2022-03-21 archive

The people to kill from my trip to the store tonight include the following. The girl who said, "Do you still buy blue?," and the other girl with her. The man who approached me on his phone wearing all black. The other man in black who approached me and said, "Start simple." The man at the checkout who shouted JON! The main who said something like, "Oh we're all going to be sorry." The man who said, "I thought you were stealing," and the girl who was standing behind him smiling about it.

Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings Begin

If this is a real person, she got selected because Helene's head can fit inside her head in a way amenable to Helene luxuriating in her Satanism. That would put Helene on the Supreme Court along side Steve Collins as John Roberts and Joey Collins as Neil Gorsuch, not to mention who those other people might be. I suspect Clarence Thomas is the Clarence I hated while I was working at Lexis Nexis.

This QuickTrip near my hotel is selling poisoned food and water just like the stores near my old hotels. Some guy intercepted me when I went in tonight and then he stayed at the cash register talking to the cashier while I walked around. When I got in line to pay, he moved behind me and kept talking. When I finished, he said, "You're fine as long as they don't pat you down." I think it's likely that he raped me in the store and molested me while he had my brain turned off. Reminder to check on that and to kill both of them and their families if so.

At Vatican financial trial, Cardinal Becciu says he is not afraid of the truth

>According to Vatican prosecutors, the cardinal sent more than $276,000 from the Vatican to a personal account belonging to his brother Antonino Becciu, who runs Spes, a charitable organization

>Marogna, referred to as "the cardinal's lady" by Italian media, claimed in an earlier statement to the court that the exact nature of her intelligence work is protected by a pontifical seal of secrecy, but on Thursday Vatican judges postponed a ruling on her claim until they can inquire directly to the Vatican Secretariat of State.

>The Vatican judges said Becciu will be called to the stand again April 6 to address the charges concerning Marogna and the purchase of the property in London. On March 30, the judges are scheduled to hear the testimony of Monsignor Mauro Carlino, Becciu's ex-secretary.

>"Before my brother's charitable work I, as a priest, blush," Becciu said.

>"I wish to declare here immediately with the strength and transparency of my conscience: I never meant for a euro, or even a cent, that I managed or was aware of, to be subtracted, ill-used or destined for goals that weren't exclusively institutional," said Becciu.

This comment about institutional purposes is like he is saying he did pay to build the backroom maze but it was ok because it was for church business. His brother's charity's name is bit much like "spies" and given the context of the woman being a kidnap hostage negotiator, that seems not unlikely. Becciu's further comment about his brother's charity, in the light of the backrooms maze being church business, makes it seems like the brother is kidnapping and murdering people.

The judge (pictured above) reminds me of someone that I liked at Alliance. Becciu reminds me of someone I did not like at Alliance.

After I made my recent post about Shit Eye being the man in the goatse photo, this Shit Eye cat got posted as to confirm what I had said about goatse. All of those cat people are working together and I do not believe it when they tell me that some of them serve two masters. The Bible says it is impossible to serve two masters.

I will add some details about my experience at the laundromat this evening. After I started my clothes, I moved my car to where I could sit in it and have a clear line of sight to the machine I was using. My ELECTROCONVULSOR was going off way more than normal and some homeless guy pulled up on a bike. He was messing with the stuff he had tethered to his bike for several minutes. I don't recall if the ELECTROCOVNULSOR sexual torture attacks started before or after he pulled up. The ELECTROCONVULSOR was going so frequently, I wondered if the homeless man was doing it. At the exact second I wondered it, he immediately walked away from his bike and then walked the long way to the bathroom in the laundromat where the short way would not have allowed him to walk past my machine. They may have turned my brain off with the rape ray to hide him pouring poison into the soap tray on my machine. A half empty plastic bottle of soda may have spontaneously appeared on the table in front of me. The homeless man came out and went back to his bike. Some woman pulled up next to me in a white car on my left, and my LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER was immediately activated. She was very keen to stick her camera in my face. When she went in and I could see her using the machine through the window to my right, the RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER was activated. My load finished and it stunk so I threw it in another washer. When I was checking to see if the second wash was done, some guy came in and told me he was giving away a bike if I wanted it. As he spoke to me, he flashed a black plastic star of David at me which he was holding in his hand. His reference to the bike seemed like it referred to the suspected homeless poisoner who had arrived on another bike. Then I made the earlier post. Then when my clothed were in the dryer, the homeless guy came back and rode off on the bike which the black plastic guy had left out front. This post will remind me to kill all of these people, and their children, and it will remind to make the torture I put on the black plastic man make him wish I had killed him with a look.

I scrolled past this cat picture which triggered me. I fucking hate these cats and the more I hate them, the more they get posted. I had a recent ID say the orange cat was my best friend but that seems almost impossible since he is coordinating with this other piece of shit that I hate, the cat at the top, to post these cat faces that I also hate. After I decided to make a post about how these cat people are not only posting memes that I hate, but they are also simulating my fake internet, another skeptical orange cat spontaneously appeared as if to say that I am wrong for hating his meme, and that he is not wrong for antagonizing me with the meme that I hate. The spontaneous appearance of the second orange in my scrolling suggests that the orange cat man has appointed himself above me as one of the curators of my fake internet. And... sudden appearance is exactly what this post is about. After I clicked on the cat picture and became incensed by the cat face at the top, I made a post about how they know I don't like those cats and they keep posting them. (And then the orange cat suddenly appeared again as if to emphasize that he knows I don't like it and he does it anyways.) Before the orange cat got reposted, and getting to the point of this post, I finished scrolling to the bottom of /biz/ where the image above appeared with the comment "me on the far right." This little face peeking is a clear reference to the small cat at the top of the other picture. The time stamps on these posts were not such that there is any possible explanation other than my enemies simulating an entirely fake internet. So, I will kill all of them, and all of their children, and I will make them filthy in the most disrespectful possible fashion before the die. These people have appointed themselves above me and I will put them in their place below me.

I'm doing my laundry at a new laundromat this evening. When I took my load of clothes out of the washer, they stunk and I assume someone poisoned my laundry. As soon as I typed that, someone across the parking lot yelled HAHAHAHA! and then CAN YOU HEAR ME? If someone did poison it, they must have turned my brain off because I was sitting looking directly at my washing machine for the whole cycle. After they didn't smell good, I washed them again instead of throwing them in the dryer. When I went to see if the second wash was done, some little piece of shit approached me and began to speak to me. He flashed a small black plastic star of David at me in his hand while he spoke. Then he fucked off but changed his mind and turned around to speak to me some more. He told me that if looks could kill, I would kill him.