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Jerome Corsi Says He Has Defense Agreement With Trump, Received Limited Immunity From Mueller

He claims that Sekulow, Trump’s lawyer, suggested the agreement could be verbal in nature and did not need to be put in writing.

ANALYSIS: I think this lawyer Jay "Secular" Sekulow is a lawyer that used to train with us at Alliance: Jay Fisher (Fischer?). He moved to Colorado shortly after the Batman shooting.

ANALYSIS: This mention of "verbal agreements" makes me think back on all those suspicions I've had that someone is taking a brain scan log of my imagination and categorizing it as a "verbal record" because my imagination conforms to the standard of what is called subvocalization, a/k/a saying the words in my head, when in fact I have never verbalized any of it, and all of it was purely in my imagination.

MORE ANALYSIS: I did extensively fantasize about having thousands or millions of children after I got my physics accolades sorted out, but those were only my day dreams and I never authorized anyone to make a baby factory with my semen, and it was always my intention to enact that fantasy after my physics accolades were straightened out, a/k/a the time when women would cease to find me so uniformly repulsive. I gave no verbal agreements, and I feel confident that my enemy is using some legal framework in which my own having entertained a course of action in my imagination is taken as "verbal" consent for my enemy to do whatever he wants to do even while my fantasies regarding babies were always regarding that time after my physics accolades were sorted out.

EVEN MORE ANALYSIS: There is no verbal agreement without a vocalization of the terms of the agreement. The sub-vocalization which is part of my non-verbal imagination is my own private thought process and has no externally facing facets. Verbalization requires acoustic waves in the air; simple brain waves are not enough to constitute vocalization and I have never discussed making babies or cuckoldry in any fashion with anyone, on any occasion, ever.

The Guardian Caught Backpedaling On Assange-Manafort Story After WikiLeaks Denial

Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's former campaign manager, held secret talks with Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London,

ANALYSIS: I think it's likely that these "secret talks" refer to Manafort impersonating the manager at my gym and maybe exchanging with me a few words about jiu jitsu and absolutely nothing else... and certainly never that he was someone aside from Rolls Gracie's last belck belt. I have no awareness of meeting any Paul Manafort; the face of that person is only familiar to me because it reminds me of the person who wore the red and black belt when I went to Alliance. If Manfort was giving me the false pretense that he had earned that belt according to the IBJJF standard, but he did not, and assuming some friendship with me based on non-existent common interest in jiu jitsu, then everything else about the meeting was in bad faith. Certainly, even in good faith, I have never conducted any official discussions at Alliance and non of the things I said amount to more than shooting the shit with my comrades.

MORE ANALYSIS: Before I decided to move to Israel in 2017, I had told him several times that I was thinking about going, so that is an example of something other than jiu jitsu I mentioned, but he never said anything about it as far as my recollection goes. I think I mentioned to him when I got the Presidential Fellowship, but I don't think there was much we ever talked about besides our alleged common interest in jiu jitsu. I was content to write off the man's changing appearance to time travel effects, and if there was a gang of men claiming to have had secret talks me disguised as Roll's Gracie's last black belt then I am unaware of them and their existence is only a lingering suspicion that I harbor. Indeed, with regards to the changing faces, I always saw the belt and showed the appropriate deference. If someone was wearing the belt without earning it, then that is an act of deception and I am completely open to responding to such disrespectful actions with death and torture.

Manafort held secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian embassy, sources say

ANALYSIS: Was it even a secret from Assange that these talks happened? When he says, "Talks," does he mean, "Assange imagined some conversation while I was attacking him with my psychic techniques?"

MORE ANALYSIS: I am quite certain that my enemies are using the brain scan log of my imagination to say that they have communicated with me, or that we have discussed things that in truth were only my own private imaginings, but they are liars who do lie. My brain scan log contains nothing but my own imagination and if they have an implant that influences my imagination then they should be put to death for cutting my body, and also the context of the influence from the implant must be tallied as my own active imagination because I am unable to differentiate my own imagination from any psychic attacks they may submit me to via their psychic influence devices.

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort held secret talks with Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy

ANALYSIS: Was Assange aware that talks he may have had with someone in the embassy, talks he may have considered just bullshitting with the other people around him in an informal gym setting, were actually with Manafort? Was Assange aware that Manafort was reporting these informal, indefinite talks as formal and definitive... even while Manafort was disguised as someone else so as to deceive Assange about his identity?

It is unclear why Manafort would have wanted to see Assange and what was discussed.

ANALYSIS: To the extent that Assange is a cover story for me, Manafort seemingly went to go create a context for making abomination babies under the auspices of a greater cuckold theater production.

