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Has North Korea Built An Underground Military Base In Syria?

Many particle theorists smarter and more distinguished than myself are well aware of the problem of multiverse mania, but doing nothing about it, as it destroys the credibility of their field.

If you're in the middle of the ocean, you'd be surprised if its boundary lay just beyond your horizon.

ANALYSIS: This example of the ocean is the same one I used in my book and I think, perhaps, that what Woit is really talking about with the multiverse problem is how none of the big names are mentioning my name.

I'm quite sympathetic to what he has to say about the importance of prioritizing well-defined calculations over meaningless verbiage

ANALYSIS: When Newton was prattling on about "the quantity of motion" was that just meaningless verbiage? Likewise, most of my verbiage is not meaningless. It should help people who are proficient in Mathematica (or whatever) crank out some new stuff.

I can't help wondering who it is that Arkani-Hamed thinks should "Shut up" about vague ideas about quantum gravity and stick to well-defined calculations.

ANALYSIS: Why doesn't Woit ever use my name? He is just as guilty of this abortion of science as the rest of them. Thanks anyway Peter, at least it's something.

MORE ANALYSIS: The calculations I made are exactly of the form of those made by Higgs which were perfectly acceptable to everyone.

Five Fast Facts About Trump's New CIA Director

Haspel has been a career CIA employee and once ran an agency prison in Thailand

ANALYSIS: This person reminds me for some reason of a woman P.V. that I dated for a year. She messaged me on MySpace with the name "Petasatus" which I only recently noticed says "Pedo sadist." While people were mocking my reliance on the simple word "yup," P.V., who I had not spoken to in some time, was also able to insert a "yup" into some message she sent me and it made me think she was in league with my enemies. Furthermore, she was in some social group with the person that Jerome Powell reminds me of. (Full disclosure, I hold that second person in very high regard.)

MORE ANALYSIS: The fact that this torture dungeon was Thai reminds me of the secondary detention area in what I thought was Ben Gurion airport. On the walls there was both Hebrew and Thai writing, and there was a military plaque that said "Thai-Israeli Task force" and I thought at the time it was all designed to be very scary.

Her past roles include being "deputy director of the National Clandestine Service and deputy director of the National Clandestine Service for Foreign Intelligence and Covert Action."

The new CIA director was a key part of the torture program and its illegal cover-up. Her name was on the Top Secret order demanding the destruction of tapes to prevent them being seen by Congress.

ANALYSIS: That whole thing about the Congressional staffers seeing the videos they weren't supposed to see seems to have not gone anywhere.

CIA & Pentagon believe Russia's next-gen weapons 'years away' from reality

ANALYSIS: I assume those are the same CIA & Pentagon geniuses who thought my theory was something other than exactly what I said it was.

Former CIA Officer Exposes Clinton Charity Fraud As Biggest Scandal In US History

US To Withdraw From Iran Deal Unless "Significant" Changes Made

Footage of mysterious object above ocean stuns military personnel

"Appear to provide evidence of the existence of aircraft far superior to anything possessed by the United States or its allies,"

Mellon reasoned that if the origin of these aircraft is a mystery, "so is the paralysis of the US government in the face of such evidence."

He wondered if the US has been "technologically leap-frogged by Russia or China"

ANALYSIS: I wonder if this PERHAPS has something to do with new insights on anti-gravity or plasma wakefield acceleration derived from the research efforts of one homeless bum.

Nuclear fusion on brink of being realised, say MIT scientists

ANALYSIS: Regarding the 15 year time frame in this article, there are only about six years left on Lockheed's 10 year time frame from 2014

Trump agrees to meet Kim but says 'sanctions will remain' until denuclearization deal is reached

John Kerry, State Dept In Crosshairs As House Intel Committee Enters "Phase Two" Of Investigation

Syrian Army seizes 50 percent of east Damascus pocket in two weeks of operations

Breaking: East Ghouta militants attack 300 families fleeing East Ghouta

ASU professor Lawrence Krauss on paid leave amid sexual misconduct allegations

ANALYSIS: Before this all happened Krauss probably said, "Tooker's model works well."

Cohn Resigns After Confrontation With Trump, His Replacement Will Be Chosen "Wisely"

Officials insisted "there was no single factor behind the departure of Mr. Cohn"

ANALYSIS: Odd both how much Gary Cohn looks like Joe and how much his name sounds like "Arcón"

MORE ANALYSIS: Also odd that this shake up happened while I was in jail.

Peter Strzok Ignored Evidence Of Clinton Server Breach

FBI officials effectively "decriminalized" Clinton's behavior through a series of edits to James Comey's original statement.

And Strzok still collects a taxpayer-funded paycheck.

Israel passes law to kick Palestinians out of Jerusalem

The move has been slammed "as an extremely racist piece of legislation,"

ANALYSIS: This makes it easier for me to destroy Jerusalem. Attention people that will directly affected by this: if you speak up and get kicked out, that makes it less likely you will be there in the even that I knock that piles of stones down.

Ukraine Freezes After Russia Halts Gas Deliveries

Italy's Election at Endgame as Berlusconi Fights Five Star

Hannity on Nunes' Letter to Sessions: 'The Scandal Is Getting Bigger and Bigger'

Statutes that make it a crime to willfully deprive a person of a right protected by the Constitution and another preventing unauthorized electronic surveillance.

