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Scholze, Stix don't have the magic power to veto arbitrary proofs

But according to Senia, proofs are obliged to contain enough detail that any competent mathematician in the area may reconstruct the full proof if needed.

ANALYSIS: If this is true, I should have no problem publishing my Riemann hypothesis paper. The American Mathematical Society already rejected it with no reason given.

In reality, the history makes it totally clear that deep enough game-changing results in mathematics – but also in physics and all natural sciences – often face the violent misunderstanding not only by "some" professionals in the area but, rather frequently, "most" professionals in the area if not an overwhelming majority. So the condition Senia "demands" would have made many – if not most – of the truly important advances in mathematics and science impossible.

A simple reason why they may fail to understand Mocizuki's papers may be simply because they're far weaker, less creative, less imaginative mathematicians than he is

Scholze is sort of a darling of certain community

ANALYSIS: I think it is likely that, as the darling of that community, he is beholden to them when they have given him an instruction to disgree with Mochizuki.

This website is written in Czech English, some of you appreciate it

ANALYSIS: Hey Luboš, what is the deal with the Bogdanoffs?

The U.S. "Cannot Win Militarily" In Afghanistan, Says Top Commander In Shocking Interview

Taliban now controls more territory than ever before in recent years.

ANALYSIS: What information does this guy have that they didn't have before they spend that $840 billion?!

El Chapo in dock for biggest US drugs trial

"Is it going to stop even one additional pound of cocaine from coming into the United States? Probably not. The machine keeps rolling,"

Obama's CIA Secretly Intercepted Congressional Communications About Whistleblowers

"According to Grassley, he originally began trying to have the letters declassified more than four years ago but was met with “bureaucratic foot-dragging, led by Brennan and Clapper.”

Grassley adds that he repeated his request to declassify the letters under the Trump administration, but that Trump intelligence officials failed to respond

The documents were finally declassified this week after Grassley appealed to the new Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson.

ANALYSIS: Article is authored by eponynous person.

'Migrant Caravan' Members Sue Trump Over 'Shockingly Unconstitutional' Asylum Crackdown

The lawsuit is seeking an immediate judgment for the plaintiffs and a court declaration that Trump's border plan is unconstitutional.

ANALYSIS: This makes it sound like there's a convoy headed out of the illegal federal detention zone -- which is illegal through the superiority of Constitutional law to legislative and Eexecutive law -- and Trump is trying to stop them. I would also point out that the military members and many other federal offices take an oath to protect what the Constitution says, not what the Congress or some Executive orders say, except to the extent that certain congressional laws and executive orders might be derived via the powers enumerated in the amended Constitution.

Pentagon rejected request for troops to act as emergency law enforcement at border

Netanyahu: Saudi Arabia deserves a pass for Khashoggi murder

Did The Saudi Hit Squad Dissolve Jamal Khashoggi's Body In Acid?

ANALYSIS: I thought it was weird how they were reporting Hillary's server in her bathroom but later in her basement, but this day by day changing of the Khashoggi story is really something. It was a that he died in a fistfight, he had his fingers cut off, there was screaming heard downstairs, they killed him in an interrogation, they killed him when he first walked in the door, they cut his arms and legs off while he was still alive, they messed up his face, they found his arms and legs and face, they didn't find his arms and legs and face, he was dissolved in acid...

MORE ANALYSIS: If there's no body, is he dead? Do they have a recording or not?

Saudi-led forces conduct mass strikes on Yemeni capital & beyond, despite US ‘calls for ceasefire

ANALYSIS: Why did this war start? At the time, I thought it was because an important figure in the Islamic end times prophecy, Yamani, is supposed to be from Yemen and the Saudis don't want the Mahdi to take away their money so they were trying to kill him. I am Yamani, a/k/a Jamanta, and I am from the south east of North America, not the south east of the Arabian peninsula, and the Saudis' desire to foregore the inevitable is doomed to fail. In fact, the Ismalic prophecy said, I think, that the time of the appearance of the Mahdi will be around the time of their last king's death. Indeed, I have appeared.

The crisis in Yemen erupted after Shia President Ali Abdullah Saleh was deposed in 2012, but his Houthi supporters, allegedly aided by Iran, resisted and eventually seized the capital city and sent Hadi, his deputy, into exile. In March 2015, the Saudi-led coalition began airstrikes in order to prevent the reinstatement of Hadi to power, unleashing an all-out war. I

Saudi Coup "Imminent" As Crown Prince's Uncle Arrives To Oust "Toxic" MbS

"The coming period will witness a coup against the king and the crown prince,"

Western Media Make One Death A Tragedy, Millions A Statistic

16 million in Yemen were facing death from starvation as a result of the war waged on that country by Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab partners

The tragedy of desensitized abstraction is not due to overwhelming numbers. It is primarily due to the willful omission – and worse, misinformation – by Western media on the barbarity of the Saudi regime and the crucially enabling support given to this regime by Western politics and economics.

Saudi King Salman's brother returns to Riyadh to challenge Crown Prince

Saudi Arabia's chief public prosecutor reportedly met members of Turkey's intelligence agency overnight to discuss the investigation.

ANALYSIS: Just like I thought those people from Exide followed me to the shelter in which I stayed briefly last year, I think now they are following me into the library where I hang out during the day. I feel quite certain that the reason they are doing this is to sell some fraud story about how we are having meetings or working together in some way when the only reason I am in there is to use the power outlet and get out of the elements.

MORE ANALYSIS: After Exide terminated my employment, they sent me a termination letter. Recently, the man from Exide, Mr. Gay, confirmed to me that the third party agreements which Exide fraudulently engaged my person in were terminated but he has since refused to give me a document confirming the termination of these fraud agreements with some third party.

Has Mueller Subpoenaed the President?