Why Manafort might have sought out Assange in 2013 is unclear.

ANALYSIS: Perhaps when Manafort disguised himself as another man and then had secret talks with Assange which were even secret from Assange himself, and wherein Assange's "verbal agreements" may have been nothing more that his private entertaining of ideas in his imagination, Manafort reported that Assange authorized the creation of a new race of people in Ukraine grown from semen Assange never agreed to provide and which led to the recent collapse of the government in Ukraine?

MORE ANALYSIS: The whole crux of this matter is that Manafort and collaborators will claim that entertaining an idea in one's imagination is tantamount to giving it verbal consent but that is wrong and stupid.

In May 2017, Manafort flew to Ecuador to hold talks with the country’s president-elect Lenín Moreno. The discussions, days before Moreno was sworn in, and before Manafort was indicted – were ostensibly about a large-scale Chinese investment.

ANALYSIS: This seems like Manafort was selling my semen to the Chinese too, and the Chinese should know that Manafort sold them poison, and I will destroy all of those creatures, and their mothers and father figures, and the other children of those pairs, and maybe the brothers and sisters of the mother and father figure and their children too, and if I have to nuke every city in China and use hunter killer drones to mop up survivors for the next hundred years then that is exactly what I will do.

MORE ANALYSIS: It is one thing to impregnate a beautiful woman with my semen, but it is altogether another crime, one equally deserving of death, to use my semen to impregnate a woman who is disgusting to me and whose child is something I never would have created even after my accolades get straightened out.

In "Stunning Turaround", Mueller Says Manafort Lied, Violated Plea Agreement, Should Be Sentenced Immediately

ANALYSIS: I skipped the court appearance today by exercising my right of sovereign navigation. I winder if theu said we had a deal so that I would dropped into the detainment facility again today by willingly appearing in court.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office says Paul Manafort broke his cooperation deal by lying

Manafort’s significance to the Mueller probe is not entirely clear.

AMALYSIS: Manafort is a cuckold theater agent if I'm not mistaken... and I hate cuckoldry. Everyone involved in those cuckold proceedings against me should be defiled, and their people.

Netanyahu's prosecutor recommends indictment in two cases

ANALYSIS: What about Case 3000 and the crimes of the woman? Is it not true that Netanyahu's wife impersonated on at least one occasion Emily Hancock for the purposes of engaging me in non-consensual and rape-like sexual activity? And it is not true that the "German submarines" are the abominations grown from my own improperly harvested semen when the Israelis were faced with the unpalatable alternative of fertilizing their women with their own supply of inferior Israeli semen? All of these children will die, and the mothers, and the mothers' other children, and the fathers, and the fathers' other children, and quite possibly the brothers and sisters of the mother and father and their children too. This is the price I will extract because they have chosen to engage in their wicked Jewish cuckoldry rather than to send their good-looking women directly to me, not disgusting porcine crones like Netanyahu's wife, for ordinary insemination. Furthermore, in the case of Jews who did this, it is even more likely that the brothers and sisters will be killed, and their children, because it is my intention to redeem the inheritance they received from Jacob which is death.

MORE ANALYSIS: Is it not true that one of the gangstalkers sitting behind me at Wendy's this week is Netanyahu's son: Michael Bixon?

In "Unprecedented Move", Parliament Seizes Facebook Documents After Latest Zuckerberg Snub

The documents were seized from the CEO of a US startup, Six4Three, who had been traveling in the UK on business.

Unsurprisingly, members of DCMS laughed in Zuckerberg's face, with one MP tweeting that it was "too late"...

"More next week."

This is coming at the worst possible time for Facebook

ANALYSIS: While I was at the Atlanta Mission in 2017, I had a dream that I woke up to find Mark Zuckerberg felating me. I felt immediate revulsion and my stomach turned, and then I woke up in the morning. Was this a dream? Or did they hypnotize/drug me to provide me as an incapacitated sexual servant for Zuckerberg's self-glorification?

Internal documents Facebook has fought to keep private obtained by UK Parliament

"I think it's really important to understand that they have fought tooth and nail to prevent this evidence from becoming public which we believe the world should see. We believe everyone should see this evidence because they have the right to know the truth,"

Secret Facebook emails by Mark Zuckerberg over data-sharing scandal are seized by Parliament's Serjeant-at-Arms and could now be released by MPs despite US court ordering them to remain private

MI6 Scrambling To Stop Trump From Releasing Classified Docs In Russia Probe

“It boils down to the exposure of people”, said one US intelligence official, adding: “We don’t want to reveal sources and methods.”

ANALYSIS: Does that include exposing my own blood as more royal that any of those fair-haired children of the queen? Do those methods include lying at about any- and everything to any- and everyone, far and wide, and at all times???

