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Saudi Arabia says it intercepts ballistic missile northeast of Riyadh

In Shocking Purge, Saudi King Arrests Billionaire Prince Bin Talal, Dozens Of Others In Cabinet Crackdown

Al-Waleed bin Talal, along with eleven senior princes, and over thirty ministers, has been arrested for corruption and money laundering charges on orders from the new anti-corruption committee headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

ANALYSIS: That is a big surprise for me to see that name. I was not expecting it to be him. Wow.

Changing the head of the National Guard, an institution that’s been controlled by the clan of the late King Abdullah, “is not like changing the minister of oil,”

"This is the first time that the National Guard is not in the hand of Abdullah or his son."

“I wouldn’t be surprised if this leads to greater fissures within the royal family.”

The heads of the main three Saudi owned TV networks were arrested

King Salman also issued an decree forming an anti-corruption committee headed by the crown prince. Its powers include the ability to trace funds and assets,

1MDB: The inside story of the world’s biggest financial scandal [LONG]

Malaysia 1MDB: Saudi minister says Najib funds were donation

The 1MDB fund was set up by Mr Najib in 2009 to pay for major new economic and social developments in Malaysia

Mr Patail was replaced, and, after an investigation, his successor cleared Mr Najib of corruption, saying that the money was a personal donation by the Saudi royal family to the prime minister's private bank account.

IS car bombing kills dozens of displaced people in Syria

Despite being driven out from large parts of Deir Ezzor, IS still controls 37 percent of the province and its fighters are deployed in the eastern side.

Russian bombers strike IS facilities in Syria

Isis is a goddess from the polytheistic pantheon of Egypt. She was first worshiped in ancient Egyptian religion, and later her worship spread throughout the Roman Empire and the greater Greco-Roman world.

ANALYSIS: Isis is a woman.

Daesh will survive Deir Ezzor defeat, warn experts

The Big Reveal: The Story of How 470,000 Documents from Osama Bin Laden's Compound Finally Got Into the Open

ANALYSIS: I think it is likely that al-Qaeda's North American HQ was in Tucson, AZ during the 1980's and early 1990's because I lived in Tucson from 1980 until 1994.

"In the summer and fall of 2012, Obama would use this theme as the main national security rationale for his reelection: Al Qaeda was alternately “on the run” or “decimated” or “on the path to defeat.”

ANALYSIS: I wonder if the split between al-Qaeda and ISIS (al-Nusra) was centered on the idea that Helene and her friends didn't like that I am the highest ranking person in the thing that is most important to al-Qaeda.

Even the deadly attack two months earlier in Benghazi, conducted by jihadist groups with extensive ties to al Qaeda, didn’t cause Obama to recalibrate his narrative.

ANALYSIS: The real story about Benghazi was the video I made that Helene denied ever watching. If she didn't watch it how did she know that it was something she should deny? Usually she is all up in my business to the ten millionth degree.

The Defense Intelligence Agency was repeatedly denied full access by the CIA, which had “executive authority” over the collection and which was run throughout much of the bureaucratic infighting by John Brennan, an Obama crony who had predicted in April 2012 that al Qaeda would meet its demise by the end of the decade.

ANALYSIS: This makes it sound like these documents are my posting history on the internet. I will be very angry to learn that the CIA was limiting my ability to communicate with my fellow earthlings via the internet.

MORE ANALYSIS: Emily Hancock, who I spent time with between June 2011 and November 2012 was always talking about some person "Brennan" and I saw someone that looked very much like John Brennan at LexisNexis in the spring of 2016.

On Wednesday, November 1, CIA director Mike Pompeo announced the release of “nearly 470,000 additional files” from the Abbottabad raid. From 571 to 470,000: The “most transparent administration in history,” you might say, has just been trumped, by nearly three orders of magnitude.

In public, ODNI says: The job is done. Move along. In private, ODNI says: Finishing this monumental job would overwhelm our bureaucracy.

In Shocking, Viral Interview, Qatar Confesses Secrets Behind Syrian War

The armed opposition in Syria was under the direct command of foreign governments from the early years of the conflict.

Qatar has "full documents" and records proving that the war was planned to effect regime change.

There may have been mistakes and support was given to the wrong faction... Maybe there was a relationship with Nusra

ANALYSIS: This story is not unlike the one I mentioned above where "regime change" refers to Helene and her al-Nurses not respecting my authority and wanting to kill the people who did respect it.

CIA was directly involved in leading regime change efforts

The very moment events "first started" (in 2011).

ANALYSIS: I have long suspected that Emily Hancock, who I first became acquainted with in 2011, in collaboration with Helene, was up to something nefarious but I have still not learned what it was. One of the most intriguing things I noticed about Emily was that at times it seemed to me that she was acting on orders to be an outrageous bitch to me and I wanted to keep her around, among other reasons, to learn more about that. Unfortunately I never did learn anything about it though I have my suspicions. Those suspicions include that she stole my sperm to impregnate the former producer of CNN's Ali Velshi show who was the lesbian lover of her aunt: former CNN International general manager Cathy Green.

