me which now called rosily "the anti-Trump insurance policy." The say this trial is about "a London property deal" because I'm the King of Great Britain. That issue about failing to call the witnesses to testify is probably more or less the point I make in my analogy of the credit card company. Normally, given an exceedingly strange contract, a judge would call the counterparties to testify in court before issuing enforcement actions on the terms of the contract. Since John Roberts was the one who defrauded me, and he was also the judge issuing the enforcement actions on the terms of the fraud contract he inserted into my hiring package at Exide, he chose not to call the counterparty, me, to affirm that I had traded unlimited wealth and power to them in exchange for homelessness and constant rape and torture.

At the heart of the Steele dossier, Helene turned my brain off with hypnosis and then filmed her friend fucking me in the ass, and then told everyone that her raping me for the Nth time really meant that I was actually a faggot. This verbiage in the article about incomplete tapes may or may not relate to the part where she showed everyone the tape of me getting fucked in the ass by her co-rapist, but did not show them the part where she turned my brain off to make it impossible to fight back against her and her friend were raping me.

Durham Vs Horowitz: Tension Over Truth & Consequences Grips FBI's Trump-Russia Reckoning

>Durham stressed that, unlike Horowitz, his "investigation is not limited to developing information from within component parts of the Justice Department" and has instead obtained "information from other persons and entities, both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S."

>Numerous officials received Steele's allegations – some meeting with the ex-British intelligence officer himself

>Steele's allegations did not reach the Crossfire Hurricane team until Sept. 19, 2016, meaning that "they did not yet know about the dossier" when they launched the probe on July 31.

>The first known Steele-FBI contact about the dossier came on July 5

>McCabe, who was forced to resign from the department for lying about his contacts with the media

>Peter Strzok of the FBI

To comment on this very briefly, Strzok is also Pompeo of the CIA and State Department, and Evil Dad of my childhood. I think his so-called affair with FBI lawyer Lisa Page really had something to with him being the father of FBI agent Erin Paige, someone who was falsely presented to me as my sister when I was very young, and who was also a disguised agent in the offices where I worked in 2016.

McCabe had previous contact with me at Elavon. He sat in the desk to me there for a few months, and that's probably the "previous contact" mentioned in this article.

Regarding Durham speaking to "individuals not in the USA," the main point there is that I was probably really born in England, and JONATHAN WARREN TOOKER is just a d.b.a. name for my real personhood as the Sovereign Lord. This is an important detail for the matters in the FISA court, to be sure. Furthermore, all of this was probably blessed by my mother Elizabeth, the queen of England, because she hates it that I am not evil and thought she would be able to sabotage me sufficiently that it would prevent my ascent into the throne she occupies and my subsequent culling of the Satanic forces which are her favored servants. I think it quite strange to see so much British commonwealth sourcing, Australia, the UK, Malta, for events in the USA and supposedly in Russia.

Due to the Magna Carta, there's some council of 25 barons out in the world with some power rooted in Satanism, and I don't doubt that some or all of them are also complicit in these matters. I think when Trump named the monster he grew after buying my stolen semen from Paul "Manna Fort" Manafort, Barron, it was a reference to this council established by the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta is said to be the basis for all modern law and I will burn that document and revoke its clauses as soon as the crown lands on my head. The 1783 Treaty of Paris ending the war between England and the USA will also get burnt and cancelled on the first day.

When I was in elementary school, our school's librarian would sometimes invite authors of children's books to tell us about their books in the library. When class would go to the library for those special book presentations was always a fun event. I probably went to ten of them during my five years at Sunrise Drive Elementary School. One of them was some woman who had written a book of Native American fables. She read a few of them to us. One of them was The Fox and the Scorpion. I really liked it. Even in ~3rd grade, I found the meaning to be profound. This story is one of only a few specific things I remember from any of those book presentations. I used that story in my Occupy rhetoric and I put it in my novel, and now I have something more to say about it.

The fable is as follows. A fox and a scorpion are at the edge of river which they want to cross. The scorpion says to the fox, "Give me a ride across the river on your back." The fox says, "No! If I do that, you'll sting me and I'll drown." The scorpion says, "If I did that, then we'd both drown, so obviously I won't do that." The fox considers it and then agrees to help the scorpion across the river. In the middle of crossing, the scorpion stings the fox. The fox says, "Why did you do that?!" The scorpion says, "It's in my nature to sting you."

