IMF Urges Italian Banks to Take Further Steps to Cut Bad Loans

The IMF said “uncertainty about U.S. policies and Brexit negotiations” add to the risks for Italy.

Russian security chief proposes unified anti-terrorist database for BRICS nations

Pakistan Plunges Into Political Turmoil After Prime Minister Ousted For Corruption

Nawaz becomes the second casualty of the "Panama Papers" after the Iceland prime minister resigned in April of 2016 under similar circumstances.

ANALYSIS: This seems like it might be related to Awan, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the fact that Bin Laden was hiding half a mile from the Pakistani military intelligence academy during the time America was at war with Afghanistan because "Bin Laden was hiding in a cave there." I have speculated that the SEAL raid on that compound was carried out only after Bin Laden died naturally and that the Pakistanis essentially sold the information to the USA at that time. Many of the SEALs in that raid were later killed and I have speculated the "SEALs" sometimes refers to the kabuki theater of the Scientologists whose headquarters is right next to JSOC headquarters in Tampa, FL near a set of other Florida locations related to John Titor.

The government of Mr. Sharif’s party, which has a majority in Parliament, can continue despite the court verdict.

ANALYSIS: This makes no sense. Does Pakistan not have an Article V analogue?

The probe also alleged that the family had provided fraudulent documents to the court.

ANALYSIS: This might indicate that all previous courts that accepted documents from the guilty parties should be reviewed to see if they were complicit in the fraud through their willful acceptance of fraudulent documents. In an analogous circumstance of US corruption this review process would be efficiently circumvented with an Article V proceeding to write a new and better federal constitution.

On Certain Aspects of American Economics Relevant to 2016

Charlie Gard's parents say hospital denied their 'final wish' for dying son

Pakistani council orders "revenge rape" of 16-year-old girl

Questioning both sides in the cases, however, soon revealed the role of the informal village council

Pakistan has a centuries-old tradition of quick justice handed down by gatherings of local elders, known as jirgas or panchayats, seen by many villagers as preferable to the often-cumbersome and corrupt formal legal system.

ANALYSIS: This kind of thing stirs up animosoty when justice should quell animosity. When these councils dole out punishment it should either be a slap on the wrist or death.

Brutal cruise ship killing took place DURING ‘murder mystery party’ confusing staff who thought it was part of the game…as it’s claimed husband killed his wife just for laughing at him

ANALYSIS: What if some group of sociopaths convinced a large group of cretins that there was a murder mystery party happening so that the cretins would not react normally to the crimes of the sociopaths?

Strange electrons break the crystal symmetry of high-temperature superconductors

ANALYSIS: I would like to see a comparison of the relative coefficients of efficiency in all the applications that would be possible with high temperature superconductor infrastructure and also that same infrastructure with ordinary superconductors whose coolers are powered with hyper efficient fusion reactors.

ATLAS Experiment explores how the Higgs boson interacts with other bosons

No significant deviation from the prediction has yet been observed.

ANALYSIS: What are the characteristics of the deviations that have been observed?

FURTHER ANALYSIS: The language in the first paragraph of this article is remarkable in that not once do they refer to the Higgs boson as the God particle, the ellusive particle, the mysterious particle, etc. Instead they repeatedly emphasize that the particle is the Higgs boson. However, pending verification of the particle's spin we still do not know if it is his boson or my boson. Note well, there is no amount of pathos or ethos can ever be employed to overcome the pure logos of Higgs himself calling the particle "the scalar boson." Scalar means spin-0 so if it has spin-1 it will not be a Higgs boson despite the author's calling it that three times in the first paragraph.

Wasserman-Schultz IT Aide Arrested While Attempting To Flee Country, Charged With Bank Fraud

The brothers — who as IT professionals for Congress could read House members’ emails — allegedly used wiretapping devices on their own stepmother and threatened to abduct loved ones in Pakistan if she didn’t give them access to money stowed away in that country.

The staffer’s services were so important to congressional members, that on March 22, 2016, eight democrat members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence issued a letter, requesting that their staffers be granted access to Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information

On the morning of 22 March 2016, three coordinated suicide bombings occurred in Belgium: two at Brussels Airport in Zaventem, and one at Maalbeek metro station in central Brussels.