President Trump issued an order to the DOJ to release a wide swath of materials, "immediately" and "without redaction."

ANALYSIS: Out of everything in public, this is, in my opinion, the weakest of all of Trump's actions because surely he knew that the information would be bad for those other countries before he decided to do it. I hope he does it.

Trump's allies in Washington, meanwhile, have suggested that the facts laid out before us mean that the ongoing Russia investigation was invalid from the start.

ANALYSIS: I think this is likely. I think the full legal analysis will show that these people have no jurisdiction over me and that I am a sovereign entity: the Sovereign Lord God. I remember after I had been protesting for a while, someone who had pulled a gun on me got killed by a cop and then Clinton said to me, "You got your autonomy, congrats," as if Mr. 46 had somehow granted to me the freedom I already enjoyed as his superior. Also, Clinton, to me, seems like the kind of person that might be created if Prince William and Jared Kushner had a baby. He said, "You got your autonomy," but that was the only thing I ever heard about it and now I think it was just the guy at the top of the bottom pretending like he wasn't one of the bottom tier guys in his LARP as someone who grant autonomy to me.

Assange’s lawyers blocked from entering Ecuadorian embassy

CIA Has "Smoking Gun Phone Call" Of MbS Giving Order To "Silence" Khashoggi: Report

Turkish sources have signaled more major evidence is coming.

ANALYSIS Erdogan is my favorite political leader leader lately.

Trump Signs Order Closing Border With Mexico, Authorizing Lethal Force

Still, details were missing as the White House hasn’t released the order and Trump wasn’t clear about his directive.

ANALYSIS: I wonder if he's authorizing the use of plutonium to make sure no one publishes my name in a good way.

Mattis: CIA Hasn't "Fully Established" Who Is Responsible For Khashoggi Killing

ANALYSIS: I think the reason that the CIA is having such a hard time "fully establishing" what is going on with me is that they fully established several years ago already that as soon as they recognize my legitimate authority I will use it to put very many of them to death and torture, and their public humiliation will be the greatest in magnitude of all public humiliations in the history of the universe. Furthermore, those that I would have merely put to death in 2015 are those whose entire families I would torture in 2018, and they know that too, and they know that as long they keep saying, "We haven't fully established yet," the people around them will keep saying, "Oh, ok. Take your time." In 2019, however, I will probably be looking to put the families of that second group into torture too. I am going to make an epic torture fest that does full justice to the wrath of God described in the primary religious texts.

We can expect oil prices to take another leg lower.

Comey Subpoenaed, Demands Public Testimony

ANALYSIS: The "in the light" meme gets cancelled by the "I can't answer that because it's classified" meme.

House GOP 'Working With Whistleblowers' In Clinton Foundation Prob

Deutsche Bank Shares Hit Record Low On Massive Money Laundering Fears

ANALYSIS: This news makes me want to expedite the Trump/Deutsche inquiry that Waters has mentioned.

"Dozens" Of Princes Turn Against MbS As King Salman's Brother Waits In The Wings

Whistleblower Implicates Deutsche Bank In $150 Billion Money Laundering Scandal

Were The Devastating California Wildfires Caused By Directed-Energy Weapons?

Bear Market Growl Grows Louder

ANALYSIS: Following the pattern of the tech crash and the credit crash, the peak to bottom of this crash should be less than one year if the pattern holds.

Fortunately, up to this point, there has not been a triggering of margin debt, as of yet, which remains the “gasoline”to fuel a rapid market decline.

It also burns “white hot”on the way down as investors are forced to liquidate to cover margin calls.

The reason I bring this up is that, so far, the market has not declined enough to “trigger” margin calls. At least not yet. But exactly where is that level?

This cycle will continue until the liquidation process is complete.

There is a point where portfolios become an “Imported Rug Store” and “Everything Must Go.”

'OptionSellers.com' Goes Dark After "Catastrophic Loss Event" In NatGas "Rogue Wave"

On November 15, 2018, OptionSellers.com notified its investors in an email entitled “Catastrophic Loss Event” that it not only lost all their money, but that they would also owe money to Intl FC Stone for margin calls.

ANALYSIS: Countrywide.

It overran our risk control systems and left us at the mercy of the market. This has in effect, crippled the firm.

Netanyahu takes over as defense minister, claims times too difficult for early election

Is The Gaza Ceasefire The End For Netanyahu?

Israel is deterred. It does not want to launch another war on Gaza.