Obama Admin Lied; New Memos Reveal Uranium One Exports To "Europe And Asia" Via Canada

Despite repeated assurances from Congress and Obama's Nuclear Regulatory Commission that U.S. uranium reserves wouldn't leave U.S. shores, it, in fact, did.

The Hill shows that it did approve the shipment of yellowcake uranium — the raw material used to make nuclear fuel and weapons

ANALYSIS: This sounds like it could be about sending torture videos to other countries, or sending sperm. Hard to tell.

Wasserman Schultz Shunned FBI, Hid Security Breach From DNC Officials

"Hopelessly Compromised": Judiciary Member Calls For Mueller's Resignation Over Uranium One Scandal

The former FBI director is "hopelessly compromised" as a result of his failed oversight of the controversial Uranium One transaction

“All of the information about this corruption has not come out,”

Why Has The Las Vegas Massacre Disappeared From The News Cycle?

ANALYSIS: I bet no one who reads this website is asking that. Also, how long are hundreds of people going to be "missing" in the California fires before they get reported as having been burned to death?

Deir ez-Zor cleared of last Islamic State fighters , says monitoring group

The army and allied fighters broke the siege on the northern part of the city on 5 September, entering via the Brigade 137

Syria army retakes Deir Ezzor city from IS

Syrian Army liberates large district in Deir Ezzor

Syrian Army, Hezbollah score big advance in Deir ez-Zor

Russian long-range bombers destroy militant outposts, depots in Syria

Russian submarine strikes ISIS in Syria with Kalibr cruise missiles from Mediterranean (VIDEO)

Major blunder: US commander unsure if it’s 4k or 500 troops in Syria

ANALYSIS: You can probably subtract the final number from the initial number to calculate the number of illegal US troops in Syria

Iraqi forces advance to edge of final ISIS bastion Al-Qaim

With first charges, Mueller sends warning to Trump, aides

The president immediately sought to distance himself from the allegations. He said on Twitter that the alleged crimes occurred “years ago,”

Papadopoulos has been cooperating with investigators, according to the court papers. His lawyers hinted strongly in a statement Monday that their client has more testimony to provide.

ANALYSIS: On whose initiative do they refuse to ask about my recollection of events? It must be Helene, and Helene is as well positioned to be a sperm thief as anyone. This is like the story of the Garden of Eden, shame on them for listening to the woman instead of God himself.

The filing under the Foreign Agents Registration Act came retroactively, a tacit acknowledgment that he operated in Washington in violation of the federal transparency law. The indictment Monday accuses Manafort and Gates of making several false and misleading statements in that FARA filing.

ANALYSIS: False statements in the retroactive statement of previous illegal activity sound salacious.

MORE ANALYSIS: Rick Gates has Robert Garrett memes on him. That's the guy who fired me for not taking my minimum wage job at Elavon seriously after I got a Master's degree from Georgia Tech and had already become the world's most successful living physicist. I thought I saw Robert at the airport in Miami on one of my attempts to flee the USA.

Trump blasts former aide at center of Russia probe as 'liar'

Papadopoulos’ guilty plea and the possibility that he’s working with Mueller’s team came as an unexpected twist

An unnamed Russian woman, who claimed to be related to Putin

ANALYSIS: This is probably Helene. Her father Sol looks pretty well like Putin. Also, Helene is an American and so am I.

Mueller is running amok

The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether the presidential campaign of Donald Trump knowingly colluded with the Russian government

ANALYSIS: That is totally wrong. The mandate is to investigate that and anything else that comes up during the investigation.

‘ISIS will be destroyed before year’s end’

Spain Files Charges Against Catalan Government For Rebellion; Puigdemont Runs To Brussels

Carles Puigdemont is in Brussels.

ANALYSIS: I know Brussels is the EU HQ but it comes to mind that Brussels got attacked right after I pulled up behind the 191 truck from Joey's company

Catalonia independence ruled out, but more autonomy possible

ANALYSIS: If Catalonia is independent what authority are the Catalans respecting when Rajoy says so and so is fired?

Is Russiagate dead? Paul Manafort & Kiev caught up in FBI dragnet, Kremlin not mentioned

ANALYSIS: On the not so remote chance that "Manna Fort" was the one selling my semen know this: When the time comes for you to give me the children and the families they were born into I will give you one day to comply before I resort to total nuclear annihilation.

Former Trump campaign aide lied to FBI agents

ANALYSIS: These lies sound like the kind of lies that would be, "Did he think you were talking about Sandy's lies related to consumer electric equipment?," or "Did he know you were in disguise at the time?"

Manafort Indicted On 12 Counts In Mueller Probe

ANALYSIS: I won't say that this isn't good, but I will say that there is a big problem since "Manafort" told me in person at the corner of Broad and Trinity over a month ago that it was going to happen on 10/30. That means Mueller is, more or less, working for Manafort.