We can further deduce that the special counsel prevailed in the district court and that the presumptive grand jury witness has frantically appealed that order and sought special treatment from the judges of the D.C. Circuit—often referred to as the “second-most important court in the land.”

The parties and the judges have moved with unusual alacrity. Parties normally have 30 days to appeal a lower court action. The witness here appealed just five days after losing in the district court—and three days later filed a motion before the appellate court to stay the district court’s order. That’s fast.

The appeals court itself responded with remarkable speed, too.

The special counsel’s papers were filed October 1.

At this point an unspecified procedural flaw seems to have emerged, and on October 3

ANALYSIS: I wonder if that procedural flaw was Exide calling the cops on me and giving a criminal trespass notice instead of the paperwork I requested.

MORE ANALYSIS: Notable that the "procedural flaw" occurred at the same time as the disappearance of "Cash O.G." who I doubt is a real person.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: IS this website even on the internet? Do I get to see the same open source news of the public domain as everyone else or I am in a "fake news" bubble?

Trump Plans To End Birthright Citizenship For Children Of Illegal Immigrants: Axios

"We're the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States ... with all of those benefits,"

ANALYSIS: Says the guy who grew a creature from my own semen precisely so that he could enjoy the benefits which are mine to give, not his to take. I will take away his share in the tree of life, and I will put down the creatures that were wrought.

Special Counsel Refers Scheme Targeting Mueller to FBI

Boston gangster Whitey Bulger is killed behind bars

ANALYSIS: If he was spontaneously transferred just as he was about to cooperate, then it is likely that his cooperation deal let him get out of jail. That his body was found with the head and face all messed up in the new jail... before he was even processed into the new jail... means that the body they found probably wasn't his, and that body could not have passed the usual inmate processing process.

WikiLeaks founder Assange’s lawsuit over asylum conditions denied by Ecuador

ANALYSIS: Lately I've been getting the idea that Assange's fortunes and my own are anti-correlated.

Merkel To Step Down As CDU Leader In Dramatic Move

ANALYSIS: Interesting that I had alleged Merkel as one of the Exide conspirators and she is having increased problems since I went up to Exide and got arrested about a month ago.

Far-right ex-soldier wins the Brazilian election

Outgoing President Michel Temer, himself implicated in corruption, is set to leave office on January 1 as the most unpopular president in Brazil's modern democracy.

Merkel's CDU Suffers Crushing Losses In Hesse Election; Worst Result For SPD In 130 Years

Russian Diplomat: "Yes, Russia Is Preparing For War, I Can Confirm It"

ANALYSIS: Before Russia gets into a war, they should think about if they would rather fight for me, the heir to the House of Romanov, or Putin, the heir to Bolshevism.

"We are preparing to defend our homeland, our territorial integrity, our principles, our values, our people."

Erdogan: Saudis Must Reveal Who Gave Order To Murder Khashoggi

Erdogan also demanded that the kingdom reveal the location of Khashoggi's body

ANALSIS: This supports my early notion that they only found the limbs and the face in the garden. Indeed, it is not unlikely, in this fake stroy of total misinformation about me walking into Exide and going to jail earlier this month, that he is still alive if there is no body found yet.

Erdogan angrily demanded answers from the Saudis and denounced the repeated changes in their story as "childish."

ANALYSIS: Erdogan is one of favorite media personalities lately and I wish him well.

Who is Cesar Sayoc? Florida man a suspect in anti-Democrat mail bombs

ANALYSIS: "Cesar Say Ok" sounds like pro-fascism meme name.

Saudi Arabia Says Khashoggi Killing Was "Premeditated Act"

Brexit Talks On Hold As "May's Team Can't Agree", Cable Slides

'Saudi Wouldn't Have Killed Khashoggi Without US Approval'

"If there was no American protection, would the people of Yemen still have faced the same brutal bombing?"

In Major Concession, Trump Will Allow Iran To Remain Connected To SWIFT

Ecuador Says It Won't Intervene With UK Authorities After Assange Lawsuit

Valencia said he was "frustrated" by Assange's decision to sue the Ecuadorian government in one of the country's court last week over new terms of his asylum.

"There is no obligation in international agreements for Ecuador to pay for things like Mr. Assange's laundry,"

ANALYSIS: Even while there might not be an obligation, they are doing it for him but not for me. I am very homeless again; no one tithes to me.

Explosive Devices Sent To Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama And Debbie Wasserman Schultz

One day after federal agents detonated a bomb discovered in the mailbox of George Soros's home

Trump Vows To "Get To The Bottom" Of "Egregious" Pipe Bombs

Pipe-bombs bearing ISIS logos

Explosive devices addressed to former President Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and John Brennan

US would be history if Russia nukes Yellowstone volcano with mega-bombs

Turkish Police Find Two "Suspicious" Suitcases In Abandoned Saudi Consular Car

ANALYSIS: Now... I am not even sure that this is real news because there is a good chance that someone is trying to make me live inside a permanent bubble of bullshit. However, reading this, I have to wonder if the man is still alive and they only found his limbs and the skin from his face.

Turkey Says Saudi Arabia Planned "Extremely Savage" Khashoggi Killing

"From the start, the line of our president has been clear. Nothing will remain secret in this case,"

Meanwhile, Khashoggi's remains have yet to be found

ANALYSIS: Maybe they can't find the body because he is still alive and they are still torturing him even after cutting off his arms and legs? This seems like the kind of thing Helene is into with ever-present, "Whatcha bein' a pickle?," meme and it looks to me like the Saudis really like Helene a lot.

MORE ANALYSIS: With Helene's insanity being how it is, I wonder if she hoped to kill me so that my enemies wouldn't be able to put me in the "extremely savage" killing. That seems to me like her line of thinking: don't help him kill his enemies, instead pour salt water on the plant of his enemies plans to kill him brutally by only killing him regularly. Just some speculations into the mind of Helene.

