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700k protest Spain's referendum crackdown in Barcelona

“The streets will always be ours!”

Catalan referendum: Region's independence 'in matter of days'

When asked what he would do if the Spanish government were to intervene and take control of Catalonia's government, Mr Puigdemont said it would be "an error which changes everything".

"Total Stoppage": Barcelona Paralyzed By General Strike, Barricades As Protesters Take To The Streets

More than 50 barricades or protests had blocked roads across the region, including major toll roads and motorways used for commercial traffic

Catalan Independence campaign’s political leaders are stalling on their next move as the European Union ignores their calls for mediation. Catalan President Carles Puigdemont vowed to notify the regional parliament that voters had opted for independence in Sunday’s vote. That would trigger a process leading to a unilateral declaration of independence within 48 hours, but on Monday Puigdemont ducked the question of when he would set the clock ticking.

ANALYSIS: October 6, 2017 will mark 0.5 years of homelessness for me.

Spain agrees to extradite Russian programmer accused of hacking to the US

The Russian, himself, claimed that his life would be in danger if he was extradited to the United States

ISIS claims Las Vegas attack, FBI says gunman had ‘no connection’ to terrorist group

The terrorist group did not name the attacker but claimed that he “executed the operation in response to calls to target countries of the coalition.” However, no proof was provided to back the terrorists' claims.

ISIS Persists in Vegas Claim, Dubs Shooter 'Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki'

The new statement claims Paddock, specifically answering the call of ISIS caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Marseille suspect had 7 identities, was released by police day before attack

From 'Occupying' A Spanish Bank To City Hall

"I wanted people to wake up and realize that we delegated our democracy to those who drove us to ruin"

"We're not like other politicians supported by the banks. Our creditors are the people"

Are Spain’s banks on the comeback trail?

The country's banks had still been seen as one of the country's weak spots

Spanish bank buyout showcases Europe's new anti-crisis rules

It was the first time the ECB had pulled the plug on a bank since it was given new powers aimed at preventing the rescue of banks from overwhelming government finances, as they did during the eurozone's debt crisis.

Spanish banks face $4.2 billion hit from European court's loan ruling

Europe’s top court overturned on Wednesday a Spanish ruling that capped liabilities

Banks will have to compensate customers for what they lost even before May 2013, when Spain’s Supreme Court declared the mortgages invalid if the terms had not been presented clearly.

The former chairman of a major Spanish bank was found shot dead

Leaked pictures to the press of Blesa on exotic hunting trips in 2013, at the height of Spain's recession, caused uproar

Spanish banks warn of Catalonia independence risks

Las Vegas shooting at Mandalay Bay Casino hotel

'It seemed she was telling us to either warn us or she was part of it and she was telling us because she knew we were going to die, it was so scary.'

'I was in room 135 and I heard over the police scanner that the shooting came from room 137,'

90% of voters said ‘Yes’ to independence from Spain – Catalan government

Catalan Leader: "We Have Earned The Right To Form An Independent State"

A win of more than 50% for the "Yes" side will trigger a declaration of independence within 48 hours of the vote regardless of the turnout. He appealed to European leaders, saying the Catalan crisis was "no longer an internal Spanish matter".

Spain's PM says there was no independence referendum in Catalonia today

Catalan authorities have earlier announced [about 762] people were injured

Large-scale military operations against ISIS continues across Syria

Scores of terrorists were killed in the airstrikes and one of their armored vehicles was destroyed, in addition to destroying a number of their machinegun-equipped cars and varied types of machineguns, positions, fortifications and mortar launchers.


This was the first large counter-attack of ISIS against the SDF since the group started its military operation in Deir Ezzor governorate.

While the photos confirm that the location of the attacks is in al-Shula village, the date of the attacks is not confirmed yet.

ANALYSIS: It has been nine days since the hearing to release Hillary's Whitewater indictment and there is still no report about what happened or what the next steps will be

Tractors roll into Barcelona ahead of independence vote

Russian air strikes kill 2,000+ ISIS, Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria in 11 days

Unredacted Clinton emails to be reviewed in court, despite State Dept. resistance

The order stems from a lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch following the government’s refusal to respond to a March 2015 Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Mystery dump: State Department releases thousands of Hillary Clinton documents

First open-access data from large collider confirm subatomic particle patterns

Our theoretical understanding changes over time

Julian Assange Says He Will Provide Evidence Russia Narrative Is False in Exchange for Pardon

President Trump told reporters that he has "never heard" of Assange's offer to make a deal.