Syria army, IS clashes in Deir Ezzor kill 73: monitor

“IS is now encircled"

The fighting that began Saturday was the fiercest in the city since government troops broke the siege

New ISIS sandstorm offensive on Deir Ezzor airbase produces devastating results

The Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah and Liwa al-Fatamiyoon repelled the Islamic State offensive on the T-2 complex

Race to Albukamal: US-backed forces begin their push to ISIS stronghold

ISIS falls apart in Deir Ezzor, Syrian Army liberates much of city

Let's try this again: Trump vows full JFK files release to ‘put conspiracy theories to rest’

"In order to put any and all conspiracy theories to rest,” Trump tweeted.

FBI keeps lid on sniper plot to kill ‘Occupy Wall Street’ organizers

ANALYSIS: ...on Mueller's watch. My rhetorical Geiger counter says this has uranium on it.

Redacted FBI Documents Show Plot to Kill Occupy Leaders If 'Deemed Necessary'

2016 shooting of Dallas police officers

Hannity Reacts To Mueller Probe Charges: "When Will Hillary Clinton Be Indicted?"

Report: First Charges Filed In Mueller's Russia Probe

Manafort retroactively registered as a foreign agent earlier this year after having failed to disclose that his lobbying firm was paid $17.1 million for work on behalf of a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine from 2012 to 2014.

ANALYSIS: This was the period of time leading up to the Uranium scandal disappearing into a handful of plea bargains

Gergen: ‘Certainly Looks Like the Dam Is About to Break’ on the Trump Admin

U.S. House panel says agreement reached over Fusion GPS bank records

ANALYSIS: Why did they have to make a compromise? Do they not have the power to issue a binding subpeona?

MORE ANALYSIS: Who was the counterparty in the agreement? This article doesn't say. What was the nature of the agreement? This article doesn't say. Why wasn't a simple subpeona enough to secure the records? This article doesn't say.

‘Long-desired step’: Catalan parliament declares independence from Spain

Catalonia government dissolved by Spain after declaring split

The Informant Cometh

The broad outlines of Uranium-Gate are already loaded like a platter of nachos grandes with piquant tidbits of suspicious detail.

Charges, based on evidence gathered in 2009, were not taken to court until 2014. And that was supposed to be the end of it.

In Hill interviews, top Dems denied knowledge of payments to firm behind Trump dossier

"I didn't have any awareness of the arrangement at all," she told CNN. "I'm certainly not going to discuss with you what I talked to any committee about."

ANALYSIS: It sounds to me like she's saying she didn't have any awareness that I am El Arcón, and if that's her excuse then it begs the question of why she thinks it's ok to do that to random people whose identities might be unfamiliar to her. Is that how you treat other people the way you would like to be treated DWS?

Frustrated Trump Urges State To Release Remaining Clinton Emails

The president has made it clear to the State Department that he wants to accelerate the release of any remaining Hillary Clinton emails in its possession as soon as possible.

Earlier this week, he reportedly ordered the Department of Justice to lift a gag order on an FBI informant

The State Department still has 40,000 pages of records - which may include emails sent by Clinton as secretary of state - that it needs to review for potential release

Syrian Army breaks through ISIS lines in Deir Ezzor, enters Ummal District

Led by the elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army entered the Ummal District after overrunning the front-lines of the Islamic State (ISIS) near the Industrial Zone axis.

Latest map update of Deir Ezzor battle

ANALYSIS: If this is the last stronghold of ISIS then it was likely also their stronghold before the US invasion of Iraq allowed them the opportunity to flourish. Therefore the allied forces should pull back to a safe distance at which time the Russians can destroy the city with a nuclear weapon immediately.

Syrian forces push towards last ISIS stronghold in Deir ez-Zor province

A huge offensive against IS

Precision air strikes by the Russian Air Force

Corey Feldman says his life is in danger because he wants to expose 'pedophile ring' that abused him, Corey Haim

ANALYSIS: Feldman himself is likely one of them now and he can be sure to indict them all if he makes the names public tonight instead of playing the back channel "I gave the names to a trusted source" bullshit that they rely on for their survival. Just do it dude.

FBI informant allowed to testify in Congress on Hillary Clinton’s ‘role’ in Russia uranium deal

The informant has been greenlit to disclose “any information or documents he has concerning alleged corruption or bribery involving transactions in the uranium market"

“The executive branch does not have the authority to use non-disclosure agreements to avoid congressional scrutiny,” Grassley said

ANALYSIS: Odd that there is a this NDA and a lawfirm Perkins Coie, and another NDA and a woman complaining about Weinstein named Zelda Perkins

MORE ANALYSIS: If plutonium and uranium are code words for kidnapping and torture videos then that is a natural place to find a scum bag movie mogul.