NALYSIS: Whatever power dynamic it is that makes Israel choose not to brutally rape Gaza day and night unceasingly with their conventional military forces does not get much attention in the media. I am quite certain that Israel would do exactly that if they thought it would earn them another shekel... but they don't think that. I am glad because Hamas is close to my heart after Helene has made it known how little regard she has for Hamas, but I don't fully understand the complete dynamic of power, but if she hates them then I assume they are good.

Scientists spend too much time on the old

Too often, scientists expect to do bigger, more expensive versions of the research that worked before. Instead, what society often needs is for researchers to strike out in entirely new directions.

The way that scientists now are trained and hired seems to discourage them from striking off in bold new directions.

So what science needs isn’t an even bigger particle collider; it needs something that scientists haven’t thought of yet.

Hillary Clinton Ordered To Answer Additional Questions Under Oath About Private Email Server

Comey, Lynch To Receive Subpoenas From House GOP

Copy-Paste Error Reveals Assange Already Facing US Indictment

Mueller Investigation "Not In Jeopardy" Says Lindsey Graham After Meeting With Acting AG Whitaker

ANALYSIS: Did he obtain any of those signatures by fraud or deception, or perhaps under hypnosis?

Mueller again? Trump bashes ‘disgraceful’ Russia probe

A “subpoena cannon” to target Trump and everyone around him.

7 resignations and counting: May’s government ‘falling apart before our eyes’ over Brexit deal

ANALYSIS: Everyone in Helene's org is getting fired. 100%

Bomb Egypt, behead disloyal Arabs: Israel parts ways with 'Jewish ISIS' defense chief

Calling for disloyal Arabs to be beheaded

ANALYSIS: That is some brain he's got in his head when he wants to behead the disloyal Arabs while entire Israeli government is disloyal to me: the King of Israel.

As far as Lieberman is concerned, any Israeli who supports negotiations with Hamas is a collaborator who should be put to death.

ANALYSIS: All Israeli Jews should be put to death for installing a government that rejected my right of return.

Political Crisis In Israel: Defense Minister Resigns, Slams Netanyahu For "Surrendering to Hamas"

"What we're doing now as a state is buying short-term quiet, with the price being severe long-term damage to national security,"

ANALYSIS: This is another mind-boggling statement for me. By continuing to reject me, they delay my order to kill them all, but the delay decreases the number of them that will get merciful deaths when that time inevitably arrives.

Mueller Set To Issue New Indictments "As Soon As Today"; Stone, Corsi, Don Jr. In Crosshairs

Israeli Tanks Prepare Imminent Gaza Offensive After "Green Light" For "Major Retaliation"

ANALYSIS: The flailings of a dying monster.

Former CIA Officer: Brennan And Clapper Should Not Escape Prosecution

Recently declassified documents show that the former CIA director and former director of national intelligence approved illegal spying on Congress and then classified their crime.

Grassley had had his requests to declassify the documents ignored repeatedly throughout the last two years of the Obama administration. He decided to try again because all of the Obama people at the CIA and DNI are gone now. This time, his request was approved.

ANALYSIS: I once asked Helene twenty questions in an email and later Grassley wrote a nice letter with twenty questions in it, and it seemed like a meme.

The CIA is required by law to inform the Congressional oversight committees whenever one of its officers, agents, or administrators breaks the law, when an operation requires Congressional approval because it is a “covert action” program, or whenever something happens at the CIA that’s potentially controversial and the Agency wants to save itself the embarrassment of explaining itself to Congress later.

But Brennan and Clapper classified the notification. It was like a taunt. “Sure, I’m spying on Congress, which is illegal. But it’s classified, so what are you going to do about it?”

In these declassified notifications, he’s confessing to hacking into the Senate’s computer system. That’s a violation of a whole host of laws, from illegal use of a government computer to wire fraud to espionage. There ought to be a price to pay for it

Second, it’s a crime, a felony, to overclassify government information.

“What sources or methods would be jeopardized by the declassification of these notifications? After four-and-a-half years of bureaucratic foot-dragging, led by Brennan and Clapper, we finally have the answer: None.”

ANALYSIS: What about their modus operandi: the fraud method? Clapper seems not unlike "Bob" from Lexis Nexis who told me I was well hidden and memed to me that they had already entered my person's ID into the table that serves as a record of death: the death table.

So why weren’t they declassified four years ago? Remember, it’s illegal to classify a crime.

How Khashoggi was killed: Erdogan says chilling audio sent to Saudi Arabia, US, UK, France & Germany

“They all know since they all listened to the conversations and everything,” Erdogan said

ANALYSIS: It seems weird that he calls the recording of the muder by the word "conversations." Likely, since Cash O.G. died trying to get his divorce papers on the day I went to Exide to get my own "divorce" docs, I hope these "conversations" are the ones which demonstrate that Exide inserted fraud papers into my hiring and employment docs unrelated to the terms of employment we discussed: I would be the lowest ranking computer bitch in the IT department of their electrical battery operation.