The Jews are like the scorpion. After Hitler lost WWII, Hitler's son, me, ended up being raised as a Jew, by Jews. Due to this background, I had a positive opinion of Jews for most of my life. I was raised to believe that Hitler was evil and that Jews are good, and that even though God was smiting and slaying the Israelites for their wickedness on every page of the Bible, Hitler was the bad guy when he did the same thing. In my early life, the Jews had me totally ensnared in the net of their lies. I always thought Israel was a piece of shit country but I viewed that as political problem in the way that I think the USA is a piece of shit country. My distaste for Israel wasn't rooted in any kind of Jew hate, or anything like that. I'm not racist against Americans and I didn't used to be racist against Jews. As I said, the Jews had me totally ensnared in the net of their lies. It would have been so easy for them to keep holding something in front of my eyes to hide the truth from me for my whole life. Equally, it would have been so easy for the scorpion to cross the river on the fox' back. As my life went along, they were pretty well riding on my back. Eventually, however, they could not resist their nature and they began to sting me. Since it is much easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled, it would have been exceedingly easy for them to maintain the veneer of their lies before my eyes so that I never saw the truth for a moment in my life. However, the Jews are like the scorpion and it is their nature to sting even if it means they will drown.

It is the Jews' nature to sting me. It would have been so easy for them to maintain that deception in which I was raised. They are such an evil people, however, they could not help themselves when it came to stinging me. Even though stinging me means they will drown, they could not resist the wickedness that is their nature. After all of those years deceiving me about the virtues of the Jewish people, they still couldn't help but to make me hate them. Hitler wrote in his book, "Slowly, I came to hate them," and that was the case for me as well. Hitler was not raised in the net of their lies like I was, but their nature is so malignant that they could not help but to make me hate them as well. So, the Jews are like the scorpion. Unlike the story, however, I am not going to drown in the river. They hurt me, but only they will drown. This is also the story of Jesus' death, resurrection, and return.

This long article seems to be a response the long rant I had in my car the other day. Here, I will reiterate the main issue with the predication of "Crossfire Hurricane." First, you need to understand that the government had been fucking me on my research since 2009, and Emily Hancock and others such as Paul Manafort were a part of those efforts. The "low threshold" that Horowitz cites requires suspicion and cause. It was suspicious to the USA authorities when I wrote my first paper on a layover in the airport in Moscow but there was no cause to initiate "spying" based on that. When my PhD advisor sent me to give a research presentation in Berlin, it was just a coincidence that Expedia prompted me with an option to have my layover in Moscow. I picked that one because I thought I would go have a look at St. Basil's, and there is nothing more to "Russian collusion" than that. I had to pick a flight with a layover, and that's the one I picked.

By writing my paper in Moscow, however, I did totally fuck the USA out of being able to disappear my research into a black hole. They would have been able to do that if I had written it in the USA. Indeed, I had been delaying writing the paper for a few months already because I had a bad feeling about the USA stealing it and fucking me over as soon as I wrote it. When I learned I could not leave the airport to sight see in Moscow without a visa, it occurred to me that my 12 hour layover would be a good time to finally write the paper. Due to game theoretical considerations, I decided it would be better if the Russians and the USA both saw what I wrote than if only the USA saw it. So, because I was right that this was *MUCH* better for me, I fucked the USA out of its ability to fuck me over. Then they said, "You can't fuck us over, we're the USA! Just you fucking us over is the cause we need to supplement the suspicious activity of you writing your paper over there." However, me fucking them over is not cause. The USA is "free," and I can fuck the government over as much as I want.

When all of their "spying" turned up that I had nothing wrong and they really had nothing to nail me with under USA law, they kicked it up to the FISA court where they tried to make the argument under admiralty law, "Because there are waterways on Earth and the USA is a pirate ship, we can maraud and privateer him to death regardless of what the USA law says." The main pathway into the FISA court was to murder and torture some people and their children at Alliance, to turn Alliance into a federal fusion center on top of me, and then end up saying I was the Russian agent inside the fusion center when really I was just a member at that gym. They set the fusion center up in that location because it gave them access to me. They invited a bunch of Russian agents, I guess, to the fusion center, and then said, "Oh look! He's in contact with these Russians!" All of the people in the Steele dossier were also the people they had planted on top of me years in advance. The path into the FISA court was something like that but those details are not the point of this post. I'm describing the legal process.