ANALYSIS: On the day of this bombing I examined the floor plan of the Brussels airport. The explosions took place in the baggage area but they were directly above the non-specific "airport services" office on the floor below and I suspect the underground facility was breached in this attack.

The Latest: Panel Points to Outdated Systems at Nuclear Lab

Los Alamos last year restarted development of the plutonium cores used to trigger the explosion in nuclear weapons.

Erdogan urges Muslims to 'visit' and 'protect' Jerusalem

He said Israel's legitimacy rested on the extent of the respect it showed to Palestinians and their rights.

ANALYSIS: Which legitimacy is that?

FBI Seized Crushed Hard Drives From Home Of Wasserman-Schultz' IT Aide

The brothers also had direct access to the notorious DNC emails.

Some congressional technology aides believe that the Awan’s are blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, due to the fact that these representatives have displayed unwavering and intense loyalty towards the former aides.

“It was in the garage. They recycled cabinets and lined them along the walls. They left in a huge hurry,” the Marine said.

ANALYSIS: It is hard to envision exactly what the Marine is saying about recycled cabinets. Perhaps Awan left some non-destroyed equipment at his rental so it wouldn't get seized if his own residence got searched.

Kushner Releases 11-Page Statement: Denies Collusion, Confirms Four Meetings With Russians

Kushner said that, due to a clerical error, all of his meetings with foreign parties were ommitted

I did not suggest an ongoing secret form of communication

ANALYSIS: Did he suggest a temporary secret form of communication until Trump was in office?

Former CIA Director Calls For A Coup If Trump Fires Mueller

House Democrat To Introduce Bill Preventing Trump Form Pardoning Himself

FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home

One of the fellow staffers said some of the computers the Awans managed were being used to transfer data to an off-site server.

ANALYSIS: I remember at LexisNexis one day Tim and I's boss George was in a meeting with us. He said, "Tim are you sending this data to get scrubbed at an external server farm?" Tim said, "Ahhh... yes." George said, "Well Tim you're not supposed to do that." Tim said, "Ok, my bad. I'll change it."

Experiment finds evidence for the Majorana fermion, a particle that's its own antiparticle

"This discovery concludes one of the most intensive searches in fundamental physics, which spanned exactly 80 years."

Segwit Reaches 80% of the Bitcoin Hashrate as Activation Looms

That means bitcoin might very soon implement segwit after more than two years of heated scalability debate


2,234 murders in June

Treasury Volatility Crashes To Record Lows

ANALYSIS: Low volatility might indicate a back channel market stop in response to a crash in the fundamental data.

World Stocks Hit Record High For 10th Consecutive Day In "No-Vol Nirvana"

ANALYSIS: Low volume is also consistent with a back channel market stop.

Deutsche Bank Faces DOJ Subpoena Over Trump-Russia Probe

Trump now owes Deutsche, his biggest creditor, around $300m. He has four large mortgages, all issued by Deutsche’s private bank.

Other financial institutions with ties to Trump would also likely receive requests for information from Mueller’s team, including Bank of America.

2015: Deutsche Bank appoints new CEO in latest post-crisis shake-up

2015: Fitschen is required to appear nearly every week at a criminal court in Munich to defend himself against allegations that he misled investigators in a dispute with the heirs of the Kirch media empire.

ANALYSIS: What was the result of this outside litigation? How does it reflect on Deutsche's choice of Fitschen as co-CEO?

Deutsche Bank's CEO says plans for 'reasonable worst-case' Brexit

Trump ends CIA arms support for anti-Assad Syria rebels: U.S. officials

Opposition that has been battling since 2011

"Is this in our interest? Of course not," the commander said of the reported U.S. decision. "We are waiting to see."

ANALYSIS: This name of this website is derived from the opposition declared by this writer in 2011.

Spain's 'secret credit card banker' Blesa found shot dead

He was found guilty over secret "black credit cards" handed out to bank board members and advisers, who used them to buy luxury goods and entertainment.