‘We seek justice!’ Erdogan vows to reveal ‘naked truth’ about Khashoggi, discusses case with Trump

Riyadh fired five top intelligence officials and arrested 18 suspects linked to the case, and put crown prince in charge of the purge and reorganization of the country’s spy agency.

ANALYSIS: This part where they put MbS in charge of fixing the spy agency seems like an odd factoid... as do the conflicting accounts of a fist fight and cutting off the fingers while still alive. I blame Helene, and I also blame those who sought a woman's opinion with regards to political matters. Relying on the opinion of a woman is so critically stupid that I cannot even comprehend it. I see whose idea it was for the Germans and British to elect leaders without testicles, but whose idea was it to have a kingdom, the United Kingdom, ruled by a queen instead of a king? Who was the first person who said, "We don't need a king, let's have a queen?" This decision astounds me.

Khashoggi Murder "Grave Mistake" Saudi FM Says As Turkey Prepares To Release Gruesome Killing Details

Erdogan announced on Sunday that he will share the findings of Turkish investigators on Tuesday.

"We are looking for justice here and this will be revealed in all its naked truth, not through some ordinary steps but in all its naked truth."

ANALYSIS: I love this sentence, and I encourage the Turks to pursue the course of righteousness.

MORE ANALYSIS: I go to court on October 24. This is the court date from the arrest I had when I went to Exide to terminate their fraud agreements.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: If I was going to speculate as to the nature of the fraud, I would have two main suspicions. First: they put me in collaboration with government agency without telling me about it. All that was discussed during the hiring process was a ordinary office bitch job for a private manufacturing enterprise. Second: Exide used fraud papers to appoint themselves as my proxy in some affairs whose existence have never been revealed to me.

EVEN MORE ANALYSIS: If I find out that the Israelis, apparently plagued by the vexation of their own inferior semen, have been using my semen to grow medical abominations, then not only will destroy those abominations, I will also cut off the testicles of the sons of Israel that are producing the inferior, low-grade semen which they seem to think is not as good as my own semen. Since it is their opinion that their own semen is inferior, I see no reason to disagree, and my studies of the Torah indicate that God has promised to totally destroy everything that grew from Jacob's semen long ago.

‘Unacceptable & disruptive’: Israel seeks talks as Jordan demands its farmland back after 25yr lease

The head of Central Arava Regional Council expressed grave concern over the idea that farmland which they have got so used to will have to be returned to its owner.

ANALYSIS: I am quite certain that Helene is allied with my enemy that is currently occupying British Palestine, and if I have terminated her fraud proxy then I will be glad to rub the faces of the occupying infidels in the shit of their fate.

MORE ANALYSIS: Interesting that this goes into effect one day after my own looming court case.

Saudi Royal Family Considering Replacement For Crown Prince bin Salman: Report

For several days, the Allegiance Council for the ruling Saudi family is meeting in the utmost discretion, says a diplomatic source to Le Figaro in Paris. The information has been confirmed by a Saudi Arabian contacted in Riyadh. Composed of a delegate representing each of the clans — at least seven — of the royal family, this body, responsible for inheritance problems, examines the situation created by the disappearance, still unresolved, more than a fortnight ago, of the journalist dissident

Italy Blinks? Rome Said To Consider Cutting Deficit Target To 2.1%

"If one breaks these rules and Italy diverges from Maastricht, then that means Italy is endangering itself"

Judge Dismisses Remaining Charges Against Paul Manafort

Turning over information that some believe could lead to one more bombshell indictment from the special counsel

"All-Out War" Coming: Record Number Of Israeli Tanks Amassed On Gaza Border

It appears tensions could explode into yet another round of war starting as early as this weekend.

Given the threats of Israeli officials this week, it could slide into the bloodiest campaign in years.

Merkel Coalition Gets Overdue Spanking In Bavaria...But 5 Years Too Late To Save Germany

Cannot fathom how it is possible that Angela Merkel is still in power

ANALYSIS: I would not be surprised at all to learn that Merkel was at times dressed like my least favorite coworker at Exide, some horrible shrew that I hated even more than Sandy. Since Exide is full of notorious fraudsters, and if Sandy is a psycho killer then she's probably not the only one in there, and all of that makes some bad company Merkel has chosen for herself.

My least favorite coworker at Exide

Federal Judge "Shocked" To Find Obama State Dept Lied To Protect Hillary From Email Server Lawsuits

"I had myself found that Cheryl Mills had committed perjury and lied under oath in a published opinion I had issued in a Judicial Watch case where I found her unworthy of belief, and I was quite shocked to find out she had been given immunity in — by the Justice Department in the Hillary Clinton email case."

“President Trump should ask why his State Department is still refusing to answer basic questions about the Clinton email scandal,”

"Profanity-Laced" Shouting Match Erupts Between Kelly, Bolton Outside Oval Office

ANALYSIS: Who's glad I'm homeless again and who's yelling at him?

MORE ANALYSIS: Even on second day of the second period of homelessness, I can already see the gang stalking activity picking up. I was at McDonald's today and some faggot started walking back and forth in front of me. He used to do the same thing when I was going to the Buckhead McDonald's. There is no way he will make it, and he seems extraordinarily malicious in the subtlety of his harassments.

MORE ANALYSIS: I tell you: if you see this man then you see a man who does not love his children.

Putin to Poroshenko: Don’t be like Georgia’s Saakashvili, who lost vast territories

Putin said, “it has become clear for everyone” that Kiev “does not abide by the agreements and has no intention to do so.”

ANALYSIS: So what's everyone gonna do about it then? Point their fingers and say, "Shame?"

Manafort Has Plea Deal, ABC Says, But Will He Turn On Trump?