"They've Listened, They Know": Erdogan Announces Turkey Shared Khashoggi Death Tapes With U.S.

Pentagon Ceases Refueling Saudi Jets In Yemen Ahead Of Sanctions On Riyadh

The Trump administration is ending air refueling flights for the Saudi military campaign in Yemen and preparing sanctions against Saudis linked to the killing of Jamal Khashoggi

ANALYSIS: It doesn't add up how they will cease to help the Saudis kill thousands, and starve millions, of Yemenis because they also killed one other person. Likely, the real story is that the Saudis were somehow complicit in Exide's fraud shenanigans.

Hedge Funds Brace For A November 15 Bloodbath

Tensions rising between Mueller, Manafort over level of cooperation: Sources

Jeff Sessions Resigns As Attorney General; Whitaker To Take Over Mueller Probe

Mueller Has Begun Writing "Final Report" On Trump-Russia Amid DOJ Shakeup

They will have the ability to expand investigations into Trump, his businesses and his associates.

ANALYSIS: I wish the Democrats the best of luck of these endeavors.

Adam Schiff , who will lead the House Intelligence Committee, told the Los Angeles Times on Monday that he will revive the investigation into so-called "Russian collusion" - vowing to go after Trump's personal business interests.

ANALYSIS: If Trump dipped his finger into the semen rackets then he's probably been gulping huge mouthfuls of my semen ever since, and I hope he burns in hell for it, and his family, and I hope his public humiliation in the preceding times is burningly magnificent.

In Huge Shift, UAE To Reopen Embassy In Damascus As Gulf Rapprochement With Assad Likely

Scholze, Stix don't have the magic power to veto arbitrary proofs

But according to Senia, proofs are obliged to contain enough detail that any competent mathematician in the area may reconstruct the full proof if needed.

ANALYSIS: If this is true, I should have no problem publishing my Riemann hypothesis paper. The American Mathematical Society already rejected it with no reason given.

In reality, the history makes it totally clear that deep enough game-changing results in mathematics – but also in physics and all natural sciences – often face the violent misunderstanding not only by "some" professionals in the area but, rather frequently, "most" professionals in the area if not an overwhelming majority. So the condition Senia "demands" would have made many – if not most – of the truly important advances in mathematics and science impossible.

A simple reason why they may fail to understand Mocizuki's papers may be simply because they're far weaker, less creative, less imaginative mathematicians than he is

Scholze is sort of a darling of certain community

ANALYSIS: I think it is likely that, as the darling of that community, he is beholden to them when they have given him an instruction to disgree with Mochizuki.

This website is written in Czech English, some of you appreciate it

ANALYSIS: Hey Luboš, what is the deal with the Bogdanoffs?

The U.S. "Cannot Win Militarily" In Afghanistan, Says Top Commander In Shocking Interview

Taliban now controls more territory than ever before in recent years.

ANALYSIS: What information does this guy have that they didn't have before they spend that $840 billion?!

El Chapo in dock for biggest US drugs trial

"Is it going to stop even one additional pound of cocaine from coming into the United States? Probably not. The machine keeps rolling,"


Commerce Committee Investigating Twitter CEO For Lying Under Oath

Twitter wrongly shadowbanned some 600,000 accounts

Social media company's seemingly arbitrary banning of conservatives.

ANALYSIS: The way that the left-leaning social media companies have come to be the censors of the Orwellian post-9/11 USA is a good indication that 9/11 was planned inside the Clinton administration, if not the Clinton White House

"Twitter has not yet provided responses to members’ questions for the record, despite an October 15th deadline,"

Israeli Company Sold iPhone Spyware To Saudis Knowing Riyadh Would Purge Dissidents

Female circumcision in Moscow clinic sparks 'complete shock'

ANALYSIS: I think it is important to distinguish clitoral removal surgery from circumcision of the minor labia and possibly the clitoral hood. Circumcising the minor labia makes the adult women not have unsightly meat flaps in her vagina and removing the hood of the clitoris, allegedly, increases the sexual pleasure that can be attained the woman. Therefore, it is important to distinguish female circumcision from female genital mutilation. Indeed, when the meat flaps are removed on the young girl her vagina will grow accordingly but when the adult woman opts for vaginaplasty to remove the unsightly meant flaps sometimes there remains a space where the absent tissue had been.

NY Fed Demanded Goldman Improve Compliance Controls After 1MDB Bond Offerings

Senior bankers' ignorance of red flags is appearing increasingly deliberate.

This suggests that more shady deals could eventually come to light.