ANALYSIS: It had been on mind to go see my father for several years by the time I got kicked out of Georgia Tech. He came to Altanta to have lunch with me one day and I thought I should go see him too. I was waiting until I had something good to report so that he would be forced to admit I was doing very well, namely I wanted an accolade for my discovery. One was not forthcoming soI went and saw him or someone who looked like him in Savannah, GA in 2013 or 2014. I reported the visit to Helene and in early 2015 Helene contacted Joe and they came to visit me in Dunwoody in an unannouced surprise visit. This was during the "Israeli embassy pay dispute strike" and Helene was asking me what I wanted to do with my life because she was worried. I told her I wanted her to give me more money until I received financial compensation for my work at which time I would reimburse her. Although our entire conversation was conducted through acoustic waves transmitting words through the air, when she started asking for an amount (or something) I got excited and exclaimed in my head to myself, "Let's make a deal!!!" I did not say this and I only imagined saying it in my head because it seemed like she was about to concede to my demands. She did not concede to my demands then and has not conceded over the following three years. A few days later Helene showed up unannounced again with police who hauled me away from my apartment in a Hannibal Lecter restraint and initiated about two weeks of involuntary commitment at a mental hospital. Although I requested to end my involuntary detention at the end of the legally permitted 72 hours, they held me for about two weeks based on the fraudulent affidavit Helene and Joe had signed. During that period of involutary commitment the guard who let me know that Helene was seeking a legal guardiansip also intimated to me that I was in there because I had said, "Let's make a deal," when Helene and Joe surprised me at my apartment. I never said it. The afternoon or night after Joe and Helene came to my chambers uninvited I went to Alliance and Jacaré (or someone) intimated that I had blundered in the negotiations though I didn't understand how at the time and I still don't. My recollection is that Helene and Joe asked me what I wanted and I told them that I wanted more money on hand while I was waiting for my accolades.

“I think the president’s answer indicates that there is a wall around him that is being created by people who do not want to expose this fraud that there was collusion between our intelligence community and the leaders of the Democratic Party,”

whether or not he wants to take the steps necessary to expose this horrendous lie

ANALYSIS: I do want to take those steps. Anyone insunuating that I have not totally clear about this is lying or misrepresenting that I have always seen my accolades as the nest step toward exposing the lie.

Spain Says "Referendum Won't Happen", To Shut Barcelona Airspace After Catalan Separatists Unveil Ballot Boxes

The EU has said Catalonia will be ejected from the bloc, if it declares independence.

‘Not invaluable, but worthless’: Moscow laughs off UK claims of ‘major’ contribution to ISIS defeat

“As we come closer to the rout of Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] by the Syrian Army, supported by the Russian Air Force, we are suddenly discovering that all these years, somewhere behind our backs it was Michael Fallon who did more than anyone to help defeat the terrorists,”

"The British minister boasts that the Royal Air Force carried out more than 1,500 airstrikes. In comparison, Russia has carried out over 99,000 confirmed precision strikes in Syria alone, which have guaranteed a breakthrough in the battle against ISIS,”

Clinton Lawyer Helped Facebook Avoid Political Ad Disclosures

Are Facebook ads equivalent to “small items” like buttons and stickers

ANALYSIS: I think these ads are like the ridicule mentioned here.

Kushner didn't tell senators about email account

This issue could become more serious

Kushner has been criticized in the past for initially not disclosing more than 100 contacts with foreign leaders including those from Russia, as well as ownership of a multimillion dollar tech company with links to Goldman Sachs and businessmen Peter Thiel

ANALYSIS: Immediately after Eric Weinstein's geometric unity story was supplanted in the media by the Snowden story, Eric was hired by Thiel.


Puerto Rico aid supplies trapped at San Juan port: report

The 10-day waiver from the shipping law — which requires American-made and -operated vessels to transport cargo between U.S. ports — goes into effect immediately.

‘Tables have turned, battle goes on’: ISIS surrounded in Deir ez-Zor

Damascus hopes to clear the remaining pockets of terrorists from the city within days.

Catalan police warn of public disorder if polling stations closed

Accused NSA leaker Reality Winner says she smuggled classified docs in her pantyhose

Gravitational twists help theoretical physicists shed light on quantum complexity

Supercomputing aids experiments in sorting out the hidden mechanics of magnetic field reconnection, a key factor in solar storms and fusion energy reactors.

‘Malfunctioning’ US missile causes ‘several casualties’ during Mattis’ Afghanistan visit

Casualties were inflicted by the US malfunction.

Terrorists likely had relevant intelligence from Kabul airport and were “planning this attack for a while.”

Catalan Police Ordered To Close And Occupy Polling Stations To Stop Vote Going Ahead

Interpol approves Palestinian membership despite Israeli objections

Iraqi parliament ‘gives mandate’ to PM Abadi to deploy troops in disputed oil region Kirkuk

It comes after a Kurdistan independence referendum in which the majority of Kurds voted "yes," according to Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani.