The FISA court does not really judge admiralty law. They rubber stamp whatever the United States of America Corporation wants to happen because the FISA court is owned by the United States of America Corporation whose emblem is the flag of the USA attached to some gold tassels. The major problem in FISA's rubber stamp is that the privateering charter the USA pirate ship got from the Dutch East India Company 500 years ago, or whatever, it does not allow them to maraud and privateer against me. Maybe under the bullshit of admiralty law the USA's argument would have worked for 99.999999% of people, but I am not covered by the privateering charter of the USA pirate ship. Although I am free under USA law, I am the Sovereign Lord under admiralty law.

So, the USA did wrong and they kicked it up to the FISA court which is full of John Robert's handpicked rubber stampers. I have been publicly advocating for John Roberts' death since 2011, and I have been trying to get his cousin Steve Collins, the general manager of the Salt Pit's loading dock, in trouble with the cops since about that time as well. After the USA did wrong, the FISA court also did wrong and the matter got kicked up to the Vatican since the Vatican Corporation owns the United States of America Corporation. However, the Pope is a Jesuit who answers to the black pope: the real master of the Catholic church. The black pope, however, is a Cavalcanti I know. I believe he was the architect of the situation in 2016, or intimately involved in it, where John Roberts pretended to be the hiring manager at Exide to serve me a fraud contract in my hiring package for the "anti-Trump insurance policy." This Cavalcanti was likely one of the main people acting against me in the previous years as well, such as in the events surrounding Emily Hancock and Georgia Tech. Obviously, the Catholic church is doing the same rubber stamp act that the FISA court did. The Vatican court is owned by the Vatican Corporation and they do whatever the Vatican CEO wants.

Now we come to the crux of the matter. As the congregation of admirals demanded that the Vatican override the FISA court when it came to the wrong finding in its adjudication of my case, now it is time for the owner of the Vatican Corporation to override the black pope whose Vatican court has also come to the wrong conclusion. That person is me. I am the sole owner of the Vatican corporation. However, I believe the main thing in the fraud contract at Exide in 2016 was for the USA to say that I have given them my proxy in such matters, and stripped myself of my own authorities in exchange for them sending me to live in the gutter behind the library and to be constantly raped and tortured. (I also fucked the government when I quit Exide.) When it is demanded by the admiralty that a higher authority override the Catholic church, John Roberts steps in and says, "I have this contract right here that says that higher authority, the Sovereign Lord, has delegated his proxy to me in this matter." Then, where it got kicked from the USA FISA court to the Vatican court, it gets kicked back to the USA in a loop. The end of the loop will be the day of the Lord when I take my rightful place as the decider of these matter. I am the Sovereign Lord but John Roberts, the USA, and the Catholic church have people convinced that some fictitious legal person JONATHAN WARREN TOOKER owned by the USA Corporation is the Sovereign Lord.

Here is the fundamental issue. Two men are agreed on whatever they discuss and shake hands on, and nothing more. In the law of the USA, two men are agreed on whatever one of them can Jew the other one into. Under the law of the USA, Roberts does have my proxy because he did successfully defraud me. I could get the contract voided in court but since I don't have a copy of it, I have no standing in a USA court. I tried to get it, but they did not give it me and other people who have it also do not give it to me. Under USA law, fraud contracts are "valid but voidable" and I can't get it voided. The truth is that I did not ever give him my proxy and he does not have it. Somehow, they have people convinced that I willingly traded unlimited wealth and power to them in exchange for homelessness and constant rape and torture.

Under the real law, John Roberts does not have my proxy. However, the members of the admiralty act like the law of the USA is something more than the bullshit which the pirates made up when they stopped sailing and colonized North America. They are acting like the USA law is the law above the Vatican law, but that is not right. Up there at the top, it's my law. I am the Lord. Two men are agreed on what they discuss and shake hands on, and nothing more.

I use headphones to block out my hecklers and the TAPPING lately. After listening to this song on YouTube about 10,000 times, they edited in some jarring chirping sound around 0:39. I switched to this song, and after about 100 listens I see they have now edited in a sharp CHAH! around 5:05.