“There’s no fear that Paul Manafort would cooperate against the president because there’s nothing to cooperate about and we long ago evaluated him as an honorable man.”

ANALYSIS: The honorable thing for Paul to do is to confess all his crimes, and all the crimes he was witness to, without first jockeying to see if he can get something out of it besides doing what is right in my eyes.

Mueller Probe Is In Its 'Final Weeks', Expected To Wrap Up After Midterms

ANALYSIS: A large part of the history of the universe qualifies as "after midterms"

Feds arrest senior Treasury employee for leaking Manafort and Butina banking documents to BuzzFeed

ANALYSIS: "My flower sours" sounds like a fake name.

Treasury Official Arrested, Charged With Leaking Confidential Info On Ex-Trump Advisers; BuzzFeed Implicated

A senior Treasury Department official working in the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN), Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, has been charged with leaking confidential financial reports

Edwards is also accused of sending the reproter internal FinCEN emails, investigative memos and intelligence assessments.

Two Deutsche Bank Traders Found Guilty Of Rigging Libor

FBI Probing Manhattan DA Bribery Scheme

Several high profile investigations were shut down after lawyers for the rich and famous made significant donations

Melania Trump's Plane Turns Around After Mechanical Failure

Theresa May: Brexit deal possible with intensive work

Chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier is expected to say talks have failed to make the "decisive progress"

Mr Tusk, president of the European Council, said on Tuesday he saw "no grounds for optimism" that the two sides could bridge their differences

Biggest split in modern Orthodox history: Russian Orthodox Church breaks ties with Constantinople

The move taken by Moscow marks arguably the greatest split in the history of the Orthodox Church since the Great Schism of 1054

Constantinople lost the right to be called the heart of Orthodox faith, says Russian Church

Trump tells AP he's not to blame if Republicans lose House

ANALYSIS: I hope the Republicans win because to me, now, rather than the Democrats representing reason and equity, they represent trannies and castration.

FBI Concealed Evidence That "Directly Refutes" Premise Of Trump-Russia Probe

ANALYSIS: Somewhere someone is saying that I am mentally incompetent because I think I have this big theory that's not getting recognized because of some big conspiracy but there is some big conspiracy concealing the evidence that my theory is great. I have a paper in process with one USA journal, one UK journal, and one France journal.

Brazil's Military Poised to Amass Power After Three-Decade Wait

He has said the main problem with the dictatorship is that it didn’t kill enough people

ANALYSIS: I've said many times that I strive to learn form the mistakes others make without having to make them myself, and it is obvious to me that not killing enough people is a major error or failing of other dictators that came before me.

MORE ANALYSIS: As I recall, the guys at Alliance had a real high opinion of the special forces police of Rio, and also the jungle special special forces, and probably the the rest of the military down there too. I remember among the American military, I was at the black belt ceremony of the three star general of the Army in charge of underground bases. I forget his name but I think he was pointing his camera at me a lot that day. He seemed pretty cool to me, and all of the hundreds of thousands of Army guys doing jiu jitsu today are essentially in Jacaré's association. Teaching jiu jitsu to the US special forces was one of the first things he did when he came here from Brasil and I trained with a lot of cool US Army guys over the years.

Nervous Democrats Fear Midterm Disaster; GOP Pollster Says Trump Voters "Reengaged"

"Someone Is Not Telling The Truth": Fusion GPS Founder "In Real Legal Jeopardy" According To GOP Lawmaker

ANALYSIS: Simpson looks like Helene in his eyes and the style of glasses.

Merkel's sister party CSU suffers worst election result since 1950 in Bavaria

"The vote was a clear vote to end the era of Merkel."

Ecuador restores Assange’s communications after 7-month blackout

Netanyahu: Hamas should expect a 'very painful' response from Israel

ANALYSIS: I encourage Hamas to take heart because the time when God will destroy their enemy is very close now. I encourage Hamas to persevere in the face of their persecutions at the hands of the descendants of Jacob who will soon be smote.

Brexit Deal Hangs in the Balance as Monday Deadline in Doubt

ANALYSIS: I encourage the British to select a leader with some testicular fortitude.

"This Is An Earthquake For Bavaria": CSU Suffers Stunning Defeat, Loses Absolute Majority In Worst Result Since 1950

Anything could happen after Sunday, up to and including Merkel's fall.

ANALYSIS: I encourage the Germans to select a leader with some testicular fortitude.

Russian opposition leader Navalny free after 50 days in jail

“I think over the 50 days which I spent here, we saw a lot of evidence that this regime has absolutely deteriorated: from failures in foreign intelligence to failures in space industry.”

"We Saw Similar Setups In 2000 & 2007" - Chartist Warns Of "Deeper Selloff"

Global Internet Could Crash In Next 48 Hours - "Outage Across The World"

ANALYSIS: Hopefully this locks out the Exide fraudsters in the interim before I can lock them out of the realm of the living.

Global Markets Dump $6 Trillion As "Loco" Fed & Trade Turmoil Spark Panic

Global Capital Markets aggregate 'wealth' collapsed in the last two weeks

40% of American middle class face poverty in retirement, study says

ANALYSIS: I expect a lot of these people will support my dictatorship and more equitable economic system.

With 90,000 Jobs At Stake, Bankrupt Sears May Shut As Many As 400 Stores

Media Suddenly Warns Of Recession "By The End Of 2020" That Will Be "Worse Than The Great Depression"

It is particularly interesting that the author of the last article chose to use the phrase “within the next two years”.

ANALYSIS: That's like when Helene, or whoever, reported on September 10 that an attack on the WTC was likely in the next six months.

MORE ANALYSIS: These "worse than great depression" conditions will be conducive to replacing the government with a military dictatorship.

BMO: "Expect More Downside"

The selloff was largely a function of coordinated deleveraging by both hedge funds and systematic traders.