The vote has been deemed illegal and "unconstitutional" by Baghdad.

ISIS siege of Deir ez-Zor lifted thanks to Russian cruise missile strike

The Deir ez-Zor governorate is located in the western part of Syria on the border with Iraq and is one of the few remaining pockets of territory remaining under the control of Islamic State

"From now on, ISIS will have less of an ability to drive populations across Syria, and they will lash out on the international scene,"

"From a Syrian government point of view, this will be the point to start a reconciliation among the population, though this will be difficult as long as the US remains in Syria."

ANALYSIS: When ISIS is defeated what they rationalize the US presence in Syria with?

Russian long-range bombers target ISIS positions in Idlib & Deir ez-Zor in Syria

Konashenkov also said it was puzzling that the aerial photos of American support points showed no signs of any military action around them. “This begs the question: With whom and against whom are the US Special Forces fighting in Syria,” which still remains unanswered by Washington

Roger Stone accuses House intel panel of 'cowardice'

Stone acknowledged that he had in fact communicated directly with Assange

“The mantra-like repetition of the claim by our vaunted 17 intelligence agencies that the ‘Russians’ colluded with the Trump campaign to affect the 2016 election, does not make it so,” Stone said

Roger Stone brings theatrics to Capitol Hill

"I’m not even sure he is aware that I am testifying today.”

ANALYSIS: Indeed I was unaware of his testimony today.

Roger Stone says Paul Manafort is upbeat

"That might work with a drug dealer. I don’t think it’ll work in this case. He still maintains that he’s broken no laws, that there is no Russian collusion. And I believe him.”

IRS Sharing Tax Information Of Trump Campaign Officials With Robert Mueller

The IRS elected not to participate in Mueller's July Raid due to concerns that "the search would interfere with the separate IRS investigation of Manafort."

Catalan president 'could be arrested over independence referendum'

They are accused of allegedly "disseminating a website"

Parents of missing Mexican students demand investigation, attack army facility gates

Forty-three students from the College of Ayotzinapa went missing on September 26, after being detained by police in Iguala, a town in the state of Guerrero

Countdown begins to Catalonia independence bid

They pledge they will proclaim a new republic within 48 hours of the ballot if a "yes" vote wins the new referendum, regardless of turnout.

‘US military high-tech consistently ended up with terrorists during Syrian war’

“Somehow all the US weapons end up in terrorists’ hands.”

New type of supercomputer could be based on 'magic dust' combination of light and matter

Russian lieutenant-general killed in ISIS shelling near Deir ez-Zor, Syria

US special ops forces & hardware spotted at ISIS positions north of Deir ez-Zor

This could mean that the US military staff “feel absolutely safe” in the area which is held by the terrorists

The images released by the Russian Defense Ministry encourage speculation that the US and SDF forces have some sort of “understanding” with IS terrorists operating in the region

ANALYSIS: The only understanding I have is that I would prefer solitude to the company of the people operating in my region and that homeless destitution continues to be the absolute best of my realistic options. I have a further understanding that I am irritated that everyone keeps offering me money to say that I have a "disability" but no one is offering me any money for saying (and proving) that I have a "discovery." It is absolutely untoward how people down here are absolutely rolling in disability cash from the government when the government has not made one dollar available to me for my discovery.

‘Kiev is afraid to hear truth’ – ex-Crimean prosecutor ready to testify against Ukrainian offi?ials

"I know a lot about this coup, about the assassination of Ukraine by the current leaders of this destroyed country”

Nima et al.: making the amplitude minirevolution massive

ANALYSIS: It frustrating to me to no end that Nima continues to pursue a research program based on my insights without crediting my contributions to his own thought processes. Since my goals are all stalled until my research is credited, and much undue suffering is occurring in the interim, I lay some non-vanishing portion of the blame for that suffering with the professional scientists who refuse to acknowledge my contributions. Also, one of my nemeses is named Huang and I would hate to think that Nima has allied himself with that faction. If true, I can envision that Nima's years long period of egregious blunder might rise to the level of mortal error. When I recently tried to visit world-renowned physicist Dr. Xiaochun He at his Georgia State University office to discuss research opportunities in Atlanta, I believe the imposter I met instead of Dr. He that day was none other than a poorly disguised Amy Huang whose repulsive beady eyes I think I recognized from the time I was cajoled into spending near her at LexisNexis. I intend to investigate and then mercilessly destroy Amy's organization and its collaborators. When Amy (or similar) was impersonating Dr. He that day she condescendingly recommended that I seek employment in the service industry after stating categorically that I would never be accepted back into the physics program at GSU. Then she specifically recommended Princeton, and only Princeton, as an alternative university for me to apply to. I hate this nasty bitch and I look forward to hearing the joyful sound of her dying lamentations. I wonder if the reason she is given so much access to me despite my pure hate for her is because she is Helene's daughter and I think it is likely that the baby she became pregnant with at LexisNexis is one of the abomination babies unconsentingly grown from my misappropriated genetic material.