'Something Smells Like a Rat': Mark Levin Calls for 'Abolishing' the FISA Court

There is "no matter pending before the court with respect to which such an appearance would be proper."

FISA judges are acting "like they have no role in this" investigation.

ANALYSIS: FISA judges are acting they don't even want their distant cousins to make it into the remnant

Sharyl Attkisson Accuses Obama DOJ of Secretly Swapping Out Her Computer Hard Drive

"The Justice Department is fighting us," she tweeted today, singling out Inspector General Michael Horowitz, an Obama administration holdover who still holds the position. This is the same Michael Horowitz who was appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to oversee the FISA abuses investigation.

Browbeaten Sessions Dines With Rosenstein After Spat With Trump

Horowitz - who Trump referred to as an "Obama guy," is about to set D.C. on fire with his upcoming OIG report.

Russian hypersonic missile system 'Kinzhal' successfully tested

Putin on new US nuclear stance: If attacked, Russia will use nukes

Putin boasts Russia has developed an intercontinental nuclear missile that can't be stopped or shot down

Pope blocks recruitment as Knights of Malta tussle for control of order

The move comes just over a year after the Grand Master of the order, Fra' Matthew Festing, resigned following a public stand-off with the Pope and an unprecedented intervention by the Vatican.

Did the Syrian intelligence chief visit Rome?

In this context, the Italian intelligence chief visited Damascus to resume talks of such topics of mutual interest.

Saudi King Salman fires top military officials

Knights Templar admitted back to inner sanctum of monotheism after 711-year hiatus

US-Led Coalition Warplanes Strike Syrian Regime Forces

Needless to say, if more Russians were killed - whether mercenaries or otherwise - relations between the US and Russia are about to hit a fresh rock bottom.

US-led Coalition denies reports of deadly airstrikes in Syria's Deir ez-Zor

Luigi Di Maio: the face of Italian populism

If the last major polls were correct, under Di Maio's leadership Five Star (M5S) will become Italy's largest party following the March 4th election.

Berlusconi May Be Closer to Italian Majority Than Polls Show

Italy's M5S party leader promises to expel 'bad apples' before election

The rule - one of the fairly strict dictums imposed by the party - reflects M5S's view that politicians are overpaid at the expense of Italian taxpayers.

ANALYSIS: I think the people running the government should be among the most highly paid people in society. Their jobs are the most critically important, and high pay is the best protection against bribery. When politicians make 10^5, and the people making 10^12 pay their lobbyists 10^7, then it increases the likelihood that small amounts of money will have big effects in the corruption of the government. It is always so frustrating to me when I see news that says, "So and so corruption scandal with $50,000!!!" Who cares about $50,000?!?! That is a symptom of the low pay of the government workers that such measley amounts can lead to such wide ranging problems in governments whose GDP is measured in billons, or tens, or hundreds of billions of dollars. The government regulators should have economic parity with those whom they would regulate. Then corruption would not be hidden so easily as when the critical government people make small salaries. It is more important to lessen the potential for corruption than it is to have the political class project the fraudulent image of selfless public service.

On tap for Netanyahu: More investigations

"The severity of the government corruption requires an approach that must be beyond suspicion or bias, otherwise the public will lose faith in Israel's justice system"

ANALYSIS: In my view, which is the most important view, the corruption is so severe that Israel can't be a country any more.

MORE ANALYSIS: One person I may not have mentioned during the many expositions I have written chronicling my attempts to get to Jerusalem, is a man who was standing at the entrance to the primary detention area at what I thought was Ben Gurion airport. He had blue eyes and was a big man, and he was wearing boots. Who was he? I will find out. I liked him, and his presence was reassuring to me as I was wondering if I was about to get absconded into the Israelis' dungeon. Furthermore when I was in JFK airport at one point, I think on my first trip, I was pacing around and they were saying, "Oh look he's goose stepping." Then some Jews were standing nearby praying and when they were saying, "Amen," in the Hebrew way like, "uh-main," it sounded at times like they were saying, "Our man." I will investigate all of that, I am a reasonable person. However, reason guides me to act with prudence which is forethought for the future.

"We place our fates in the hands of the people we trust the least, and we're alright with that. That is the greatest corruption."

Police to question Netanyahu this week in two corruption cases

Sara wrote, "It can't go on like this. I thought we've talked about this. This has been going on for too long. Why should I be reading things like this on your website? Do something about it."

ANALYSIS: Where recetnly it said there was some scandalous thing related to Sara's interviews with potential candidates for leadership positions, I think the record will show that Sara wasn't interviewing me, she was attempting to poison the metaphorical well of my candidacy. Soon I will poison their wells, and while the poison works and they writhe, I will destroy their cities.

MORE ANALYSIS: Attention Israel, the true vine of life is no longer among you. The covenant will be fulfilled through my children. I will judge you for your deeds.

No Lawyers Under Mueller Are Republican?

The special counsel's office declined to comment for this article beyond emphasizing that DOJ guidelines prohibit Mueller from considering political affiliation when making hiring decisions.