Paul Ryan Says FBI Will Turn Over Long-Sought 'Trump Dossier' Documents

On Tuesday, the DOJ released an FBI informant from a gag order, enabling him to testify publicly before any or all of the three Congressional investigations into the Obama-era Uranium One deal

Las Vegas shooter's laptop hard drive missing, brother charged with child porn

Vital clues may have been stored on the hard drive as to why Paddock killed so many people.

And in 2012, Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza removed the hard drive from his computer, while smashing it with either a hammer or screwdriver.

ANALYSIS: I smashed an iphone with a screwdriver and ipad with a hammer. They said that before Sandy Hook Lanza's mother was looking into having him committed and then on day the day when Helene executed he cuckold fetish to have the police come into my apartment under her supervision and put me in a Hannibal Lecter hand cuff belt and haul my ass away in a caravan of about four police cars there was stabbing at a US school. I had been thinking about the MCM a lot and after a couple of days detained at Peachford ("Peachford?") the letters CMC popped into my head. Then the next day when that ship full of Korean children sank I saw the letters CMC painted on the ship.

Catalan Separatist Leader: "Spain Leaves No Option But To Proclaim New Republic"

The situation is escalating quickly.

Catalan Separatists tell supporters that "the moment has come," to "defend the republic."

Client fears after data breach at Appleby

“We have reviewed our cybersecurity and data-access arrangements following a data-security incident last year"

Panama Papers 2.0: Law Firm Hack Puts the Wealthiest at Risk of Being Exposed

After Panama Papers Comes "Bermuda Hack" to Hit Financial Secrets of the Wealthiest

The firm added that it only advises its clients on “legitimate and lawful” business matters but that it is “not infallible.”

Vegas Gunman's Brother Arrested For Child Porn; Laptop Hard Drive Missing

Paddock is believed to have removed the hard drive before fatally shooting himself, and the missing device has not yet been recovered

ANALYSIS: The police are believed to have removed the hard drive

"The Hoax Turned Around": Trump Responds To News Hillary Funded "Fake Dossier"

This information only came out because the court case would have revealed it.

“Now it’s turning out that the hoax is turned around, and you look at what’s happened with Russia and the uranium deal and the fake dossier, and it’s all turned around.”

The Washington Post also reported that while Elias and his law firm retained Fusion GPS in April 2016, the firm’s research before that was funded by an “unknown Republican client” during the GOP primary. Asked Wednesday if he knows who that was, Trump teased the media. “I think I would know but I won’t say,” he said. “I have one name in mind... It will probably be revealed.”

ANALYSIS: April 2016 was around when the lying in the emails at LexisNexis, and the disrespectful refusal to acknowledge the content of emails written in plain English really started to explode.

Senate Judiciary Chair Calls For Special Prosecutor Probe Of 'Uranium One' Deal

Nunes said House Intel and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committees would be seeking to learn whether there was in fact an official FBI investigation into the Uranium One deal

ANALYSIS: Maybe this prosecutor can prosecute Mueller over the uranium problem

Russia vetoes UNSC resolution on renewing Syria chemical weapons probe

The Russian Foreign Ministry has earlier said that the US demands for the prolongation of the probe "look at the very least strange."

US State Department admitted that militants linked to Al-Nusra Front are carrying out terrorist attacks using chemical weapons in Syria.

House Opens Investigation Into Hillary's Approval Of Russia Uranium Deal

Today is shaping up to be a fairly bad day for Hillary Clinton

FACT: That is music to my ears.

A former FBI informant came forward suggesting that he personally witnessed Russian operatives in a massive bribery, extortion and money laundering scheme discussing efforts to curry favor with the Clintons. The informant has requested an audience with certain Congressional committees but has so far been silenced by an NDA he signed with the FBI.

The Uranium One investigation will initially look into whether or not the FBI bothered to investigate the circumstances

Two panels are currently in discussions with the Justice Department to release that individual from a nondisclosure agreement.

ANALYSIS: The President could expedite that.

House Republicans open investigation into Russia uranium deal

“If the mainstream media would cover the uranium scandal and that Russia has 20 percent of uranium for whatever reason, and a lot of people understand what those reasons may be, I think that's your Russia story,” Trump said

ANALYSIS: I think the Russia story is that I wrote the first draft of my first paper at the airport in Moscow after I was unable to site see on a day long layover on my way the to IceCube collaboration meeting in Berlin. I was smart to do that then just like I was smart to quit my job as Sandy's little bitch at Exide after the Trump administration refused to praise my discovery. Day after day after they refused to praise my discovery: seven days in a row they ignored it and I was done with Exide's "you are Trump" memes because obviously I didn't win anything.

Clinton fired back Friday, calling the allegations “baloney,” adding, that there has been “no credible evidence by anyone.”