CMS: a locally 2.8-sigma diphoton excess at 95 GeV

Could another massive boson wait for us over there, in this mass region we thought we knew?

ANALYSIS: I have predicted the existence of exactly one more such boson.

Pentagon To Probe "Evacuation Hoax" Messages Sent To US Soldiers In South Korea

Defiant Catalans Block Spain's Military Boats From Landing

Spain Seizes “.CAT” Domain

ANALYSIS: I am still unable to tell if Spain or Catalonia is more closely aligned with my interests.

In a letter to ICANN, the foundation said that the Spanish authorities had asked it to “block all .cat domain names that may contain any kind of information about the forthcoming independence referendum.

After three centuries under Spanish rule, on Oct. 1, citizens of Catalonia will finally have the chance to exercise their right to self-determination.

ANALYSIS: I did read another article where the city manager of Barcelona was paraphrased as saying, "You don't see a picture of the King of Spain on the wall in my office," and I've wondered if Catalonia would keep the King of Spain as their monarch.

Spain In Crisis: Catalan Police Reject Madrid Takeover, Vow To "Resist"

For many Catalans the prosecutor’s decision may be reminiscent of the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War and subsequent dictatorship

“You can’t stem the tide”

How this escalating clash between Madrid and Catalonia is resolved over the coming week will define the fate of Spain for years to come.

HYPERCOMPLEX ANALYSIS: This paper contains my argument against the Riemann hypothesis, one of the most important unanswered questions in all of mathematics.


Syrian Army crosses the Euphrates, milestone on road to sovereignty

There also appears to be a growing understanding within the US that its almost certainly unlawful physical presence in Syria is becoming increasingly pointless

The US has on several occasions attacked forces allied to the Syrian government, suggesting again that the US presence in Syria has less to do with fighting IS than with furthering broader US and Israeli geostrategic interests

Ultimately, US policy in Syria has failed.

US using Al-Nusra terrorists to undermine Astana peace talks progress

“The Americans have not changed their approach so far."

“They are dissatisfied with the successful outcome of Astana peace process, that’s why they use their [assets], including Jabhat al-Nusra [The Nurse Front] to impede the agreements that had been negotiated,”

Some 850 militants were killed as a result of the operation. The special operation forces suffered three injuries but no casualties.

Asked about reports of US alleged indirect involvement in the attack, US-led international coalition spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillon appeared to dodge the question, saying said he “had no information” on that issue and “would not entertain that question.”

Wild, wild East: ‘Al-Nusra in Syria appears to be following an American agenda’

The Russian military has accused the US of colluding with Al-Nusra terrorists

ANALYSIS: The al-Nusra terrorists are likely the nurse terrorists. Nurses are well qualified to to medically sustain torture victims through long periods and horrendous acts that would otherwise be life-ending. In addition to the US support for the nurses in the sphere of terror, Obamacare was likely a large token of support for this group in the American domestic sphere. Unsurpringly, McCain has recently demonstrated his solidarity with Obamacare.

Israeli warplanes strike near Damascus airport

Gravitational waves may oscillate, just like neutrinos

Physicists show that the oscillations may be detectable in future experiments.

Experiments such as the ones at the LHC [Large Hadron Collider] haven't detected any exotic particles, yet. This raises the question if maybe the gravitational side needs to be modified.

The existence of two metrics (and two gravitons) in the bigravity framework eventually leads to the oscillation phenomenon.

ANALYSIS: My theory uses two metrics: a flat chirological one and an embedded chronological one for curved, physical spacetime.

Although previous research has suggested that these oscillations might exist, it appeared to lead to unphysical results, such as a violation of energy conservation.

ANALYSIS: I use the number two to make a copy of something and then I attach to the number pi and call that copy the number Phi. With two metrics we define two surfaces that support an on shell condition and the fourth number is the imaginary number which allows the use of quantum field theory to compute virtual bulk states off-shell in the region between the on-shell surfaces in the unit cell of the cosmological lattice that I developed.

Therefore, the wave equation that describes how they move through space will mix them up and therefore they 'oscillate.'

ANALYSIS: Since the ontological basis contains pi and Phi, we can represent those components perfectly in numerical algorithms with an abstract symbol but there will be no way to represent the ratio pi/Phi and therefore irrational remainders will exist in the theory's output which may have observable consequences such as this new mixing mode in the modified evolution of wave-packets.