ANALYSIS: If someone who hires all whites or all men can be found in violation of a similar statute, then it seems likely that a court would find that Mueller did consider political affiliation and hire accordingly. Why is there no diversity requirement that forces Mueller to pay lip service to these guidelines?

MORE ANALYSIS: When Mueller was running the FBI was he running the operation whose goal was my death?

Netanyahu Associate Flips, Agrees To Testify In Corruption Case

ANALYSIS: I know Hebrew is a primitive language but Latin is a primitive language as well (they are primitive in their grammatical constructs) and it is known that superb rhetoric can be crafted in Latin. I hate Netanyahu's rhetoric. Does it sound good in Hebrew? Is that what the Israeli mind is attuned to? When they ask Netanyahu, "Did you do the crime?," he responds with statements like, "The summer wind is like a bagel with no schmear. Therefore criminality cannot exist, because a bagel with no schmear is like gefilte with no fish."

Mueller adds new tax, bank fraud charges against Manafort, Gates

Gates' legal team is already seeking to withdraw for reasons that have not been explained publicly.

US State Dept: East Ghouta de-escalation zone 'Became Farce'

ANALYSIS: This story suggests to me that either my location recently changed, or that the staff at my location changed.

The last days of Netanyahu

Interviews that the prime minister's wife conducted with candidates for senior positions, will be told for all to hear.

ANALYSIS: This is highly suspicious. It sound like a fraudulent veil of propriety put over her desire to create abominable things with my genetic material

"Folks will suddenly remember all kinds of interference by people around Netanyahu in decisions that were intended to serve the boss and his family,"

ANALYSIS: I am the boss, not him. The mutiny doesn't change that until they kill me, only then does the identity of the boss change.

They cannot accept the fact that Israel Hayom isn't even involved in the storm

ANALYSIS: Everyone is involved, either with their actions or with their silence.

Israeli media: Netanyahu confidant to testify against him

"Netanyahu's personal battle for survival has been accompanied by the corrupting of the public service and the harming of the free press."

Netanyahu's troubles deepen as Israeli police arrest confidants

Among those arrested is Nir Hefetz, Netanyahu's former family spokesperson, and Shaul Elovitch, the multi-millionaire owner of an Israeli news organization who is considered a close friend of Netanyahu. The arrests were carried out Sunday

There had been "substantial developments" in the investigation

Mueller charges lawyer with false statements in Russia probe

2017: Ex-Spy Chief Admits Role In 'Deep State' Intelligence War On Trump

ANALYSIS: I think the American conspiracy by federal employees to is a much more serious crime than the foreign conspiracy. Where are the US indictments?

Police suspect Netanyahu associate of trying to bribe judge

Attempted to bribe a judge in exchange for dropping a corruption case against the Israeli leader's wife.

ANALYSIS: I wonder if I fucked Netanyahu's wife. If so, I bet he wants to keep it quiet. She looks not at all unlike Emily Hancock.

Info on Russian mercenaries in Syria speculation without 'certain facts'

ANALYSIS: What Lavrov said is indisputable. It is also indisputable that when every other major action in Dier ez-Zor makes the news within hours, this was delayed by one week. I think they bulldozed my tent, and then these people were killed, but I do not know who they were. Since the date of the killing was withheld, I cannot be sure it was an immediate response to the bulldozing of my tent. Why has the date not been reported if not to prevent me from making an argument that you shouldn't fuck with me because I have loyal people somewhere that will kill you?

Rick Gates To Plead Guilty, Testify Against Manafort As Part Of Mueller Deal: Report

Mueller Hits Manafort With New Bank Fraud Claim Over "Doctored" Paperwork

Does Mueller Indictment Mean Clinton Campaign Can Be Indicted for Chris Steele?

Mueller chose his targets because he knows they will never appear in court, never contest the charges, and cannot be arrested or extradited as Russian citizens.

Mueller Indicts 13 Russians, 3 Companies For Interfering In US Election

Russia Responds To "Absurd" Election Meddling Allegations

Trump Responds: "Russia Started Their Anti-US Campaign In 2014. No Collusion!"

"The indictment leaves open the vital question of whether Americans, including any associated with the Trump campaign, knowingly played a role in Russia's active measures campaign."

We expect the answer will be unveiled shortly, especially after yesterday's news that Mueller managed to flip a third witness

ANALYSIS: I guess Trump really wants everyone to believe that his rebellion against me to create medical abominations is completely unrelated to the Russians doing the same thing. I wonder where they got the idea that was an acceptable thing to do that they could get away with and live to reap the profits of.

Russia Slams Report Of "Hundreds Of Russian Fighters" Killed In Syria As Fake News

"Preliminary data shows the armed confrontation, the reasons of which are currently being investigated, could have resulted in deaths of five people, presumably Russian citizens,"

ANALYSIS: Why is she still making reference to the preliminary data more than a week after the event?

Byron York: Why Are The Comey Memos Secret?

ANALYSIS: Is it because they put in me in a positive light that the feds never want to let the public see me in?

The Judiciary Committee had asked to be given the memos, not be given a chance to read them. That still hasn't happened.