ANALYSIS: It is likely that you can use black credit cards to pay for illegal webcam footage of people with cameras in their eyes doing things like fucking your opponent's wife.

Much of the money will never be recovered.

ANALYSIS: In situations like this it always remains possible to recover the money because dollars are fungible. Furthermore, it should be possible to recover value through the blood of those who received the original dollars.

S. Korea proposes ‘rare’ military talks with Pyongyang to ‘ease tensions’ on peninsula

Earlier in July, North Korea claimed to have test-launched a Hwasong-14 missile which it said flew 933km in 39 minutes, reaching an altitude of 2,802km. The South, however, doubted that Pyongyang may possess such advanced technology.

ANALYSIS: That is remarkable if true. 2,802km is almost 2,000 miles.

An overdose, a young companion, drug-fueled parties: The secret life of USC med school dean

A renowned eye surgeon

During his tenure as dean, Puliafito kept company with a circle of criminals

ANALYSIS: In the 1990s this writer saw an article in Scientific American that had pictures of a small computer screen that could be implanted inside the human eye. Since the story has gone nowhere, the technology likely became classified. This criminal dean has probably been doing black market eye implants.

He also is a central witness in a $185-million lawsuit in which the University of California has accused USC of misconduct in its hiring away of a star researcher.

“He would say, ‘They love me around here. The medical students think I am God,’”

ANALYSIS: That must be nice.

Tech may replace half of all low-skilled jobs in the U.S.

Work that's harder to hand over to a machine or outsource includes professions where you have to reach out and touch someone, according to the study.

Islamic State leader Baghdadi almost certainly alive - Kurdish security official

ANALYSIS: There are almost certainly double meanings.

New Turkey purge on eve of failed coup anniversary

ANALYSIS: If I was elected President I would immediatley fire everyone who voted for my enemy.

Analysis: Slow leak of Russia news flooding White House

"Omissions are as harmful as contradictions because it seems like you're hiding something"

The investigations have thrown the White House off balance, leaving some officials on edge about whether there are more disclosures to come.

ANALYSIS: This writer is surprised at the response to his recent revelation because it has been previously documented elsewhere, including Twitter, where a ban may have been in effect, as bans were imposed on Facebook and Reddit, and possibly even at the level of being banned from a legitimate ISP connection to an unfiltered internet. It is likely that even now in 2017 there chaos monkey malware on my computer still adversely affecting my typography. If becoming homeless has helped me evade the ban I will count my sself lucky, as I always do. I will redocument everything here. I hope my revelations cause suffering and anguish for my enemies and that they hasten the glorious day. Also, omissions are worse than contradictions because they are hiding something and if it always gets omitted then it will never be discovered.

Jamie Dimon: "It's Embarrassing As An American Listening To This Stupid Shit We Have To Deal With"

"since the Great Recession, which is now 8 years old, we've been growing at 1.5 to 2 percent in spite of stupidity and political gridlock, because the American business sector is powerful and strong. "

ANALYSIS: It is embarrassing that there is an American who might believe Dimon's outrageous lies about the business sector being powerful and strong. The truth is that it is sclerotic and feeble, and that the subpar 2% growth was generated by the Fed's money printing operation. If they hadn't printed that money and given it to Dimon's "powerful and strong" business sector, it would have died because it is unable to live on its own.

Alien Donald Trump appears on Mexico City billboard

House Intel. Chair Accuses Obama Staffers of "Hundreds Of Unmasking Requests"

The Obama administration was operating in a pervasive culture of impunity and using the intelligence community against their political opponents

Hermitage Capital Founder Testifies That Fusion GPS (Trump Dossier Creator) Worked For Russian Government

Fusion GPS, the now infamous firm behind the 'Trump Dossier', was actually being paid by....wait for it....the Russians.

Brazil Deploys 8,500 Armed Forces in Rio de Janeiro

Wells Fargo broadsided anew with an auto insurance sales scandal

"Our actions over the past year show we are acting on this commitment."

ANALYSIS: Do those actions show that they are fulfilling the commitment? Likely not.