City leaders vote unanimously to pass marijuana proposal in Atlanta

US Congressman hosted fake hearing for Ukrainian TV

ANALYSIS: This sounds like the kind of thing that was happening at Exide where, for some reason unknown to me, I kept feeling like I was attending meetings with disguised people impersonating my coworkers to talk about things that I did not understand specifically or in context. The reason I did not understand is because I was not told and on the occasions where I didn't ask it was likely after I had been conditioned into not calling people liars and con artists because it was more important for me to conform to protocols of corporate etiquette than to understand what the meeting was about or why we were having them. In the past I have had the idea that Trump, Spicer, and Putin were at times disguised participants in these meeting, and maybe Joe and Helene as well.

“Only thanks to the systematic work of the team that collected evidence of corruptions of the most important officials of the National Bank, the strongest of the world will find out about it,”

The government in Kiev was not amused.

Putin to meet Saudi king in Moscow

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics

Who's Really Trying To Overthrow Mohammed Bin Salman?

Saudi Arabia arrested between 16-30 people in a broad crackdown across the Kingdom.

Monarch's demise brings more headaches for holidaymakers

“My husband got an email at 4 o’clock to say thank you for checking in. Then the next thing we know, it’s been canceled, Monarch’s gone into liquidation,”

Superconducting qubits can function as quantum engines

"The distinction between 'classical' thermodynamic work, responsible for population transfer, and a quantum component, responsible for creating coherences, is an important result," Mazon told Phys.org. "The creation of coherences, in turn, generates a similar effect to friction, causing a not-completely-reversible operation of the engine. In our work we have been able to calculate the reaction force caused on the quantum piston wall due to the creation of coherences. In principle this force can be measured, thus constituting the experimental possibility of observing the emergence of coherences during the operation of the quantum engine."

ANALYSIS: They should probe the quantum equivalent of when the driving force is on resonance. In fact, now that time crystals are a thing, it might be possible to put the engine on resonance and have it stay there locked into some unusual quantum phase diagram, possibly one that does work.

Unraveling the mysteries of quantum thermodynamics can help us to better understand and interpret various natural processes."

Researchers get first look at electrons escaping atoms

A first step toward controlling electrons' behavior inside matter

"It would be like going inside a chemical reaction and making the reaction happen in a different way than it would naturally,"

Breaking free takes less than a femtosecond

ANALYSIS: How long does breaking free take more than?

Hollow atoms: The consequences of an underestimated effect

They occupy the outer electron shells, far away from the atomic nucleus - whereas in a normal atom, the electrons tend to occupy the innermost electron shells, where their energy is low.

"The usual mechanisms which normally allow electrons to get rid of their energy are much too slow", says Friedrich Aumayr. "Therefore, different ad-hoc-hypotheses have been proposed to explain this phenomenon. But nobody really had a satisfying answer."

ANALYSIS: If these paths were described by the path of maximum action then it makes sense that the high energy has a high speed effect.

Rohrabacher: Assange Has 'Absolute Proof' of Who Gave Him Emails

"The American people don't know as much as they should" and would be "outraged if they knew the full measure of the information withheld from them."

ANALYSIS: My opinion of this comes down to whether or not my coworker at LexisNexis "Don" is directly affiliated with the "Assange" persona. If the emails in question are the "DNC emails" which were really just my emails to the LexisNexis group in DWS' congressional district (Boca Raton) then it is likely he was in the Alpharetta LexisNexis office to monitor me (and my emails) beforehand. Don was friendly enough and my only reservation about him is the child he mentioned, Roman Alexander, that was born near the end of the year he sat next to me. That would have been about in the middle of Amy Huang's pregnancy who was sitting in another of the desks immediately adjacent to my desk. There will be no pardon if it is one of the abomination children. Much like a smear of lamb's blood marked housholds for life in the story of Passover, the suspected abomination children have marked their respective households for death.

Trump's Top Science Adviser Job Vacant Eight Months After Inauguration

The White House Office of Science and Technology (OSTP) has been without a boss for the longest stretch since its establishment in 1976

Alarm about what he calls the “very sizable vacuum” that persists in the science-advisory realm under Trump.

Trump earlier this year named Michael Kratsios, former chief of staff to tech executive Peter Thiel, as deputy U.S. chief technology officer.

Wheels And Deals: Trouble Is Brewing In The House Of Saud

Now, says the source, “a bloodbath is predicted to be imminent.” Especially because “the CIA is outraged that the compromise worked out in April, 2014 has been abrogated wherein the greatest anti-terrorist factor in the Middle East, Mohammed bin Nayef, was arrested.”