Blankfein was instrumental in helping suspend the bank's compliance controls to ensure that the bank won the business to underwrite three bond offerings for Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB regardless of obvious evidence of corruption.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed isn't alone in thinking that Goldman Sachs' compliance controls "don't work very well."

Latest indication of just how blatantly the bank flouted compliance best practices in pursuit of the deal

This suggests that more shady deals could eventually come to light.

The changes reportedly affected all of the Goldman's investment committees around the world after the Fed asked why so few deals had been rejected on grounds that they were too risky or inappropriate.

Leissner stayed in the room, even as the minutes of the meeting recorded him as having recused himself.

Najib also ordered that paragraphs containing two versions of 1MDB’s financial statements for the year ending 2014 be removed from the document

ANALYSIS: This seems to include everything from the rapists entering my apartment without my permission to Exide's plan to make me and my customers think that the data I was sending them was PROD data rather than the QA data which they had edited.

Johnstone: Newsweek Says It's Important For Powerful People To Be Able To Lie To Us With Impunity

Any think tank with the words “foreign policy” in its title is nothing other than a group of intellectuals who are paid by plutocrats to come up with the best possible arguments for why it would be very good and smart to do things that are very evil and stupid

Police Admit They Killed The Wrong Suspect In Alabama Mall Shooting

ANALYSIS: If the police don't also admit that they shot the wrong person because they are actually working for the criminal mastermind who told them to blame it on the other guy then their contrition and repentance sum to zero.

Mueller report will be 'devastating' for the president: Frequent Trump defender

Assange Lawyers Barred From Visiting Client Ahead Of US Court Hearing

Assange is facing a US court hearing Tuesday

ANALYSIS: I have court on Monday. I got arrested for shoplifting since I wanted to eat that day but I had no money to buy food.

The hearing is being called to remove the secrecy order on the charges against Assange

The dangerous precedent that Assange's prosecution could set for all journalists.

ANALYSIS: I think the dangerous precedent for journalism is that you have to be a federal agent of some sort to be an MSM contributor these days.

Lockheed Martin Is Now Building NASA's Quiet Supersonic Jet

ANALYSIS: Lockheed spontaneously im the news this week after I've been recapping my Lockheed-related conspiracy theory.

My Lockheed-related conspiracy theory

My Lockheed-related conspiracy theory (short version)

Ukraine To Impose Martial Law After Russia "Fires At Ukraine Ships", Seizes Three Vessels Off Crimea

All shades of grey: Russian ‘BDSM club raid’ video is a MYSTERY after police deny partaking

Police admit they ‘likely’ killed the wrong suspect in Alabama mall shooting

"We Are Not There Yet": Prior Bear Markets Suggest Even More Pain For Oil

Decline will not end until we see a low in equity markets, and as we have noted in recent reports, we're not there yet.

In Unprecedented Clash, EU Rejects Italy's Budget, Paves Way For Sanctions

The most significant sign yet that the confrontation between Italy and Europe is heading toward the point of no return, the European Union confirmed Wednesday morning that it would officially reject Italy's budget plan

The Italian plan represents a "particularly grave disrespect" of EU budget rules

Blankfein Met Privately With Fugitive At Center Of 1MDB Fraud In Goldman's HQ

US Equity Futures Are Tumbling

Stocks Slammed Into Red For 2018 Amid Carnage In Crude, Crypto, & Credit

All major US equity indices went red on the year.

"The Market Is Killing Us" - European Stocks Crash To 2-Year Lows

US is grabbing the headlines as the hedge fund hotels and momentum darlings of the last 10 years have suddenly collapsed

Oil Crashes Most In 3 Years, Triggering CTA "Max Short" Programs

And with WTI now below $53, it is likely that any additional declines will only lead to even more algos jumping on the short side and accelerating what is already a historic plunge.

The present phase of stagnation in the foundations of physics is not normal

I have some numbers for you on that too. Oh, yes, I love numbers. They’re so factual.

If you look at the history of science, it was working on the hard mathematical problems that led to breakthroughs. If you look at the sociology of science, bad incentives create substantial inefficiencies. If you look at the psychology of science, no one likes change.

From the inside, it looks like business as usual, just that nothing comes out of it. This is not a problem that will go away by itself.

ANALYSIS: This problem is in the class of problems that will be drowned in the fury of the spilling of the cup of the Lord's wrath.

New paper claims that LIGO’s gravitational wave detection from a neutron star merger can’t be right

For most physicists, including me, this detection removed any remaining doubts about LIGO’s event-detection.