Parkland high school shooting: suspect in custody, senator says 'many dead'

"No child, teacher, or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school,"

ANALYSIS: I like the solidarity in the sentiment with my blog post about chemical weapons, but I am not in a school. The inferior party is not the teacher of the superior party, and I do not want to learn Scientologists' culture, I want to destroy it. It is disrespectful to even imply such an arrangement, and certainly I hope that no one has taken my membership dues that I paid to train at Alliance as something that extends beyond that single place of business where I was only (exclusively, uniquely) interested in friendship, exercise, and learning violence-based technical ground fighting. Despite the school being overrun with Scientologists in recent years, I was not there for anything other than jiu jitsu. Satansim and psychic techniques were never advertised to me as something I was buying with my membership and are things that I have no interest in learning. In fact, in Revelation it specifically condemns those who have chosen to learn the deep secrets of Satan. Scientology DOES NOT teach that it is important to treat other people the way that one would like to be treated. When a fool justifies to themselves their devotion to satanism by saying "seek wisdom" then they only demonstrate their own foolishness by calling the path that leads to death wisdom. God said, "I made you to be the head, not the tail," so when you devote your learning to clenching your asshole instead of something like jiu jitsu or some constructive trade (OR MATH!!!) then you are not devoting yourself to wisdom at all. God says the above one time in the Bible, but very many times the Bible says that fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom and Scientology not only fails to teach that, they do affirmatively teach the exact opposite thing.

MORE ANALYSIS: The person at Alliance who I now think was Nunes in disguise once put his Satanic attack on me and said, "Oh... I don't do jiu jitsu," ~winks~ in a smug way that made it seem like he was implying that his satanism was jiu jitsu. You're right Devin, you don't do jiu jitsu. I did jiu jitsu at Alliance for a long time but in was only over the last few years that I noticed the satanism was becoming an important part of class participation. It was never that way when I started.

Inside the Netanyahu corruption probe & why he could be indicted

Netanyahu's wife, Sara, has been accused of misusing public funds at the couple's official residences.

ANALYSIS: I think the apartment where I was living before I became a homeless bum is referred to here as "the prime minister's residences" and the people who were entering my apartment to, among other things, put semen in my toothpaste are part of this "scandal."

MORE ANALYSIS: What does "other things" refer to? I have a memory. I thought it was a dream. I was laying in bed and I woke up. Randy Dunson, a huge faggot, was standing in my living room next to one of the Cavalcanti lookalikes. It's the one I now think is associated with the actor that plays Elliot on Mr. Robot. Then Randy had anal sex with me. I woke up in the morning and I thought it was a weird dream. I thought it was a dream at the time because why the fuck would those two people have been inside my apartment? I never would have invited them in and I never gave anyone a key. They may have drugged me or done some hypnotic thing like that woman with her tea cup in the movie Get Out, and then raped me to make a video of me having gay sex so that the faggots can say, "See he is a faggot too!" Also, I've getting the impression that Weinstein was involved with making videos about me. A homosexual man is one who prefers to have sex with men. I have done lots of weird things in my life but that never described me. I always wanted the beautiful woman and they hated me for it.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: When I first moved to that apartment one of the first things I did was to get Emily Hancock out of my life. Then one day she came there and was banging on my door. She was banging for a very long time and I checked that my door was locked and just ignored her. Then suddenly I heard her calling my name from my kitchen. Who let her into my apartment? Was Emily Hancock someone in the Netanyahu family and they let her in because they were calling my private apartment "the Prime Minister's residence?" I told her to get out and she refused. I started pushing her out and she sat down on the floor and grabbed the leg of the couch. I was pulling her by her pants and they started to come off so I stopped because I experienced foresight of a false rape allegation. She sat on my couch and I talked to her for a few minutes before she left. She called herself a "trannykins" and her face looked to me for a fleeting moment very much like Jed Varner's. On another occasion I thought her face looked like my sister Jenna (Jenna and Joe could certainly disguise themselves as Netanyahu and his wife) and now knowing what I know I wonder if it was those people in disguise. After she (he?) left on the night she broke into my apartment she texted the red marks on her hip from where I was pulling her by pants to Helene. Then after Helene and Joe filed that fraudulent affidavit on me Helene used those pictures of the red marks on her pasty white skin to say during my hearing, "See Your Honor, he is dangerous." This was the hearing where I had to argue to end the invonlutary detention that had been initiated by Helene and Joe's fraudulent documents. Fuck you. Fuck all of you. I will destroy you. You do not serve The Lord. That's me and I hate you. I want to delight in your suffering. The real holocaust didn't happen yet.

Israeli Police Recommend Netanyahu Be Indicted For Bribery


ANALYSIS: For someone who is so anti-Hitler that sounds an awful like something Hitler would say.

MORE ANALYSIS: It is plain evidence of Netanyahu's crimes when he invents a national interest that is different than my interest. I am the head of that nation. If I kill them all and repopulate it with my children the nation will be completely fine. That's what it means to be "the true vine of life. If I kill them and support a remnant, then in my estimation the nation will be superbly better than it was because I will replace the culture that I hate with my own culture that is documented in the Torah and similar books.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: Netanyahu's wife looks a lot like Emily Hancock. What are the police saying about case 3000 and the stolen sperm?