In terms of what Washington wants, the CIA is not fond of MBS, to say the least. They want “their” man Nayef back.

The burning question is whether the CIA and its friends can live with MBS on the House of Saud throne.

Tax reform plan is pipe dream, stocks to plunge 40-70%

He says there will be a catalyst, but it's unknown exactly what it will be.

Former Bank Teller Pleads Guilty To Stealing Almost $200,000 From Homeless Customer

Court filings do not say how a homeless person would have so much money.

Court documents also do not show how Davis got caught.

Trump Tax Plan To Benefit "Top 1%" Most, Cost $2.4 Trillion, Middle Class To Pay More Taxes

Uber's Kalanick flails weakly, doesn't avoid fate

More colleges add free food pantries as ‘starving student’ cliche becomes reality

‘Once in a lifetime discovery’: Treasure hunters unearth hoard of Roman bronze

Pope to focus on “fake news” in message for World Communications Day 2018?

The truth will set you free (Jn 8:32).

Gabriel being designated the patron saint of telecommunications.

The Vatican’s Secretariat for Communication said that false information contributes to creating and fueling strong polarization of opinions.

Coverup? FBI, DOJ Refuse To Comply With Congressional "Trump Dossier" Subpoena

Not unlike the Ring of Sauron from “The Lord of the Rings”, the Trump dossier has created problems for everyone who has touched it

Loyalists in Congress want to expose the lies underpinning the collusion narrative.

Congressman Attacks "Disloyal" John Kelly For Quashing Possible Trump-Assange Deal

Certain disloyal aides are creating “a wall around” the president.

“This would have to be a cooperative effort between his own staff and the leadership in the intelligence communities to try to prevent the president from making the decision as to whether or not he wants to take the steps necessary to expose this horrendous lie”

ANALYSIS: This might relate to when I imagined thanking someone for putting my accolades on hold. The person I imagined thanking was a 6th or 7th degree blackbelt in jiu jitsu and it was under my assumption that the accolade was being stalled so that I could be given the accolades and the military command as fast as possible. If I was mistaken in my imagined scenario then thanks were not in order and if that created a misunderstanding for anyone then let that be a lesson about why they shouldn't surveil my imagination.

What Whole Foods Hasn't Said About Its Payment Card Data Breach

Whole Foods must expedite its disclosure process

“Whole Foods needs to tell the whole truth about this incident, and soon,”

Equifax was roundly criticized, for instance, for being too slow to notify consumers

What steps have been taken to mitigate the damage?”

It said the apparent breach did not impact Amazon

ANALYSIS: This Whole Foods issue arose at the same time of an "unrealted" problem I had with Amazon this week.

String of changes in governor hits Russian regions as elections approach

Home-Buying Hope Crashes To 5-Year Low, Drags Consumer Confidence Lower

Is The Bubble About To Burst? Student-Loan Delinquency Rates Rise For First Time In Years

it should send a chill down the spine of government and private lenders, who have every reason to worry that this could be more than a temporary blip.

It has baffled economists, who’ve struggled to find a suitable explanation.

In the name of generosity, let’s assume that these economists aren’t being willfully ignorant, and that the argument that there are no “fundamental reasons” for the uptick in delinquencies is grounded in some type of institutional shortsightedness.

ANALYSIS: This is a terrible assumption because history shows that insiders keep themselves rich by always projecting a front of wilful ignorance regarding shciking marke downturns

Student loan debt impacts other life decisions including employment, the state the debt holder lives in, life choices such as continuing education

ANALYSIS: My student loan debt, which is in good standing thanks the to IBR program, prevent me from taking out student loans to pay for college.

"There's A Scare Coming This Fall" - Gordon Long Warns, The Public Is In A "Delusional Phase"

The system will break

The next crisis will be global and much more complex than 2008

Shocking footage emerges of mutant Hulk-like boars

Duroc Cambodia offers a pair of prosthetic penises and boar semen to artificially induce a sow to those looking to create their own freak animals

"Fuck Your Fucking Freedom Of Speech" - Angry Student Steals MAGA Hat, Demands Victim Be Punished

“You do not get to take other people’s property that is legally theirs in this country,” to which the unidentified thief replies, “man, fuck your laws.”

“Are you people not going to do anything? She is stealing my property,”

“We will need to return his property to him, but we can talk about…”

ANALYSIS: Shut up. Hand me my sword. Make ready the angel of the Lord.

"The fact that you people haven’t gotten this back for me is sad and wrong.”