China Shares Sink Most Since 2016 as 1,000 Stocks Fall by Limit

Even for the world’s worst-performing stock markets, Thursday’s losses were extreme.

Shocktober Day 2: Stock Rout Accelerates As Bonds, Bullion Surge

China was ugly overnight with about 1000 companies halted 10% limit-down...

US Futures show the chaos and hopeful rebounds that just kept failing today...

"This Week Will Be Bad" - Margin Calls Mean More Pain To Come

Carnage Continues After-Hours - Dow Down 1000 Pts, Nasdaq Collapses 5%

U.S. Stocks Plunge Most Since February

"Alarming" Bond ETF Outflows Expose Cracks In Credit Nirvana Narrative

Breadth in the US Corporate High Yield Bond market has never...ever... been worse...

FANGs Freefall To 5-Mo Lows, Nasdaq Nears Critical Support

Double-Top? Dow Drops 500 Points

Trump administration will double-down on its failed Afghanistan approach

The US has entered its 17th year in the Afghan war

"Afghans do not consider the Taliban nearly as much a problem as government corruption,"

"To put it differently, popular support for the Taliban, compared to support for the Afghan government, has grown despite all of America's efforts in the war since 2001, including the two large Obama troop surges. Why? Because the Afghan population will not support a government they find as corrupt as the one led by Ashraf Ghani in Kabul."

This raises the question as to why the Trump administration continues this strategy, knowing that the massive presence of American troops hasn't worked.

Risk-Parity Funds Suffer One Of Their Worst Weeks Since 2010

The world is about to learn about Khazarian mafia crimes horrific beyond imagination

"It Was All Made Up, It Was Fabricated": Trump Says Kavanaugh Victim Of Democrat "Hoax"

ANALYSIS: These allegations about it all being made up fit well with my allegations that Exide inserted some fraud docs into my hiring and employment paperwork.

White House begins prepping for Democratic legal storm

"Subpoenas flowing into a White House create paralysis,"

"The whole system stops while everyone tries to comply with subpoenas and prepare to testify."


DOJ Investigates 'Mystery' Goldman Executive Involved In $4.5 Billion 1MDB Fraud

Leissner has pleaded guilty to fraud charges and is expected to cooperate with authorities against other more-senior officials at the bank.

ANALYSIS: This guy Tim, whose name is an awful like other Goldmanite Tim Geitgner, reminds me an awful lot of one suspicion person that showed up Alliance and got buddy-buddy with me pretty quick. Later, after I tweeted that photo of the Sphinx and I, he appeared in the school the next day looking surprised.

Break-in Reportedly Attempted At Assange's Residence In Ecuador Embassy

Russian police sex scandal: 3 top lawmen arrested after drunken gang-rape of young female detective

2nd Kavanaugh Accuser Admits She Lied; Referred For Criminal Prosecution; Kamala's Office Involved

"A vicious accuser of Justice Kavanaugh has just admitted that she was lying, her story was totally made up, or FAKE! Can you imagine if he didn’t become a Justice of the Supreme Court because of her disgusting False Statements. What about the others? Where are the Dems on this?"

ANALYSIS: This Kavanaugh guy seems like a real cunt to me, and it confirms my opinion of Trump that he picked that guy. I don't know if the allegations were true or not, but I can imagine that whatever the real issue was, people are recanting under duress induced by the enablement of Kavanaugh.

US Rapper T.I. Sued After His 'Token' Allegedly Fails

ANALYSIS: On multiple occasions, each separately telling me multiple times without the presence of the other man, the Atlanta child murderer Joel Steven "Steve" Collins and his son the recently notorious gangster Joel Steven "Joey" Collins, a/k/a El Mencho, have told me how great they thought it was that the rapper TI had his mansion right around the corner from their house. Now... I guess it might kind of make sense for Joey to want to brag about this somehow, earnestly showing pride and not at all mocking a rich black man in the neighborhood, but it strikes me as particularly odd that the elder man Steve has taken, at least once and I think twice, the same in pride in telling me about TI's mansion, and even going so far as to drive me past the front gate to point it out to me.

Mexico’s highest court declares marijuana prohibition unconstitutional

The ruling found that “adults have a fundamental right to personal development which lets them decide their recreational activities without interference from the state,”

OPINION: The Treachery Of Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon testified for the Grand Jury yesterday regarding his communications with me regarding the Wikileaks disclosures in October 2016

ANALYSIS: These DNC emails were likely the emails were I documented the constant lies and bad faith actions of my coworkers at Lexis Nexis. The guy in the desk next to me, "Don," looked just like Assange. When Assange said he knew the files were downloaded locally and not sent as an attachment, he probably knew that because he downloaded them himself at his workstation five feet from mine... in addition to the metadata show rapid file transfers.

MORE ANALYSIS: There was some news story last year about something happening in a "cave in Ecuador", I forget what exactly, but on that day at the homeless shelter the schedule was all fucked up and they made us leave early.

Morgan Stanley: US Market Strength Appears To Be Driven By A Monster Short Squeeze

Second largest one day relative move since 2016 - the largest move was Tuesday!

Dartmouth Prof.: "If We Don't Abolish Capitalism, Capitalism Will Abolish Us"

"Fascism is ascendant," the Ivy League professor continues.

Bishop Richard Malone blasts Siobhan O'Connor, whistleblower who copied sex misconduct files

ANALYSIS: After I documented Sandy's lies in the Exide audit tracker every day for months, her telling the same lies over and over, and also Rod and Tim going along with lies every day and always saying, "Ask Sandy," when I tried to get a straight answer about why Sandy was lying every day, I wonder became of those reports I wrote that clearly documented her bad faith actions. Did they just ignore them? Did they delete them?