Twitter Fails to Grow Its Audience, Again

Arrested DNC Staffer Awan Retains Long-Time Clinton Associate For Legal Help

Declassified Memos Show Obama's NSA Spied On Americans Way More Than You Thought

Numerous “overcollection incidents” where the NSA gathered information about foreigners or Americans it wasn’t entitled to intercept

“Isolated instances in which NSA may not have complied with the documentation requests” justifying intercepts or searches of intercepted data.

The misuse of “overly broad” queries or specific U.S. person terms to search through NSA data.

Failures to timely purge NSA databases of improperly collected intelligence, such as a 2014 incident in which “NSA reported a gap in its purge discovery processes.”

ANALYSIS: I honestly doubt that it was more than I thought. At Nexidia we designed the search UI to reflect the allowed permissions so the NSA clearly had no intention to conform to the regulation when it gave analysts a search UI that didn't innately respect the restriction.

Meet Tally: The Grocery Stocking Robot About To Eradicate 1,000's Of Minimum Wage Jobs

Sessions To Announce Leak Investigations Following Several Trump Outbursts

Sniper kills Russian crime boss in Moscow

The story behind Alliance BJJ Moscow

Rexit? Tillerson Reportedly Considering Early Exit Amid Trump Administration Chaos

Ancient humans had sex with non humans

Saturn’s inexplicable ‘lack of tilt’ leaves scientists with magnetic field conundrum

Carlos the Jackal tells French court he is a 'professional revolutionary'

“Coarse manipulations of justice”

...a newspaper interview Ramírez now denies giving

ANALYSIS: I googled "Carlos the Jackal" today for obvious reasons. I had googled him around 2012 or so too and at that time I found information saying he had been killed in Africa. Perhaps his denial of giving the interview means that this terrorist persona is played by more than one person. A few times in my own childhod I was dumbfounded when my dad told me he didn't say something to me that I had a clear memory of him saying to me. Perhaps he didn't say those things and all of them were trivial. After seeing two people acting like my Dad over Christmas, both familiar looking and both looking like each other, I have wondered whether they jointly play a persona or what the point of it was. I am glad I had that experience because it has focused my paranoia about masks and lookalikes, and I seem to have a lot of insight in that direction this year.

Brazilians funneled as "slaves" by US church, ex-members say

"They would never, ever, ever consider letting you date somebody outside of the church."

Maduro Says Vote On as Venezuela Opposition Calls 48-Hour Strike

Vowed to press on with a vote to elect a new national assembly and rewrite the constitution.

Headstrong Renzi struggles to find political touch as Italian vote nears

Renzi's opponents are likely to try to keep his abrasive personality to the fore, seeing it as a vote winner for them.

ANALYSIS: Do the Italians want someone who will kill their enemies with kindness or kill them with bullets?

Chinese jets intercept U.S. surveillance plane

Man Behind Trump "Dossier" Subpoenaed After Refusing To Testify, Will Plead The Fifth

Many are curious to find out just who it was that worked with Fusion GPS to launch the narrative that Trump's victory in the elections was the result of Kremlin interference.

ANALYSIS: More "fusion"

Venezuela Will Be The First Sovereign Oil Producer To See An "All-Out Collapse"

Judge Halts Shkreli Trial

The prosecution also alleges that Shkreli falsified documents and backdated payments to corroborate his lies.

"I do think the fundamental right to confront the witnesses and question the witnesses is important"

NSA Leak: Sessions Reportedly Discussed Trump Campaign With Former Russian Ambassador

Trump campaign inner circle called before Senate committees

The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing will review a law that oversees the registration of foreign agents.

US Official Admits North Korean Missiles Aren't Threat To America

“North Korea does not have the ability to strike the United States with any degree of accuracy"

ANALYSIS: One fine point regarding nuclear weapons is that they do not require a lot accuracy to be effective. One wonders how the US program is progressing now that, hopefully, everyone has seen the demonstration of the principle I suggested.