ANALYSIS: For me, I still wonder if gravitational wave astronomy is a sham and all their detection events are inserted as needed to secure future funding. I do not understand how they can use mirrors made of atoms whose radii are ~10^-10 to detect signals on the order of 10^-18. When I pose this issue, they usually say, "You can do it with statistics," and then leave it at that. To me, this is like that scene in the Wizard of Oz where he says, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!!" Gravity wave astronomy may well be legitimate, but I would think there would be a clear explanation of how the experiments work if that was the case. I am no statistician but just by doing an order of magnitude estimation seems like there is no way to detect these signals with physical mirrors. If you could use a mathematical mirror, a surface with a uniform position, then I see how it would work but I do not see how it could work with physical mirrors.

An Italian group which claims that the gravitational wave signal of the neutron-star merger event must be fishy.

ANALYSIS: Fishy indeed.

Facebook is on track to post its longest losing streak ever

Major Syrian Army Assault On Southeast Idlib As Sochi Deal Unravels

Though the Syrian war has grown cold in terms of international spotlight and media interest since September, it is likely again going to ramp up dramatically over the next few months.

ANALYSIS: Syria is a prime candidate in my mind for the detention location which looks superficially like a major America city. However, if I had been on the surface in Syria when I went in the sunshine for one hour last April, I think I would have gotten sunburned at that latitude.

CIA ‘concludes with high confidence’ Saudi Crown Prince ordered Khashoggi murder

Search on for 1,276 now missing after California's deadliest...

‘Total devastation’: Trump visits California as wildfire death toll jumps to 76, with 1,276 missing

Mexico considers legalizing marijuana during its war on drugs

Andrej Babiš associates allegedly kidnap son

Andrej Babiš, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, has been accused of authorizing the kidnapping of his son Andrej Babiš Junior to prevent him from testifying in a fraud investigation.

ANALYSIS: This is very memey.

Czech PM at centre of new scandal over his son’s shocking revelations

Babiš Jr. also revealed that he had signed some papers, but had no idea what he was signing.

ANALYSIS: Another meme!!! However, I did have some idea what I signing. I was told that the documents given to me would formalize the terms of employment Rod and I had discussed. If I had no idea what was in them then I would not have signed them without reading them. I signed them without reading them because I had already been told what was in them. The problem is that the fraud agents at Exide lied to me about what was in them.

ANALYSIS: After having read these articles, I notice that even the name "Babis" is a meme name given my concern that someone has been improperly harvesting my semen to impregnate women under the auspices of someone's cuckold fetish instead of directly sending the beautiful women to for old fashioned impregnation.

MORE ANALYSIS: It will be very easy for me to determine who to kill when I ask the question, "Who did the cuckold like while they hated me?"

Ebola Outbreak "Worst In Congo's History" As Hundreds Dead; Risk Of Spread To Uganda "Very High"

Israel set for early elections after cabinet breaks up, source says

Assange Indictment By DOJ May Trigger Extradition To US, According To "Recent Developments"

Five Saudis Face Death Penalty Over Khashoggi Killing; Crown Prince Cleared

Asked whether Saud al-Qahtanti, an aide to Prince Mohammed, had any role in the case, Shaalan said that a royal adviser had a coordinating role and had provided information.

ANALYSIS: al-Qahtanti is not a very Arab sounding name.

November Snow In Texas? Experts Warn Decreased Solar Activity Will Shatter All Global Climate Models

There have been virtually no sunspots in 2018 as solar activity has dropped to alarmingly low levels.

Malaysian Prime Minister Fumes "Obviously We Have Been Cheated By Goldman Sachs"

Yesterday, Goldman shares cemented their largest two-day drop since 2010, crashing to a two-year low

"There is evidence that Goldman Sachs has done things that are wrong,"

One thing is clear: This is far from over.

ANALYSIS: That thing is not so clear to me.

Crude Crashes As Saudis Abandon OPEC Production Curbs

WTI has now retraced 60% of the two-year uptrend...

Goldman Crashes To 2-Year Lows As Malaysia Seeks "Full Refund" On 1MDB Deals

Rickards: The Fed Is "Triple-Tightening" Into Crisis

The Fed uses equilibrium models to understand an economy that is not an equilibrium system; it’s a complex dynamic system.

ANALYSIS: Rickards seems really smart to me.

Clinically Dead Veteran Miraculously Wakes Up

He was in much better shape than anyone could have imagined.

Khashoggi’s Last Words Revealed As Turkish Media Plans To Publish Audio Death Tape

It will also raise serious questions for Washington and European officials who have apparently heard the recording but did not divulge or confirm that they had direct knowledge of such absolute certain proof that this was an official Saudi hit ordered at the highest levels.

It will also raise serious questions for Washington and European officials who have apparently heard the recording but did not divulge or confirm that they had direct knowledge of such absolute certain proof that this was an official Saudi hit ordered at the highest levels.