Shocktober Is Over - Global Stocks Lose $8 Trillion, Most Since Lehman

'Godfather' Of Market Analysis: "Technical Damage Done To The Stock Market Is Much Worse"

Middle-class jobs fall short: 62% fail to support lifestyle in US

"Algo-Induced Panics" Leave Traders Screaming "I Don't Care, Just Get Me Out"

With hedge funds having suffered their longest losing streak on record...

The Auction Starts Today: $250 Million Superyacht Linked To 1MBD Scandal Put Up For Sale

FANGs Freefall Into Bear Market As Dip-Buyers Evaporate

FB -33.9%

AMZN -23.8%

NFLX -32.8%

GOOGL -18.0%

The Market's Trend Breakdown Has Been Confirmed

Billionaire Thai Owner Of Leicester City Was On Board Helicopter When It Crashed Outside Stadium

ANALYSIS: Helene looks very much like she could be a member of the Thai royal family and I have speculated in the past to whether or not she has been playing the disguise game with a person or persona "Rosmah Mansour"

Despite Spending $185 Million On "Faculty Diversity", Columbia U. Report Finds 'Lack Of Diversity'

ANALYSIS: If they fired ever who thought that this is a bad thing, it would make their university much better in short order, I am quite certain.

Global Bloodbath: World Stocks Puke Over $8 Trillion As US Markets Collapse

Global capital markets are down five weeks in a row, losing just under $9 trillion - the biggest, fastest drop since Lehman

VIX term structure remains inverted for the 15th day and unusually has re-accelerated without normalizing

Financials are fucked...erasing all the gains since Trump was elected

Foreign buying of Treasury debt has been cut in half this year

An anonymous 4chan post could help solve a 25-year-old math mystery

4chan solved part of math problem puzzling scientists for decades

Disproof of the Riemann Hypothesis

ANALYSIS: I have been spamming this solution on 4chan incessantly and this is only more evidence that no one will praise name regardless of the magnitude of the good things I do.

"It Looks Like We're Doomed" - Pros Are Perplexed As S&P Heads For Worst Month Since 2009 Crash Lows

"Trouble In Arkansas": This Cycle's Countrywide Financial Just Imploded

Expect more blow-ups and a dramatic curtailment of lending to follow.

Even Gartman Is Calling For A Bounce

To this all we can say is that if everyone - and Gartman - is convinced that a 2-3 day bounce is imminent, it's quite clear what that means.

70% Of S&P 500 Stocks Are Already In A Correction

More than half 179 have already fallen by 20% or more from their highs, entering a bear market.

Markets In Turmoil: S&P, Dow Erase 2018 Gains As Nasdaq Crashes Most Since 2011

And Deutsche Bank closed at a record low

The United States' largest market cap stock index ($23.75 trillion NYSE Composite) tumbled to 13-month lows today

Investors Redeem $15BN From Hedge Funds In September As Outflows Accelerate

New Home Sales Crash In September As Supply Soars

More Than Half A Million People: America's Homelessness Crisis Is Rapidly Exploding On Both Coasts

A quarter of the homeless population is made up of children.

If the U.S. economy really was “booming”, the truth is that homelessness in Los Angeles would not be up by 50 percent.

ANALYSIS: I am a working homeless person. I can't afford to pay any bills because no one pays me for the work I do.

NYC Now Has Record Number Of Homeless Students

The surge in homeless children occurred in a period where the Trump administration has proclaimed today to be the "greatest economy ever."

In Unprecedented Step, EU Tells Italy To Resubmit Budget As Conte Says No "Plan B"

Middle Class Destroyed: 50% Of All American Workers Make Less Than $30,533 A Year

So can someone please explain to me again why people are saying that the economy is “doing well”?

ANALYSIS: It's because the people who are fucking the workers are getting the money the workers would have gotten in a equitable distribution of the wealth.

US Equity Futures Tumble As Asia Opens

Birth of a new Ukrainian church brings fears of violence

ANALYSIS: This new church is probably the franchise of the Synagogue of Satan inside Chistendom, and likely they have one in Rome too.

“The question of what will happen to the property of the Orthodox churches existing in Ukraine after the emergence of a single local church is key and could be one of the most painful” issues of the Orthodox split, said Volodymyr Fesenko

ANALYSIS: I think this newborn church will probably suffer sudden infant death syndrome.

"Pathological Social Deviant": Senior NSA Official Engaged In "Egregious" Misconduct With Women

Is the case against Harvey Weinstein unraveling?

Last week, Detective Nicholas DiGaudio was accused of coaching a witness, causing one of the six felony charges against Weinstein to be thrown out.

ANALYSIS: In all of this "me too," where are the stories of the men who simply attracted women with their success and money and enjoyed the company of those women? In the current climate, it is like there is not even one such man. Instead, they are all rapists. This irritates me to no end because I know among my own motivations, when I think of the personal profits that will be for myself, I do not care about the money. For my own profit, I want the affections of the many beautiful ladies. However, in the current climate, this is not even acknowledged as a legitimate motivation. Instead, it is equated with rape and degeneracy.

Saudis Admit Khashoggi Killed At Consulate "In Fist-Fight", King Salman Fires 5 Top Officials

"This is not saying "rogue killers" but implicating virtually the whole top leadership of foreign intelligence.

ANALYSIS: This fist-fight is a big departure from cutting off fingers and using a bone saw while screaming.

Turkish Investigators Think They Know Where Khashoggi Is Buried

ANALYSIS: It seems strangely coincidental that the timeline for these events starts on the day I went to Exide to terminate their fraud agreements that they had inserted into my paperwork. The Director of HR for Exide refused to terminate them and called the cops on me and I was taken to jail in chains. I have court for this on the 24th of this month.

Candid tape, black van and bone saw? What we know about Khashoggi case so far

On October 2, Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey to collect a document certifying his divorce and never returned.