Israeli police recommending Netanyahu indictment on corruption charges, including bribery

The action will come as no surprise to Netanyahu as police chiefs were reportedly in "unanimous agreement" last week over whether to endorse the charges.

Sweet Revenge: Chris Wray Blows Up Kelly's 'Porter Abuse' Alibi

ANALYSIS: Did Kelly get in the elevator with me last year at what I thought was the YMCA on 47th St in Manhattan or what that some person that looked a lot like him?

Scaramucci: "Kelly Must Resign... Almost Certainly Knew About Abuse"

Trump has struggled to fill vacant positions - something the press has ascribed to his unwillingness to hire anybody whom he perceives to be disloyal.

ANALYSIS: That is fucking joke if Trump's son is grown from my sperm. That would put Trump among the most epically disloyal people of all time.

White House Insists FBI Director Didn't Contradict Kelly's 'Porter Abuse' Alibi

Huckabee explained that there was an intermediary, the White House Personnel Security Office, which "had not finished their process" by January.

US Strikes Kill 100 Russian Fighters In Syria

U.S. forces reportedly killed "scores" of Russian contract soldiers in Syria last week "in what may be the deadliest clash between citizens of the former foes since the Cold War"

In a bizarre deflection of responsibility, Russia's military not only did not demand an explanation from the US for the deaths, but said it had nothing to do with the attack and the U.S. military accepted the claim.

"This is a big scandal and a reason for an acute international crisis," Frolov said. "But Russia will pretend nothing happened."

Militant ranks annihilated by 4 major assassination attacks across Idlib during day of chaos

Schiff Memo Blocked Because DOJ & FBI Under "Criminal Investigation" Says Former Federal Prosecutor

"They are investigating the people at the FBI and the DOJ who provided false information to the FISA court over a number of years, including, involving Carter Page."

ANALYSIS: I think they probably got these malfeasant FISA warrants on me when people started to ask about why they were fucking me over before that in a purely criminal fashion. Then with the warrants in place when people asked about things from before the first warrant the satanists can say, "Oh FISA warrant, sorry. You can't know that, national security. Sorry buddy."

Goldman's Shocking Capitulation: The Buy-The-Dip Era Is Dead, "This Is A Genuine Regime Change"

"The 'buy on the dip' mentality needs to be thoroughly punished before we find the bottom."

Trump calls rebuttal memo 'very political'

ANALYSIS: I think when Comey responded to Nunes' memo with, "That's it?," it was because he knew there was much worse stuff Nunes could have put in there but chose not to because he is the agent of my enemy that plays "my friend" in the deep state kabuki theater. Did Nunes come to Alliance in disguise? If so, that will be very bad for him. Did he come to Exide in disguise? If he came to the place that was presented to me as the Atlanta Mission then that will be very, very bad for him.

Flake calls for review of security clearance backlog

"The idea that someone without a security clearance was allowed to be there in the first place, despite these allegations, and was allowed to stay there with no plan for getting him a clearance, is not the normal process,"

ANALYSIS: I think the truth is that I was born with full clearance but the number #2 guy in the secret government deleted my name when he decided to try to pretend that he himself is God.

Police to convene Sunday regarding Netanyahu investigation

US ambassador clashes with Israeli Haaretz paper over who lacks more 'decency'

"I still think, and cannot think otherwise, that all the settlements are in violation of international law," Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy

ANALYSIS: All other positions are untenable. The only tenable position in this regard is when the Israelis say, "I don't care about the law," but that is problematic in other ways

Israel Carries Out "Large Scale Attack" On Syria After Israeli F-16 Shot Down

ANALYSIS: What is the situation where Russia will use its air force to protect Syria from ISIS but not the controllers of ISIS by proxy: Israel?

This is the first time in the 7-year long Syrian war that an Israel jet has been shot down

Moscow Slams "Illegal US Presence In Syria" Following Pentagon's "Defensive" Airstrikes

And so the lukewarm proxy war between Syria, Russia and Iran vs the US-coalition and Israel continues apace.

"Worst Case Scenario" Emerging: Morgan Stanley Warns "Selling Has Shifted"

Forced de-levering in vol-based strategies would lead to retail ETF outflows and create a vicious cycle downwards

Risk-Parity funds are seeing some of the biggest losses in history

Three Top Russian Officials (Quietly) Visit United States

FBI Informant Testifies: Moscow Routed Millions To Clinton Foundation In "Russian Uranium Dominance Strategy"

The Obama FBI knew about the bribery scheme, yet the administration still approved the Uranium One deal.

AG Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein even tried to suggest the nuclear bribery case uncovered by Campbell is not connected to the Uranium One deal.

Futures Sliding After-Hours As Volatility Resumes Rise


In a first, U.S. blames Russia for cyber attacks on energy grid

ANALYSIS: The lights where I am started oddly flickering when I clicked this.