Senate bill could trigger mass slaughter of wild mustang

BLM's recommended number of wild horses on federal lands -- 27,000 on 22 million acres -- is absurdly low, and reports of starving horses are "fake news," spread to convince the public that euthanasia is necessary.

U.S. plans major withdrawal of staff from embassy in Cuba

DeKalb Sheriff loses certification after arrest, will likely be forced to leave office

Mann was arrested in May after an officer allegedly saw him masturbating

Trip to world beard competition ends in arrest for alleged dark web drug dealer

Hillary Clinton Benghazi Testimony Postponed After Secretary Of State "Sustains Concussion"

Facebook Expects To Turn Over 3,000 "Russia Ads" To Congress In The Coming Days

The bottom line is, with Congressional investigators about to receive the entire cache of ads, expect more leaks in the near future.

Bill to make pot non-jailable offense in Atlanta passes committee

JPMorgan Ordered To Pay Over $4 Billion To Widow And Family

The bank committed fraud, breached its fiduciary duty and broke a fee agreement


Prosecutor saw photos of Clinton attorney with possible 'bullet hole' in neck

What had only been suspicions about missing death-scene photographs are now listed as facts in public documents.

FBI findings in college hoops scandal tip of iceberg

On probation for a scandal involving using prostitutes to lure other recruits.

It’s going to be a scorched earth, the bill coming due on a sport that has operated in the shadows of corruption for generations.

This is an entirely different level than anyone has seen before

The code of silence that has protected the sport and the NCAA’s system of “amateurism” is about to be cracked into a million pieces under FBI questioning, where a single lie is a felony.

Big, bigger … biggest scandal ever.

Tuesday was Armageddon for college basketball. Tomorrow and the tomorrow after that and the tomorrow after that promise to be worse.

Intrigue swirls anew in court of Pope Francis

Vatican officials had conspired to block his access to Francis because "they didn't want me telling him about some of the things I'd seen."

In the face of the resistance, the pope had become disillusioned with a task he had previously regarded as a priority, Milone suggested.

Trump to pull diplomats out of Cuba, but think Havana is behind attacks

Cuba was first notified of the mysterious events at the embassy on Feb. 17, and Cuban authorities immediately began their own investigation

Uber To Cease Operations In Quebec

Quebec blowback against Uber may have been many months in the making, with two major markets lost in under one week, one wonders which city will be next

Whitewater controversy

Will drug-smuggling pic "Mena" capture all the dark and dirty secrets linking Clinton, Bush?

The CIA was definitely using the airstrip near Mena, Arkansas in the 1980’s as a jumping-off point to and from Latin America as it smuggled guns and drugs back-and-forth – all on Gov. Bill Clinton’s watch.

ANALYSIS: Every day last week had an article about the Friday hearing to release the drafts of Hillary's Whitewater indictment but here we are on the following Monday and there are no articles saying what happened on Friday.

Leaked Descriptions Of Infamous "Russia Ads" Derail Collusion Narrative "They Showed Support For Clinton"

Massive Hack At Deloitte: Entire Internal Email System Compromised, Client Emails Exposed

Doomsday Rescheduled: ‘Researcher’ Moves End Of The World To October

ANALYSIS: What makes this researcher newsworthy?

Russian ‘cannibal couple’ detained after gruesome find

The couple reportedly manufactured canned human meet for their own stockpile and to feed to the servicemen in the nearby military school, where the woman worked as a nurse.

Auditor claims Vatican axed him for probing illegal activity

"Let me be clear: I did not voluntarily resign. I was threatened with arrest"

"They accused me of having improperly looked for information on Vatican members."

JULY 2017: Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fuelled gay orgy at cardinal's apartment

JULY 2017: Vatican police ‘broke up gay orgy in leading cardinal’s apartment owned by the church’s sexual abuse taskforce’

Conservative Roman Catholic theologians accuse pope of spreading heresy

Organizers said the last time such a correction was issued was to Pope John XXII in 1333 for errors which he later recanted.

Uber seeks talks with London mayor to renew licence

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell calling the firm "a disgrace". He told ITV's Peston on Sunday: "Hand on heart, I don't think I've ever used Uber. You have to abide by the law. If the company was outside the law, what could Transport for London do?"

ANALYSIS: I too have never used Uber and one thing TfL might do is to seek recourse through violence.

German Establishment Routed: AfD Second In Former East Germany; Result "Less Market Friendly Than Expected"

Rocket Carrying Top Secret Cargo Launched From Vandenberg

Rocket scientist Olympia LePoint said the ship reached the speed of sound in 35 seconds.

ANALYSIS: This acceleration is approximately equal in magnitude to the downward accleration by gravity of objects toward the Earth. I don't have a numerical standard of the magnitude of acceleration of conventional rockets in my head but I feel like rockets usually accelerate upward a lot slower than objects will freely fall downward. I could be wrong about this and I have no frame of reference.