ANALYSIS: If the HR Director at Exide -- "Mr. Gay" -- would have cooperated with me on October 2, then he would have given me copies of all the agreements that Exide had entered my person into, those with and without my knowledge, and also terminated them and then given me paperwork confirming the terminations. These docs would have been quite similar in nature to the "divorce docs" that Khashoggi was seeking. However, the HR Director refused to terminate the agreements. He called the cops on me and sent me an email citing my some non-document concerns that I raised on October 1 while ignoring the document requests I submitted on October 1 and September 26. In his final email he said, "Best of luck with your future endeavors" but I don't think he would have said that if he knew what I was planning.

Trader: "Well I Think There's A Problem Here"

While the other major indices are hugging their 200 dma, the NYSE is firmly through it

NYSE is the worlds largest stock exchange

2018 Channel trendline support broken

The Canary In Coalmine: Bank OZK Plummets After Shock Commercial Real Estate Write Downs

ANALYSIS: There's some part of me that wants to link the fate of this bank to the fate of the interests behind Hillary's impunity.

Russia Has Dramatically Boosted Spending On Its Nuclear Weapons

Euro Tumbles After EU Blasts Italy's "Unprecedented" Budget Deviation

Get worse before it gets even moar worse

"Unprecedented in the history"

Comically seeks to continue constructive dialogue

What's Going On In Idlib, Syria's Demilitarized Zone?

Full withdrawal of US-supported terrorists was to be completed by October 15, the deadline missed because al-Nusra and allied jihadists refuse to disarm and leave – likely at the behest of Washington, their paymaster.

“I do not believe that the (US-led) international coalition wants to bring an end to terrorism in the region,”

ANALYSIS: These days I'm drawn toward the idea that the ID library wasn't the IDs of the drug dealers, but rather it was the IDs of the abomination creatures consecrated in the wickedness of my enemy's sperm dredging operation. I want to assure all those whose IDs are in the ID library: I will not forget you. I will kill you, the abomination, and your other children, and probably your parents and grandparents too to make sure they can't regrow the branches I cut away, and your brothers and sisters anf their children. If it takes me many more years yet, then I will take pride in killing the cancerous growths that were spawned by the abominations coupling with the other breeding stock. I will not forget. Some things I will forgive, but this sperm operation is not one of them. I will send the Angel of the Lord like in the story of Passover, but there will be no mark telling the Angel to pass over a household whose ID was in the ID library. In certain circumstances, I might tell the Angel of the Lord to pass over the family after only excising the cancer, but not even one person has come to me yet to beg forgiveness so I doubt it. Just like it is possible for me to forgive them, it is possible for them to beg forgiveness. Since they have not, I probably will not.

MORE ANALYSIS: Even though Exide has created a subset of the ID lib from which they have removed their own crimes and presumably those who paid enough to be removed, and there are people who think this subset is the complete set, I know better, and I will probably pour out more wrath on those who names do not appear in the fake subset.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: Even though the punishment might not change, if the abominations have already been baptized by the time I get there, baptized meaning killed, then that can only put you in a better light than if you had resisted my will until the bitter end. And even when the death penalty goes forward despite your attempt to undo what has been done, think of the vast ocean of suffering between an unmerciful death and a merciful one.

Party-Pooper Powell Ends Short-Squeeze, Stocks Stall

European Stocks had a bad day, erasing much of yesterday's bounce

Dow dumped

FOMC Minutes Signal 'Hawkish' Fed Ready To Hike Above Neutral

ANALYSIS: This headline seems about like a "since Lehman" statement because I have not seen anything about the Fed saying something other than "US equities are invincible" for a long time.

EU Commission To Reject Italian 2019 Budget Plan

Guggenheim's Minerd: "By Q2 2019, I Expect Risk-Off Everywhere; A 40% Crash Looks Justifiable"

"the Fed will cut rates to zero, employ aggressive forward guidance, and resurrect QE."

ANALYSIS: Because rhe Congress had long ago voted to give the Fed a $5T QE capacity, it would take an act of the Congress, I think, to allow the Fed to repeat the ~$3.5T it printed in the the original QE, which has since shifted into the European and Japanese QE, permanently flooding the market with free money all the time, continuously, since the Fed first began QE.

Mortgage Applications Collapse To 18-Year Lows

European Car Sales Plunge 23%, Dragging Market Lower

The Next Financial Crisis Is Staring Us in the Face

“You can have a committee of 10 geniuses that proves collectively to be a moron.”

ANALYSIS: This is the nature of committees.

Jamal Khashoggi's killing took seven minutes, Turkish source tells MEE

Tubaigy began to cut Khashoggi’s body up on a table in the study while he was still alive

No-deal Brexit is ‘more likely than ever,’ Donald Tusk tells EU leaders

Trader Warns "Markets Are Less Calm That They're Letting On"

Trading volumes in futures are running at about 50% of their 10-day average. That’s too much movement on thin air. And while the direction is positive, it suggests there are enough traders showing skepticism and just staying away.

Investors Are Most Bearish On The Global Economy Since The Crash

New Highs Or Bust

Significant technical damage has been inflicted

The 2009 support trend line has not broken yet, but got awfully close last week.

ANALYSIS: This line the is second blue line in the chart I've been watching for most of the history of this website. I think it will break that support this week, this week will be a worse down week than last week, the 200DMA will provide resistance, and the line will not touch the 200DMA again for a long time.

And let’s be clear: If this support line sees a sustained break the bull market is over.

Yes we are massively oversold, but are we too oversold perhaps indicating this sell off was different and a bearer of things to come?

ANALYSIS: The final chart in this long article shows that the market is now the most oversold since Lehman, and while oversold is usually an indicator for some upside, last time it was this oversold we had the post-Lehman crash.