MORE ANALYSIS: Regarding "where I am": If I knew my real latitude and and longitude, I wonder... would it surprise me? I think it would. If it would, then a lot of the people around me are going to get killed for helping my enemy deceive me. If not, then I will be very glad to in the southeastern corner of North America between Alabama and South Carolina.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: Before Russians were hacking the power grid, back in 2011 or so, it was Anonymous who was allegedly doing it! Member, member those guys?!?! Around that time some guy showed up at Alliance from Memphis, TN. I was barely smoking weed at that time but then I started hanging with him and smoking a lot. Then when I started calling him to smoke he basically started calling me a fiendish crack head. Then after I posted that picture of my face and the Sphinx' face in 2014 he popped into Alliance the next day looking very shocked. I guess that likeness was more impressive to him than the mystery of the universe I had already explained to him in my theory. He worked for Southern Company which owns both Georgia Power and Alabama Power. He had this remote access app on his phone for Georgia Power. Is he a Russian hacker? Do they call Anonymous "Russian hackers" now? Sometimes Jake Gyllenhaal reminds me of Memphis.

Oklahoma mom sentenced for incest with her daughter

ANALYSIS: Interesting timing on this news item about Patricia Ann Spann as it comes one day after my post about Patricia Anne Vuittonet

All that optimism for hot first-quarter economic growth is rapidly fading away

Catalonia 'Republic Now' march draws thousands

Theranos' CEO Elizabeth Holmes Charged By SEC With "Massive Fraud"

Trump fires Rex Tillerson on Twitter without speaking to him

Foreign policy veterans said at the time that they couldn't recall an instance where a sitting president had undermined his secretary of state in such a humiliating fashion.

Trump Fires Tillerson's Top Deputy Steve Goldstein Amid State Department Purge

An unprecedented State Department purge.

Taleb: "Best Thing For Society Is Bankruptcy Of Goldman Sachs"

"Banking is rent-seeking of industrial proportions."

Turkish forces encircle center of Syria's Afrin in Operation Olive Branch

Homeless encampment discovered on top of California Amtrak station


Austin Rocked By Second Explosion Hours After Deadly Blast Kills One

Technical Glitch Hits 'Ready Player One' Premiere

The Austin-based film, music and tech festival

The Reference Frame: Aspects of Lawrence Krauss' alleged sex attacks

Almost all the unraped women claiming to be #MeToo are just promoting creative hostile interpretations of relatively mundane facts.

ANALYSIS: Why not just say, "It's a felony to get turned down for sex. Sorry buddy, too bad."

Italy Election Aftermath: Renzi Quits, Center-Left 'Disappears'

Center-right coalition taking 267 seats in the House

'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli cries in court, is sentenced to 7 years for securities fraud

Silvio Berlusconi Backs Leader Of Euroskeptic Party To Form Italy's Next Government

Europe's Recurring Financial Crisis Has Not, Repeat, Not Ended

This Is The Worst Purge Of Conservative Voices In The History Of The Internet

How would you feel if you spent years creating videos and building up a subscriber base only to have all of that work wiped out in a single moment by a leftist YouTube moderator?

ANALYSIS: Or spent years doing science only to have it blocked by some dunce with a badge.

In the entire history of the Internet, we have never seen this sort of a coordinated purge before.

ANALYSIS: What is the point of having freedom of speech and freedom of expression in a country if the public forums don't respect those freedoms?

NYPD reportedly ready to arrest Harvey Weinstein for sex assault

'US aid ends up with extremists': Analysts alarmed over Pentagon's 60,000-strong Syrian rebel force

While the US justifies its presence in Syria with claims it is fighting terrorists, the only area IS "has survived is the area that is under American and its allies' control,"

Kushner meets with top officials in Mexico amid strained relations

"How will he carry out negotiations with foreign countries when his clearance level is less than the people who are with him?"

ANALYSIS: I'd like to see more words like "simony" and "nepotism" in articles about this loser.

Italy election: Early exit polls point to hung parliament

White South African farmers to be removed from their land

ANALYSIS: I'd like to expropriate some stuff without compensation myself. "Oh that's yours? No, it's mine. You stole that from me."

InfoWars' Bureau Chief YouTube Account Terminated With No Explanation, Reinstated Hours Later

Two warnings under the platform's bullying and harassment policy.

ANALYSIS: Why is YouTube's bullshit bullying and harassment policy the standard for the arena of public discourse instead of the right to free speech and the right to freedom of expression?

MORE ANALYSIS: I will burn that bullshit to the ground and farm freedom in the ashes.

'Everyone on the Plane Threw Up'

Israeli police grill Netanyahu on new fraud case

Facebook Threatens Satire Site Babylon Bee over CNN Story That Snopes Rated 'False'

ANALYSIS: Why are private companies setting the standards for public discourse?

Political blow? Italian oral sex star blocked from Instagram for 'influencing public opinion'

HTS executes Sharia chief of Ahrar Al-Sham in Idlib

Tensions are at an all time high in northern Syria, despite the fact the Syrian government forces have halted their military operations in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo.

Street Artist Erects Three Billboards Over Hollywood: "Oscar for Biggest Pedophile Goes to ..."

Jared Kushner Loses Access To Top Secret Intelligence

Kushner will no longer be able to sit in on his father-in-law's daily intelligence briefings, and myriad other meetings to which he previously had unfettered access.

Schiff Hints Mueller's Next Indictment To Implicate Trump Team

Perhaps Mueller doesn't want to open that can of worms?