Rats Fall From Ceiling At Dallas Chipotle In "Rare And Isolated Incident"

Landlord Caught Having Sex In Tenants's Bed

ANALYSIS: As this was eternalized in the final update to my last website it deserves review. This mention of a Landlord predates my recent trip to crazy town by several weeks. Perhaps if this story had been written a few months later they would have written, "Conspiracy steals rents by impersonating Landlord, conspirator caught having gay anal sex in Landlord's bed."

Vatican police ‘broke up gay orgy in leading cardinal’s apartment owned by the church’s sexual abuse taskforce’

Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya says Magnitsky Act lobbyist Browder behind Trump Jr. scandal

Magnitsky died in pre-trial custody in 2009.

ANALYSIS: I have previoulsy speculated if an author Kaminski had his fake name derived from from the Spanish word "camino." Here the name has the word "magnet" in it and he died in the same year that I wrote my first manuscript in Moscow on a layover to Berlin.

The Magnitsky Act is a 2012 law that allows the United States to seize assets from a number of alleged Russian human rights abusers

ANALYSIS: 2012 was an important year and it is cited as the year that the reactionary policy became US law. Was that perhaps in response to this 2011 follow on paper and this writer's Occupy Atlanta activities? (Occupy Altanta is the root phrase for "occatl.")

How 1,000s Of Student Loans Worth Billions Are Getting Erased On A Technicality

When NCF failed to provide adequate ownership records, some $31,000 worth of her student debt was magically erased

Chipotle Plunges After Shutting Restaurant Due To "Symptoms Consistent With Norovirus"

ANALYSIS: This writer has frequently experienced stmach pain after eating a burrito bowl at Chipotle. I initially assumed that it was the quantity of food but in hindsight the quantity was comparable to other large meals I've eaten. I don't go there any more and after the many diseases at Chipotle restaurants I wonder if they are using unclean ingredients.

Fusion: Will Humanity Ever Harness Star Power?

9 Hurt as Fire Cripples NYC Subways During Morning Rush

ANALYSIS: It is odd how much subway work has been undertaken since my recent trip through NYC, where I went through Penn Station a few times. I saw there engraved in stone on the wall "Weather Vane." I thought that was odd because it is the tentative title of one of the books this writer is working on. The other things on that wall in Penn Station were mostly familiar.

First experimental observation of new type of entanglement in a 2-D quantum material

Bitcoin Battered Below $2000, Ether Tumbles As August 1st Scaling Deadline Looms

behind the conflict is an ideological split about bitcoin's rightful identity...

Mysterious Hacker Leaks Emails Of Top US State Department Expert On Russia

"Johnnie Walker"

ANALYSIS: Impossible to tell.

Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead

German firm Newport has big plans to revitalize downtown Atlanta

Nature magazine publishes comment on quantum gravity phenomenology, demonstrates failure of editorial oversight

Now, in this rare case when I can judge their content’s quality, I find the Nature editors picked two people who have no idea what’s going on, who chew up 30 years old ideas, and omit relevant citations of timely contributions. Thus, for me the worst part is that I will henceforth have to suspect Nature’s coverage of other research areas is equally miserable as this.

This is truly remarkable, but not because it’s such a great idea. It’s because Marletto and Vedral believe they’re the first to think about this. Of course they are not.

ANALYSIS: Sabine is correct to find that Nature routinely abandons or perhaps makes no attempt to conform to the editorial standards that people assume are in place. However, on Sabine's second comment about the authors' thoughts she is completely out of line with regard to logic. Sabine claims to know the minds of Marletto and Vedral but she does not consider the case in which they were simply writing about their own opinions. Under that hypothesis, the article produced by Marletto and Vedral would have the same characteristics that lead Sabine to write, "Marletto and Vedral believe they’re the first to think about this." This writer saw no evidence of that belief in Marletto and Vedral's article, and perhaps Sabine is dealing with her own issues related to wrong thinking. Furthermore, as relates to the research of this writer, being the first to think of something has nothing to do with being the first to prove it. Many people have had ideas similar to my ideas of infinite complexity, but all of those other creative people failed to prove the concept but I did succeed completely, and hopefully soon I will succeed in my other unoriginal idea to conquer the Earth through war.