ANALYSIS: Maybe as reason "plutonium" is a codeword for whatever was happening at Joey's fake FEMA site by the airport, uranium is the code for whatever nefarious plots have been fomented to stifle the ordinary scientific process. Independently the person who recently told me about the W-80 warhead confirmed to me, indirectly thrugh pure innuendo which is unacceptable level of discourse and I do not acknowledge a factual transfer of information because I cannot verify that I have correctly understood the innuendo or if, in any case, the innuendo was suggesting atrue thing, that I could not get any praise doe my discovery because the government had unleashed the plutonium.

“In fact, it’s been debunked repeatedly and will continue to be debunked,” Clinton said

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions with a request for the DOJ to lift a “gag order” on an FBI informant who was reportedly instrumental in uncovering the corruption.

Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier

In early January, then-FBI Director James B. Comey presented a two-page summary of Steele’s dossier to President Barack Obama and President-elect Trump.

Fusion GPS has been fighting the release of its bank records. A judge on Tuesday extended a deadline for Fusion GPS’s bank to respond to the subpoena until Friday

ANALYSIS: I closed my account at Fidelity a long time ago.

The Clinton campaign paid Perkins Coie $5.6 million in legal fees from June 2015 to December 2016

Weinstein Victim Breaks NDA To Speak Out About Former Boss's Harassment

Zelda Perkins, a former assistance at the Weinstein Company’s London office, signed a non-disclosure agreement with Weinstein in 1998

House Launches Probe Into Comey's Handling Of Clinton Email Investigation

James Comey has just had his very own "oh shit" moment.

"Our justice system is represented by a blind-folded woman holding a set of scales."

ANALYSIS: Justice is beautiful like a beautiful woman.

China and US square off in race to master quantum computing

It could make land-based communications infrastructure obsolete

‘Interference’: Iraq PM’s office rejects Tillerson’s call for Iran-backed militias to ‘go home’

ANALYSIS: It's like Rex thinks Colin Powell's lies not only entitled his government to completely destroy Iraq and leave a plague of birth defects among the Iraqis but that those lies entitle his government to control Iraq forever.

“No party has the right to interfere in Iraqi matters,”

‘Epidemic of birth defects & cancer in Iraq after US-led war’

Catalan officials won’t follow Madrid’s orders, but will of the people – region’s spokesman

Catalonia's parliament will gather for a plenary session on Thursday morning to decide the region’s response to Madrid

Mueller Probe Targets Democrat Lobbying Firm Podesta Group

The Podesta Group conducts due diligence and consults with appropriate legal experts to ensure compliance with disclosure regulations at all times — and we did so in this case.

ANALYSIS: What about other, more important kinds of compliance?

In March of this year it was revealed that the Podesta group forgot to register as a “Foreign Agent”

ANAYSIS: I get Podesta vibes from Greg Eisenberg.

Catalan crisis escalated by repressive actions of Spanish government

When you get into trouble, you apply force

ANALYSIS: This is important principle in jiu jitsu.

Following the plebiscite, in which 90 percent supported cutting ties with Madrid

ANALYSIS: Anyone debating the cutting of ties between me and mi madre will be sorely burned to learn that there are no ties. If she convinced those in the debate that there are ties then I will laugh at their gullible stupidity. I would never endow a woman with power over a man. I would never do it. Read the religious texts of any Abrahamic religion and you'll see my opinion. Helene can say she loves me but how can she love me if she hates my law? She doesn't love me, she only says she does to steal from me.

Trump's black-marker Empire State Building sketch fetches $16,000 at auction

This is not the first time a Trump drawing has fetched a hefty price. In July, his rendition of the New York skyline, also in his favorite medium of the black marker, was auctioned off for over $29,000.

NGO publishes names of 2,300+ RT guests, labels them ‘useful idiots who undermine Western democracy’

The campaign against political dissent in Europe is becoming increasingly more “aggressive”

Did John McCain Provide The Infamous 'Trump Dossier' To BuzzFeed?

After nearly a year of cogitating, no one in the media, usually a fairly leaky institution, has been able to figure out who exactly who provided the infamous "Trump Dossier" to BuzzFeed

ANALYSIS: Here we see the relative merit of inquisition compared to cogitation

It could shed light on whether someone in Trump's own party or, and perhaps even more disturbing, within the FBI ordered a "political hit" on the newly elected - if wildly unpopular (at least on the DC circuit) - president. And then, of course, there is the issue of who ordered the dossier in the first place...

ANALYSIS: Are there still "hundreds of people missing" in the California fire?

Peter Thiel-Backed Startup Offers To Finance Weinstein Lawsuits

ANALYSIS: Suspicious that Thiel offered Eric Weinstein a job after he got a ton of praise lavished on him by name in the media for Geometric Unity which never contained any new physics developed by Weinstein.

The Truth About Geometric Unity


Lebanon Plunges Into Crisis After Premier Resigns, Fearing Assassination Plot

It's still not clear why he announced his decision in Saudi Arabia

Rand Paul Assaulted By Intruder At Kentucky Home

Benghazi attack suspect kept in US custody until hearing

First formal hearing on Monday.