More Americans now support a universal basic income

"People are saying, 'Look we cannot let inequality continue to grow because the political consequences could be a disaster.'"

Georgia Senate blocks Delta tax deal after airline cuts NRA ties

Man used hunting knife in brutal slaying at Massachusetts library, authorities say

Mexican President Cancels U.S. Trip After Call With "Frustrated, Exasperated" Trump

South Africa To Cut All Diplomatic Ties With Israel

Syrian Army annihilates hair-brained Nusra assault in east Damascus within minutes

Dems' rebuttal to GOP FISA memo is released; Trump deems it a 'bust'

Schiff said the minority's memo should "put to rest" any concerns about conduct by the intelligence agencies.

ANALYSIS: Schiff reveals himself as am agent of my enemy by making such a patently stupid statement.

Murder charge filed in fallout from video that shows nurses laughing as dying WWII vet struggles for air

When the attorneys asked why Nuckles was laughing, she said she did not remember.

ANALYSIS: I know why she was laughing. It's because she's an unhappy sadistic bitch who's too fat to get fucked the way she wants and rather than deal with her sadness she tells herself that being a bitch is what really makes her happy.

Who you gonna blame? Five times Britain used the Russian bogeyman in just the last 3 months

US embassy in Montenegro 'UNDER ATTACK' as Montenegro office BLASTED with grenades

The motive of the attack is unknown or whether it was a deliberate suicide attack.

ANALYSIS: Why are people positioned around me so that they have the option of launching suicide attacks at their own discretion? If I had the solitude that I say I want, then the number of people who could do that would not be huge like it is now, it would be small, and they would mostly be unarmed women. I've seen some stuff recently mentioning social isolation. I wish I had that so bad. This bullshit about hanging out with everyone 24/7 fucking sucks.

New South African president wants to seize land from white farmers without compensation

Secret new charges filed against Manafort, Gates in Mueller probe

Prosecutors revealed that they had uncovered "additional criminal conduct" that includes "a series of bank frauds and bank fraud conspiracies"

ANALYSIS: Rick Gates sure does remind me of Robert Garrett who was my boss at Elavon. That makes a lot of sense that he would be involved in bank fraud because Elavon is a subsidiary of US Bank.

MORE ANALYSIS: At Elavon when I leaked the "Citibank data" that preceded the "OPM hack," of which nothing has yet come, is that referred to as Jesus kicking over the money changers' table in the New Testament?

In Unexpected Twist, Judge In Flynn Case Asks Mueller For "Exculpatory Evidence"

Gaza to pump sewage straight into sea as crisis worsens

Iran threatens to 'level Tel Aviv,' kill Netanyahu if Israel attacks

ANALYSIS: One recalls the prophecy of Zephaniah

Catalan parliament postpones reform facilitating Puigdemont's 'distant investiture'

US-led Coalition airstrikes near Deir Ez-Zor kill at least 16 people

US had evacuated Daesh militants and terrorist leaders from several areas across the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor.

The coalition's air force has been used to stage "accidental" attacks on the Syrian army as they advanced against the militants.

Play 'fake news tycoon' to combat misinformation

Briefly exposing people to tactics used by fake news producers can act as a "psychological vaccine" against bogus anti-science campaigns.

Kim Dotcom: "Let Me Assure You, The DNC Hack Wasn't Even A Hack"

ANALYSIS: Regarding the local download theory, and the idea that the DNC emails were my emails that documented a complete year of obstruction, obfuscation, and lies at LexisNexis, it should be restated that my coworker Don who sat no more than five feet away from me looked exactly like Julian Assange.

Texas teen accused of setting her dad up to be carjacked at gunpoint

Top Syrian Army general for Deir Ezzor killed by ISIS in deadly ambush

Syrian Army armored convoy arriving in east Damascus 'largest I've ever seen'

Graphic video: ISIS annihilates Syrian rebels amid extermination battle in south Damascus

ANALYSIS: How is this reconciled with Putin's claim that ISIS was eliminated in Syria at the time he announced a Syrian troop withdrawal?

Pope reactivates Vatican panel on child sex abuse

Latvian central bank boss detained by anti-corruption force

SEC kills Chinese-linked takeover of Chicago Stock Exchange

ANALYSIS:Earlier this week as I was walking to the library an SUV passed me and the person in the passenger seat looked remarkably like Xi Jinping.

Soros accuses Facebook & Google of manipulation and deceit

Due to the size of the companies, content providers have to "accept whatever terms they are offered," but that is only helping Facebook and Google become more profitable.

ANALYSIS: This is inaccurate. Where the company says "clicking this means you agree" the user does not have concede that clicking it means that.

CIA Argues The Public Can't See Classified Information It Has Already Given To Favored Reporters

Steve Bannon met with Mueller multiple times over the past week

"Whenever we sought to probe anything beyond the four corners of the specific wording of the question, he refused to answer."

Maldives hit by hundreds of holiday cancellations as state of emergency continues

A ruling by judges that leading members of the opposition, including the former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, should be freed.

Yameen rejected the rulings, and ordered the arrest of two of the court's five judges.