The Perils Of Trade With Machine Learning: "One Pin Drop Can Make You Lose 20 Years Of Returns"

The most likely bubble to pop should the pin drop at the wrong angle, is the BTFD bubble.

If you’re buying the dips with machine learning, Koulajian says, it’s easy to congratulate yourself on using much more complex model optimization and lose sight of the larger risks.

Hedge Fund CIO: "Some See Parallels Between Today And The Late-1930s, Which Led To World War II"

Now signs of a cycle swing abound; shifting trade agreements

Yes, Something Just Broke

Saudi Stocks Crash Most Since 2016

Market Crash? Another 'Red Card' For The Economy

We are not facing a panic created by a black swan

ANALYSIS: I disagree, obviously. I think the panic was sparked by my fraud allegations against Exide and my swift exit from that fraud.

What we are experiencing is the evidence of the saturation of excesses built around central banks’ loose policies and the famous “bubble of everything”.

ANALYSIS: This is true also, not true instead. Hopefully it turns my black swan into a nuclear black swan.

You Can Kick The Can Down The Road, But Reality Will Catch Up With You Eventually

Only took five years: Hillary Clinton lost security clearance, State Department confirms

"Potentially Terrible Situation" - President Trump To Speak To Saudi King About 'Missing' Journalist

ANALYSIS: The kings of the Earth get a real bad wrap in the Bible, and it says I will destroy them all.

'Like a death blow': Banned alternative media speak to RT after mass Facebook purge

By spinning the story as a fight against unworthy news trash, Facebook itself is misleading users

ANALYSIS: When I do my own clean up, most of Facebook's upper echelon is going to be lumped in with the unworthy human trash, and many of them unmercifully.

Facebook says hackers saw personal info of 14 million people

ANALYSIS: If we crucify the families of all those Facebook employees involved, and put all of Facebook's principals in the gas chamber, then that will discourage the next group of fucktards from being so retarded.

US model dies after being shot in the neck while driving her car in unexplained crime

Turks Had Saudi Consulate Bugged With Audio: Khashoggi Death Chronology Details Leaked

ANALYSIS: To the extent that I see memes everywhere, the disappearance of this man whose name is Cash O.G. at the hands of the Saudis who were my lying counter party at the beginning of my brief career as a computer guy, I wonder if the abduction of Cash O.G. is related to the fraud executed by Exide when I was still working on the same project across, at least, Elavon, Lexis Nexis, North Highland, and then finally Exide. The down trend of going from one office that sucked to a worse office that sucked worse with worse coworkers in it was really obvious in my brief C.G. career. If the Saudis have been against me then I will kill everyone on that peninsula before I irrigate it.

MORE ANALYSIS: Indeed, I have long speculated that someone has fraudulently engaged my person in a marriage, unbeknownst to myself, and they are reporting Khashoggi went into this building to get divorce papers. I have never been married, and I am not married, and if my person is married then that is fraud which should be corrected immediately.

Russia 'launches criminal investigation' into rocket failure

ANALYSIS: This is pretty suspicious coming on the heels of those holes drilled in the Soyuz capsule recently.

Next week, marijuana becomes legal in Canada - Story

Yes, women in science still have a disadvantage.

On one end of the spectrum are those who think that the current gender-balance correctly reflects qualification and nothing needs to be done.

ANALYSIS: Sabine, I like you and you seem smart to me even with your recent war on beauty (which I totally disagree with because all true laws are beautiful.) However, this comment is painfully wrong. It is the middle of the spectrum where people think the current distribution is correct. On the end of the spectrum are the people who think women are over-represented.

MORE ANALYSIS: If physics is as anti-woman as Sabine paints it, then what community was it that jumped on that man who wore the shirt with the sexy ladies on it? Given, that guy was a total pussy for crying about it and apologizing instead of telling them to fuck off, but what community was that which was so unanimous in calling him a monster for doing something that might have offended a woman that ate too much when she was younger? That community was the very one Sabine paraphrases as shouting, "Oh look, a WOMAN!!!," every time she walks in to a room.

Rosenstein Bails On Congressional Testimony

Solomon points out that Rosenstein's comments happened right around the time former FBI Director James Comey was fired.

ANALYSIS: Someone is definitely recording me and then giving the recordings to those who heckle me without any other way to know what to heckle me about than to have seen some recording. I hate this and everyone involved should be killed, and their children and their cousins and their cousins' children.

MORE ANALYSIS: Indeed, one of the other hobos at the homeless shelter I stayed at in 2017 told me that they had done this exact 25th Amendment to me. He said it was, "A theory they were testing," that they could remove me without even first installing me. However, I must confess that I have no idea what I might have been removed from or installed into, and I don't see what the 25th Amendment has to do with it.

Rosenstein-McCabe feud dates to standoff in front of Mueller

Lawmakers had sought a private question-and-answer session with Rosenstein on the issue on Thursday, but on Wednesday officials announced the meeting had been postponed indefinitely.

Goldman Sachs aide plunges from a hotel balcony after ‘stealing boss’s wine’ worth $1.2m

ANALYSIS: When those who have been stealing my sperm start killing themselves because they don't want to end up fucking a chicken, I hope they are not so cowardly as to leave their loved ones to that fate.

Top clubs raided as Belgian football rocked by massive corruption scandal

Mysterious Deep-Space Flashes: 19 More 'Fast Radio Bursts' Found

Their source is the topic of much discussion and debate.

ANALYSIS: I think the FRB signal comes from a mega-dielectric breakdown attendant to black hole lightning.

'Just say no' to drug legalization: WHO chief

ANALYSIS: This reveals the WHO as a shill for drug cartels. Making drugs illegal does not affect addiction rates so neither would making them legal. However, making them legal would keep addiction from sucking every penny out of addicts and making them illegal allows the cartels to make tons of money that would otherwise be a modest income for farmers producing lucrative commodities.