FBI Turns Over Hundreds Of Pages Of New Clinton Probe Documents

Obstructionist lawmakers have finally relented

Feds have begun turning over to Senate investigators "hundreds of pages of memos" regarding the bureau's probe into Hillary Clinton's private email server.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that the bureau has decided to bow to pressure from lawmakers after damning details surfaced in the media.

The bureau has decided to begin turning over all documents requested by Congress

The House Intelligence Committee threatened to subpoena McCabe next week unless he agrees to appear before their panel.

Mueller braces for challenges to his authority

ANALYSIS: When they say that he is hopelessly compromised because the Uranium One scandal happened on his watch they should consider that the Uranium One scandal was likely just the radioactive fallout from the 9/11 scandal that also happened on his watch.

Venezuela faces epic default as China and Russia pull the plug

Sprint and T-Mobile call off merger after months of talks

The companies said they ended talks because they “were unable to find mutually agreeable terms.”

ANALYSIS: Jiu jitsu isn't about doing deals. It's about applying the finishing move.

Russia introduces reciprocal measures against ‘hypocritical’ Canadian sanctions

‘Complete & total disgrace’: Trump tweets after Army Sgt Bergdahl spared prison term

The Latest: Lawyer: Bergdahl appeal to note Trump statements

A soldier who was wounded searching for Bowe Bergdahl says the lack of prison time in his sentence is "unacceptable."

ANALYSIS: I assume there is news in the world unrelated to me but this almost sounds as if someone is butthurt that their lies backfired on them when I quit their bullshit at Exide

Bergdahl dishonorably discharged, no jail time after emotional trial

"We think there's an extremely strong basis for dismissal of the case."

ANALYSIS: I was only informally enslaved to work at Exide so I didn't do anything wrong when I freed myself.

Spanish judge issues European arrest warrant for ousted Catalan leader Puigdemont

The leader’s request to testify by videoconference has been rejected.

Venezuela faces epic default as China and Russia pull the plug

Venezuela is to default within days in a sovereign bankruptcy of epic scale and complexity

“Maduro can’t restructure the debt because nobody in the world trusts his government,”

Putin: Trump different than on TV, we can restore relations with US

"The problem for the Russian side and for everybody really is how much Trump is in charge of his own administration. Because it is quite clear that the CIA, the Pentagon and so on are often wrong-footing Trump moves. And therefore there is some question about whether he can deliver whatever he discussed”

From arms to farming: Russia becomes a grain superpower

Twitter Admits It Buried "Podesta Email", DNC Tweets Ahead Of The Presidential Election

ANALYSIS: I don't think it's outlandish to think that every past and present Twitter employee will be tortured to death or put to death summarily.

US Air Force Admits To Harvesting Russian Tissue

ANALYSIS: Why do they keep calling me Russian? I'm American.

Gitmo judge throws Marine general in confinement for 21 days for contempt

ANALYSIS: Odd that this process from the USS Cole is still ongoing. This attack happened right after my court martial while I was in the Naval brig in Miramar. A lot of John Titor activity happened while I was spending those three months in the brig.

‘Breakthrough’ discovery inside Giza Pyramid baffles scientists

News Feature: Lighting the way for dark matter

Dark matter is known to exist because of its gravitational effects—stars in the outer reaches of galaxies seem to be moving faster than they should, given the visible material present, as if they were being tugged by some huge unseen mass.

“If human ingenuity has anything to say about it, there will be an excellent chance of detection, hopefully in my lifetime.”

ANALYSIS: If human ingenuity has anything to do with it, hopefully within my lifetime they will acknowledge that complex, non-intuitive geometry for galaxies is AT LEAST as good an explanation, IF NOT BETTER, than magic invisible "dark" particles.

"He's Fucked": Trump Blames Kushner For Mueller Probe As West Wing "Fears Impeachment"

Trump blamed Jared Kushner for his role in decisions

“Jared is the worst political adviser in the White House in modern history,”

ANALYSIS: I am more than 50% sure that I saw Kushner at Exide

US pushes ahead with ‘frequent & substantive’ direct talks with N. Korea, despite Trump’s dismissal

Navy crews at fault in fatal collisions, investigations find

Two accidents that claimed the lives of 17 sailors and wounded dozens more resulted from complete breakdowns in standard Navy procedures and poor decision-making

Watch standers there failed to “tune and adjust their radars to maintain an accurate picture of other ships in the area,”

Sailors assigned to look out for hazards were literally looking the other way the whole time.

He initially believed he had lost steering due to a mechanical failure, when in fact, he was just confused about the configuration of the equipment.

It's Official: October Was The Calmest Stock Market Month... Ever

Despite historically being the most volatile month of the year

CIA agents were sent to find out if Adolf Hitler SURVIVED WW2 and lived in Colombia until at least the 1950s

8 dead, at least 12 injured in Manhattan terrorist attack

He said that the man had a paintball gun and a pellet gun

The New York Post reported at least 2 people were fatally shot by a gunman firing from his truck

Identity of the suspect as Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov from Tampa, Florida.