Syrian Army deploys massive reinforcements to Deir Ezzor for all-out offensive against US-backed forces

Hungary submits anti-immigration 'Stop Soros' bill to parliament

Orban's message, championing conservative Christian beliefs and rejecting multiculturalism, has gone down well with Hungarian voters

ANALYSIS: I am also against multiculturalism. You have to follow the culture that derives its values from the teachings of the God of Abraham. You don't have to be religious but you do have be such that you ways are pleasing the to God of Abraham. All other cultures should be destroyed. You have to obey the golden rule. Goodbye Scientology, that's not you.

MORE ANALYSIS: I always did like Soros' theory of reflexivity but his face always reminds me of Joe's father in law so I don't like him. All I know about Joe's father in law is that I really don't like his daughter, he was a freemason, a hellfire and damnation Southern Baptist preacher, and a child molester. And every time I see Soros' face the meme says they are on the same team, that team being the team of Joe's wife.


Zuma Resigns As President of South Africa

Saad Hariri rules out alliance with Hezbollah

Missing Whiteface skier found alive in California

Intel chiefs: Don't be fooled by North Korea's 'smile campaign'

An "existential threat" to the U.S.

ANALYSIS: It's mine to do with as I please. If I want to bulldoze the building on my land then it mischaracterizes the situation to say that I represent an existential threat to the building. The building only exists at my pleasure and the building knows it. What if I feel like the building represents an existential threat to my land? These NatSec people just don't want to come around to the truth that what "national security" means is keeping my testicles safe, and my children. The rest of the nation has turned on me and their security is no longer national security. That's the end of it. They think that because they had "NatSec Guy" name tapes on their shirts when they were fucking me over it means that I do not get to fuck them over but I disagree. I am going to fuck them over much, much worse than they fucked me over. Much, much, much worse. And to top it off, they are still doing it by keeping me wherever I am, where I have to be subjected to the constant indignation of the harassments of the other inhabitants, all of whom are here illegally if I am the owner of this place. Also, I am supposed to be geographically between Alabama and South Carolina. Am I there? If not, who kidnapped me? I will burn them and torture them, and laugh at their suffering. Their wailing will be the sweetest sound I ever heard.

Commonwealth leaders in secretive talks over who will replace the Queen

The meetings are believed to be hugely sensitive because the role is not hereditary.

ANALYSIS: It has been my long suspicion that the real reason why Elizabeth's father abdicated and moved to America was because he knew he wasn't the real King anyway, and that the real King was in the USA

ILLUMINATI NEWS: Global elite secretly running our world claims former DEFENCE MINISTER

Accusing its true leaders of being reptilian lizards from space.

ANALYSIS: It is my further long held suspicion that the story about "reptilians" in the underground bases comes from the scar tissue that forms when slaves are kept in underground facilities and flayed alive but not killed. It is my more recent suspicion that these reptiles are being sent up to the surface in disguise to be employed as high ranking federal bureaucrats who will always abort any legitimate attempt to unfuck the USA bureaucracy through bureaucratic protocols.


Kim Dotcom's Last Ditch Effort to Avoid Extradition to the US

Julian Assange loses bid to have his UK arrest warrant dropped

Michelle Obama Official Portrait Unveiled

ANALYSIS: I like how the artist put the symbol for nuclear fallout over her womb.

Israeli F-16 shot down by Syrian air defenses falls to earth in flaming wreck

The Israeli counter-attack failed to deliver any strategic or operational blow to Syrian military forces.

ANALYSIS: If this is meme speak for them bulldozing my hovel that just goes to show how pitifully weak and impotent they are. If they were strong they would kill me. I am getting stronger and my grip on their neck is tightening every time they move.

White House Staff Made 'Critical, Inexcusable' Mistakes on Porter Scandal

The Economist: It Appears Market Conspiracy Theorists Were Right

ANALYSIS: This article is very memey coming as it does in the same week in which I transferred my scientific works over a new wi-fi network. The same day I did that they said there was the "biggest leak ever" on GitHub (iBoot src) and pic related is from the website I used to do web-based FTP. (https://www.onlineftp.ch/)

Putin urges Netanyahu to avoid escalation in Syria

Trump Blocks Democratic Counter-Memo Over "National Security Concerns"

The House Intelligence Committee voted earlier this week to release the 10-page Democratic memo authored by ranking minority Committee member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) following the declassification and public release of a four-page "FISA memo" authored by staffers for Chairman Devin Nunes.

ANALYSIS: That is odd that every democrat voted against the release of Nunes' memo but I think I read elsewhere that the committee voted unanimously to release Schiff's

Justin Trudeau's motorcade crash injures 3, including California Highway Patrol Officer

Corbyn ‘planning coup’ against May, telling Brussels he envisions ‘very different’ Brexit

Government Shutdown Now Certain: Next House Vote After Deadline

Secret code from the iPhone was posted to Github in the 'biggest leak in history'

ANALYSIS: Odd timing that I transferred my complete website, blog, and scientific papers over a new wifi network today. I guess I should do it a few more times.

LAPD Sends Three Harvey Weinstein Cases to District Attorney

Don Lemon Gets Choked Up About Sister's Death During CNN Return

Grimes fell into a neighborhood pond while fishing

'The Leaders of the Witch Hunt Are Witches': Tucker Blasts Adam Schiff for Going on Russian TV