Multiscale simulations help predict unruly plasma behavior

New supercomputer simulations are making it easier to more accurately predict key aspects of plasma behavior

These results further extend our knowledge

Atlanta United Are The Most Fun Team In America

Uber only has itself to blame for London license loss

And on the topic of safety, did you hear the story of how an Uber user in the U.S. who was raped by an Uber driver in India is now suing the company for privacy violations after it emerged Uber’s president of business in AsiaPac had accessed, and was carrying around, her medical records? It’s hard to imagine a more textbook example of failing on all counts at corporate social responsibility.

ANALYSIS: A textbook example of winning on all counts might be to wage and win a war of retaliation for the irresponsibility.

“The truth is that there is a high cost to a bad reputation.”

While they offer great services and excellent value for money, they are often dependent on not paying salaries, taxes and insurance.”

ANALYSIS: To the extent that they may have used my recent involuntary detention and removal to a site other than the area surrounding my protest location to make it appear that I experienced a period on recent non-homelessness, I wonder if they reported that they were providing me free accomodations in their five star torture hotel that I hate. To be specific, this torture hotel would contain a mockup of Atlanta in which I meandered around homelessly, broke, and bored as I had done before they extended me these mislabelled and likely fraudulent "great services and excellent value." I am not being offered even sufficient services to keep my body properly clean and the price in petty but undue hardship that I am paying to protest at my chosen protest location near Georgia State University cannot possibly be reconciled with anything considered "excellent value."

Letting Uber operate for more than five years in the face of mounting concerns.

ANALYSIS: In this article they make alot of comments to the effect of "perhaps something could have been done sooner" but they fail to consider that perhaps everyone involved knew the whole thing was predicated on a huge, evil lie right from the beginning.

There’s another rich irony to Uber’s new CEO now pleading with the London regulator not to apply its rules, and calling for it to “work with us to make things right”

ANALYSIS: What if working against them is a better way to serve the interests of justice?

The postmortem on Facebook’s antisocial fuck-up: If your business is building powerful tech tools that you make freely available to almost anyone who wants to use them, and yet you also refuse to accept responsibility for ensuring those tools are not also misused at scale, then don’t be too surprised when the monster you’ve unleashed comes back to bite your personal political ambitions in the ass.

ANALYSIS: Even when they refuse to accept responsibility they can still be held responsible.

"If Uber cannot come up with a business model that, is both innovative and compliant with the law, this may say more about Uber‘s innovation capacity than about the regulator, who is just doing its job.”

ANALYSIS: Uber's legal council should double check to see if the law allows for the death sentence as a penalty for historical non-compliance.

Analysis suggests its investors are subsidizing the cost of rides to the tune of around 60 per cent.

ANALYSIS: At Elavon I found (was shown) code that would convert one Japanese yen (~$0.01) into 100 US dollars and it is possible that other fraud codes like these in different institutions (the Fed) are the ultimate source of the capitol that has inflated and held the currentrash of profitless "unicorn" companies.

NFL Chief Lashes Out At "Divisive, Disrespectful" Trump Over "Son Of A Bitch" Comment

Goodell said Trump’s “divisive” comments “demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL.”

ANALYSIS: Trump's comments are like me then.

Rio favela turns into warzone as hundreds of troops quell gang violence outbreak

Mystery in Salt Lake City: where have hundreds of homeless people gone?

One theory holds that the former inhabitants of the area left the state, another that they somehow found homes, yet another that they dispersed into various neighborhoods.

ANALYSIS: Another theory is that when the NSA was building its huge and now infamous "data center" in Utah they were building a mockup of SLC to move the homeless into such as the mockups of Atlanta and New York I have already been to this year. I think it is likely that this system of fake locations is what is called the deep state. Furthermore, I have always seen an odd gold star on a Panda Express across from a huge empty field in Orange County, California and I wonder if perhaps that field is not empty but houses a camoflaged deep state location.

He had struggled to address the fears of those with schizophrenia. “You’re trying to help them understand they’re not under attack.”

ANALYSIS: He should understand that just because he is not attacking a particular homeless person in a particular moment that has no implication on the overall state of attack that a particular homeless might or might not be in. These recent experiences of mine being transported to a mock up of a city where everyone may be a common source of the "schizophrenic" behavior often observed among the homeless. I myself am very healthy but even then my nerves have been greatly frazzled by the actions and impunity of those who are able to involuntarily detain me and then torment me with their deep state agents on site in the deep state detention location.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: Here is the view of the field from the Panda Express which has shown up as a gold star in my Google Maps for a long time.