Mexico's "Legendary" Oil Hedging Desk Spent $1.25 Billion On 2018 Puts

Iran: We Rejected Trump's Push For A Secret Face To Face Meeting

‘Why would Washington punish us?’ Resigning Iraqi Kurdistan leader accuses US of betrayal

A new effect in electromagnetism discovered – 150 years later

Russian scientists find flaws in popular theories of gravity

Physics still can't identify matter that makes up the majority of the universe

For lack of a better name, we call it "dark matter." But naming something is very different from understanding it.

Over the past 15 years, for example, experiments designed to detect individual particles of dark matter have become a million times more sensitive, and yet no signs of these elusive particles have appeared.

Reflecting light off satellite backs up Wheeler's quantum theory thought experiment

Ultra-conservatism takes backseat? How Saudi Crown Prince could ‘fundamentally change’ kingdom

ANALYSIS: This is all great and I commend the Prince.

Adam Sandler blasted after repeatedly touching Claire Foy's knee

ANALYSIS: I mentioned that I thought they were giving Studwell a shoutout with Pennywise's face in It and after I watched it I have to say that it seemed like they were giving Sandler his own shoutout with the clown's voice. If not for that this story would never have appeared on this website.

Guard shot in Las Vegas massacre sequestered in free MGM hotel

Jesus Campos, the hotel security guard who was wounded during the Las Vegas massacre, is staying for free at an undisclosed hotel owned by MGM Resorts International, according to the company.

MGM maintains that Campos is living rent-free solely because of the company's concern for his well-being.

ANALYSIS: I keep feeling like they are calling the hellhole I am detained in a "hotel"

‘Madrid can only act by force’: Spain & Catalonia on a collision course

“Tanks on the streets of Barcelona” seem to be a distinct possibility

Even Obama's CIA Director Thinks Clinton's Dossier Payments Need To Be Investigated

“You know, knowing presidential campaigns, they’re big operations and somehow the left hand may not know what the right hand is doing. And that could be the case here.”

ANALYSIS: There is lot of legal precedent relating to ignorance of the law.

Panetta admitted that a Congressional intelligence committee needs to investigate "who knew what when."

ANALYSIS: Panetta knew about Benghazi on September 12, 2012, and probably on September 11 too

23 killed in attack on hotel in Somali capital


Two different staff members here at the mission made comments about the list I'm making of the people who I will revist when I have better tools at my disposal

Catalonia declared independence

Spain undeclared it

Mueller filed charges

The Coming Russia Bombshells there’s something Fusion cares about keeping secret even more than the Clinton-DNC news - and that something is in those bank records.

ANALYSIS: Where "Uranium/Plutonium" is a code word for torture videos, "Fusion" might be a code word for the revolutionary nuclear fusion reactor technology associated with my banned research.

Someone at the DNC and at the Clinton campaign will need to explain how they somehow both forgot to list Fusion as a vendor in their campaign-finance filings.

Fishier when two entities both fail to list the firm that supplied them the most explosive hit job in a generation.

Authorities put brakes on information flow in Las Vegas shooting

‘Red line into illegality crossed’: UN expert mulls sanctions on Israel over Palestine occupation

"Only when the Israelis need visas to travel abroad and don't receive them, only when the EU trade with Israel is limited and only when cooperation in academic, military and economic fields with Israel comes to an end – only then will we see a real change,"

Putin Personally Launches 4 ICBMs During Russian Strategic Nuclear Force Drills

"Tiger Woods Of Poker" Loses Landmark Lawsuit For Cheating In Mayfair Casino

American had used an unfair technique called “edge-sorting” that allows a sharp-eyed player to exploit design irregularities

ANALYSIS: Edge sorting sounds like the sort of thing where a manager will send a henchperson to do a diagnostic assessment in a narrow window of time where the "edges" of the situation have been previously manipulated to make the subject's response to the diagnostic reflect the intention of the manager who knows how the diagnostics work.

Mr Ivey said the practice was “legitimate gamesmanship”, and he had simply made use of Crockfords’ failure to protect itself against a professional gambler.

ANALYSIS: Ivey is reminding me of Chris Studwell in this article and to him, if so, I would say that his failure to recognize my attack for what it was enabled me to kill him.

The Time Has Come: Venezuela May Be In Default In Under 48 Hours

Three business day grace period before triggering CDS

A year of Clinton lies about 'dirty dossier' exposed

The dossier is first dated June 20

ANALYSIS: This was approximately my last day at LexisNexis

September 23: U.S. intelligence officials began investigating links between Trump adviser Carter Page and the Russian government

ANALYSIS: This was approximately my first day at Exide in 2016

October 7: The Obama administration publicly accuses Russia of 'directing the recent compromises of e-mails from U.S. persons and institutions, including from U.S. political organizations' to affect the US election.