It will be interesting to see if President Trump himself addresses the audio recording in statements this week - something he may be forced to do if the audio is indeed leaked or published by Turkish press, as the Daily Sabah is now vowing to do.

Israel Conducts Daring Special Forces Raid Deep Into Gaza, Kills Top Commander

ANALYSIS: This makes me want to have children with women from Gaza.

Impeaching Trump An Option Top Democrats Don’t Want To Touch

“The Justice Department is a crime scene, and we’re busy roping it off with yellow tape,”

The party’s takeover of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees all but guarantees a flurry of subpoenas intended to force Trump associates to answer questions and provide documents.

ANALYSIS: This sentence was a pleasure to read, a joy to the senses.

Under Republicans, those panels largely blocked such moves by Democrats while pursuing the contention that the investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 election was tainted from the beginning by anti-Trump bias in the FBI and Justice Department.

“We’re here to remind Mr. Nadler that a House majority doesn’t give liberals license to chase political vendettas at deep cost "

ANALYSIS: Collins of Georgia is wrong. This is exactly what it does. Will they do it? I'll believe it when I see it.

Burying The Other Russia Story: WSJ Editors Expose The House Democrats' Real Plan

Mr. Trump should revisit his decision and help Mr. Nunes and House Republicans finish the job in the lame duck session of revealing the truth about the misuse of U.S. intelligence and the FISA court in a presidential election.

ANALYSIS: This sounds like a really good idea to me.

Goldman 'Bear Market Indicator' Nears Record High: "No Limit To The Stupidity Of Wall Street"

"Over the completion of the current market cycle, I fully expect the S&P 500 to lose close to two-thirds of its value from the recent peak."

Ofer Berkovitch: The secular mayor candidate challenging Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox bloc for the soul of the holy city

ANALYSIS: I want people to acknowledge that I am who I am. Who but the Sovereign Lord God has the power to destroy this city?

France Takes The Lead In Protecting Iran Oil Trade From U.S. Sanctions

Oil Slumps Below $60 To 8-Month Lows - Set For Record Losing Streak

In Major Defeat For Trump, Judge Blocks Construction Of Keystone XL Pipeline

CDC Director: Congo's Ebola Outbreak May Not Be Containable

Blankfein Was "Mystery" Goldman Exec Present During 1MDB Meeting Noted By DOJ

ANALYSIS: There was a gaggle of faggots always standing in the back of the bank of cubicles at Exide. One of them looked strikingly like Blankfein.

Major Math Error Puts Widely-Cited Global Warming Study On Ice

DOJ Investigates 'Mystery' Goldman Executive Involved In $4.5 Billion 1MDB Fraud

Leissner has pleaded guilty to fraud charges and is expected to cooperate with authorities against other more-senior officials at the bank.

ANALYSIS: This guy Tim, whose name is an awful like other Goldmanite Tim Geitgner, reminds me an awful lot of one suspicion person that showed up Alliance and got buddy-buddy with me pretty quick. Later, after I tweeted that photo of the Sphinx and I, he appeared in the school the next day looking surprised.

Break-in Reportedly Attempted At Assange's Residence In Ecuador Embassy

Russian police sex scandal: 3 top lawmen arrested after drunken gang-rape of young female detective

2nd Kavanaugh Accuser Admits She Lied; Referred For Criminal Prosecution; Kamala's Office Involved

"A vicious accuser of Justice Kavanaugh has just admitted that she was lying, her story was totally made up, or FAKE! Can you imagine if he didn’t become a Justice of the Supreme Court because of her disgusting False Statements. What about the others? Where are the Dems on this?"

ANALYSIS: This Kavanaugh guy seems like a real cunt to me, and it confirms my opinion of Trump that he picked that guy. I don't know if the allegations were true or not, but I can imagine that whatever the real issue was, people are recanting under duress induced by the enablement of Kavanaugh.

US Rapper T.I. Sued After His 'Token' Allegedly Fails

ANALYSIS: On multiple occasions, each separately telling me multiple times without the presence of the other man, the Atlanta child murderer Joel Steven "Steve" Collins and his son the recently notorious gangster Joel Steven "Joey" Collins, a/k/a El Mencho, have told me how great they thought it was that the rapper TI had his mansion right around the corner from their house. Now... I guess it might kind of make sense for Joey to want to brag about this somehow, earnestly showing pride and not at all mocking a rich black man in the neighborhood, but it strikes me as particularly odd that the elder man Steve has taken, at least once and I think twice, the same in pride in telling me about TI's mansion, and even going so far as to drive me past the front gate to point it out to me.