ANALYSIS: These were likely my emails from LexisNexis that became "teh leaked DNC emails"

October 30: Reid sent Comey another letter demanding that Trump's possible ties to Russia be fully investigated and he cited the existence of 'explosive information' that the FBI has in its possession.

ANALYSIS: This explosive information was probably also referred to as Plutonium when I made my first post about Joey's fake FEMA camp. Jim Farbolin intimated to me that he had learned of my role in the plutonium leak which, for me, left a big question about he could have known about the plutonium leak and not known that it was 100% caused by me. This is like in One Punch Man where no one wants to acknowledge that Saitama destroyed the monsters on his own.

February 13: Flynn resigns as national security adviser after reports emerge that he misled Vice President Mike Pence.

ANALYSIS: This was two weeks after I quit Exide after being misled, at LexisNexis and Exide, that they were saying "Trump" as a code word for me. I think it's likely that Flynn wore a belt he didn't earn on the mat at Alliance.

April 6: Nunes steps aside from the Russia investigation, because he himself is under investigation.

ANALYSIS: The first day of my homelessness. I think Nunes was Feldkamp at Exide.

'Moderate Saudi Arabia': crown prince shakes up kingdom

"We will not spend the next 30 years of our lives dealing with destructive ideas. We will destroy them today and at once,"

The government appears to have clipped the wings of the once-feared religious police

Iran sentences ‘Mossad spy’ to death over assassinations of nuclear scientists

Judge refuses to force Trump admin to pay Obamacare subsidies

Saudi Arabia will ‘return to moderate, open Islam’ – Crown Prince

Tampa Area On Edge After 3 Killings, Serial Killer Fears

Three people have been shot to death in the past two weeks within a 1-mile (1.6-kilometer) radius in the normally quiet Seminole Heights neighborhood.

Chipotle Tumbles On Poor Earnings, Disappointing Guidance; Blames Hurricanes, Data Breach

ANALYSIS: I feel like Chipotle is the Escobar to Moe's' Medellín.

Twitter Caves: Announces Plan To Improve "Transparency" For Political Ads

ANALYSIS: How can they improve it when there is none?

While Twitter says it’s still working on a definition for what constitutes an “issue-based” advertisement, its transparency center will include a special section specifically dedicated to “electioneering” ads.

Professor Claims Math, Algebra, And Geometry Promote "White Privilege"

“Are we really that smart just because we do mathematics?”

ANALYSIS: Yes. Mathematics is the basis of many of life's comforts. What better goal is there than to make life better?

“Things cannot be known objectively; they must be known subjectively.”

ANALYSIS: M³ is purely objective. Either theory does or does not agree with the observation.

‘You don’t expect this in a democracy,’ man wrongly put on Thomson Reuters ‘terrorist’ list

Top US General Describes Deadly Niger Ambush

Many Americans have expressed surprise about the U.S. military operating in Niger

Italy's 2 richest regions claim victory in autonomy votes

"This is the big bang of institutional reform"

Giving up on moral & ethical values ‘more dangerous than nuclear bomb’

“In the nearest future, humanity may enter and will, most likely, enter a very difficult and important period in its development and existence,” he said, referring to recent scientific breakthroughs.

“It may be a genius mathematician or musician, but also a soldier, who will fight without fear, compassion and regret, without pain,” Putin warned.

‘Drugged & tortured:’ Mental health center employees arrested over extreme child abuse

A government agency tasked with “comprehensive protection of infancy, childhood, adolescence and well-being of families.” Prosecutors say that the employees of Peces Vivos did exactly the opposite, effectively turning children’s life in the institution into a nightmare."

10 of the center’s employees were placed under arrest and charged with torture and conspiracy to commit a crime and to destroy evidence.

Israel police detain 15 over campaign to stop Jewish-Arab dating

Police arrest 140 as Malawi cracks down on ‘vampire’ hysteria

Belief in witchcraft is widespread in the impoverished African nation

ANALYSIS: I believe in witchcraft. I believe Helene is one.

60 arrested in Georgia in human trafficking investigation

"The Police Just Fucked My Life" - Alabamians Outraged As Civil Asset Forfeitures Soar

Niger Ambush Came After 'Massive Intelligence Failure,' Source Says - NBC News

Iran nuclear deal break-up would jeopardize global security, situation on Korean peninsula

“Any attempts to start such talks [to break up the Iran nuclear deal] may bury this important agreement in the sphere of strategic stability and nuclear non-proliferation,”

ANALYSIS: At the time I cheered for the Iran deal because I thought it was about helping me, not ensuring my failure. Lavrov's quote really makes me think that the Iran deal was about my stolen sperm and how they were putting their dirty thieves' hands in the vaginas of all the woman that wouldn't let me touch them. I will kill them all. Not one will survive. Do you see how offensive it is to me that you could organize the women to open their legs for these miserable thieves but could not get even one to do so for me? If I can confirm this allocation of resources my wrath will be great. It will overflow fom my cup.