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The three-quarter looks a lot better on that side of zero. Inflation not quite "solid."

An eye for an eye paraphrases the biblical directive for justice between two parties who are not God, and indeed it could make the whole world blind if the population is exceedingly unwise. However, when one of the parties is God, the paraphrasing should be, "An eye for the branch of the tree of life that supports your place in the universe."

I read the memo. Page's 2016 trip to Moscow reminds me of my own 2009 "trip to Moscow" which was hardly that since it was only a twelve hour layover in the international area at the airport.

I wonder what percentage of the names in the memo refer to fictional personae created by USA Corp for the purposes of playing musical chairs in the blame game with more chairs than players.

It's very Babylonian today.

I wonder how often someone, a well respected person, gets appointed to a position in the US bureaucracy and is then killed and replaced with a disguised Scientologist who is too much of a coward to ever disrupt the status quo and probably has no desire to do so in the first place. Then when the wife says, "You seem different lately," he says, "It's just the stress honey."

Between all the symplectic points and me standing here at the apex point, the crux of the matter is that no one has asked me what the truth is. The same idiots that have misjudged the meaning of my actions and unrelated statements all along surely continue to do so. (This is likely due in part to deliberate misinterpretation that would be impossible in direct communication, and likely due in part to what is called edge sorting where the context of that which is interpreted is hidden from the interpreters.) The fact is that I do want to tell the truth to those who are looking for it but the person who is lying about it tells those people, "No you can't ask him about it, he is too big."

Why do those seeking the truth listen to the little guy who says not to ask me about the truth when I am bigger than him and I say that I do want you to ask me. I have invited you to email me and yet no one does, my inbox is empty. On that glorious and dreadful day when I say, "Why did you listen to him but not me when you know his opinions, desires, and intentions are dogshit compared to my opinions, desires, and intentions?" If you are charged by USA Corp to investigate the truth then I think you should send me an email to request an interview. I desire that you do that, the point of this website is mainly to document the truth. I intend to severely reprimand and mortally reprimand those who obeyed the little guy saying to stay away from me, Mr. Big Guy himself. The reason that the little guys don't want the truthseekers to ever ask me about the truth is because they know I will immediately expose their brazen rebellion against me.

So in closing, the same idiots that have misjudged the meaning of my actions and unrelated statements all along surely continue to do so.

At the Buckhead library they have two portraits on the wall. One is Abe Lincoln and the other looks like it's supposed to be a Sioux indian. I think I detect my face in Abe Lincoln's painting and the painting is not unflattering. In the other painting I see the face of the man who I called Jacaré that told me he was the oldest brother. I'm not sure if he knew that the other one already told me when I was a white or blue belt that his older brother owned a hotel. I don't think he is my enemy. I hope he is not.

I think I detect some familiar eyes in some of the other paintings on the wall in here. Altogether the art is much better here than at the central branch where that mural of the flayed amputee holding what is left of his arms up in a defensive posture dominates the "art" landscape (as does the Friday afternoon scene behind the front desk (and how they have the walls on the fourth floor painted like the walls of our school when it was above MicroSeconds.))

I really think there is some big problem with a cult in the Atlanta-Fulton library system. Here they have the "JizzyPickle" wifi network which is still broadcasting today even though I would snuff it out immediately if I were able. The mural at the central library seems to me like it shows a level of a torturer's simulated descent into hell where the victims go after they become "acclimated" to the level with the chicken. Something Helene says is, "Whatcha bein' a pickle?" It means, "Why are you being mean?," but the context when I hear it is usually, "Why did you get so many points by playing your Scrabble word there?"

Where it says that the Lord God Almighty is merciful know this: I will not torture you like that. When I do it it will be the old fashioned way with knives, pliers, and fire etc. However, if I give you to your enemies then I might forget about your suffering.

Regarding these memos and the small changes, and the edge sorting, and the rebuttal:

The worst kind of lie is the truth just slightly distorted. A total disregard for the truth is not the most evil sort of lie. The most evil sort of lie is almost exactly the truth.

When Schumer says, "Our job is to protect the nation," I feel like he is not properly accounting for God's promises to destroy that nation for their evil ways and then rebuild it from the remnant.

One nation... under God. That's me.

When I first started protesting I asked, "Why are you doing the money so stupidly?" When I figured out the answer I asked, "Why aren't you treating other people the way you want to be treated?" I think I figured that one out and now I have a new question. Do you even like the God of Abraham, the God of the Bible? Even if you don't believe that he is me, do you like what it says about God in the Bible?

I think we need to be real clear about who does and does not like God. People who claim to like Jesus but not God are in the "doesn't like God" group. Then we need to separate into groups completely segregated by whether or not the members like what it says about the God of Abraham in the Bible. If you don't like God, you should be fired from USA Corp immediately. If that is you, then you are the enemy of the state whose mottoes are "In God we trust" and "One nation under God." If that is you, your people should be given to your enemies, and your suffering and lamentations should contribute to the wisdom of those who will be happy to replace you.

Don't they have lies and disguises too? Like the one Helene used to wear when she pranced around the White House as the first lady?

I watched Michael Wolff get kicked off TV this morning. His back is suspiciously huge for someone presenting themselves as some old schlep.

Grave concerns about the accuracy almost sounds like they doubt the accuracy rather than that are gravely concerned about how fucked they are by the accuracy.


Shortly after I pulled up behind Joey and Steve's shiny silver Phoenix food delivery trunk with fleet number 191 in 2016 I saw a weird video on 4chan. It was a man hanging from some straps having spasms and it looked like his arms and legs were cut off. The background in the scene looked like it could have been the inside of the truck. I clicked off the video real quick because it was nasty. In the memes they said, "Ok, good," as though they were happy that I had no idea what I was looking at.

I was thinking about this video again recently for some reason and it magically appeared on 4chan's /sci/ page which is mainly the only one I go to. It was about one minute long and I watched the whole thing. It was the same man suspended from the same straps but the background was different. It looked like a room in a residence with reddish floor tiles. The man's leg was visible and it was like a blackened claw. The person filming the man kind of walked around the man a little and I couldn't understand what I was seeing. I've dwelt on it and I suppose this video gets upvotes under the title "Keep fucking that chicken." It seems like the kind of thing that would be done by the person who made the photos of that man sitting on a box in a grotesque white cat costume. Also, it reminds me of the volunteer at the Atlanta Mission who was Jeff Foxworthy's tagalong. The tagalong called himself the chicken man. The memes at the mission asked me if I knew what "chicken" meant and I thought it meant "children" in the pedo dialect but now I'm not sure I understood that one. Also, I have been thinking about humunculi and that would be inclusive of "children" and "keep fucking that chicken." Whatever that garbage in those videos and pictures is, I will stop it and burn it. I am not afraid of them, they are afraid of me.

Anyway I just saw this JizzyPickle wifi network and it reminded me of that video with the man having spasms. Who is broadcasting that? I am currently right next to the Streets of Buckhead development that was stalled for many years after construction began. It was always my suspicion that after the physical foundations were laid in the development, the pause in construction was used to connect the development to the underground base.

As I was typing this the man who doesn't at all look like the kind of guy to hang out in a library all day got up and left in a hurry.

P.S. A short while after I made this post some decent looking young girl came and sat next to me in the cubicles where usually only the homeless people sit. She looks like she would look totally natural wearing a beany with cat ears on it. Are these videos a woman's malice directed at men so that the women feel safe? They shouldn't feel safe. If they liked those videos I will know and I will burn them.

I've mentioned Bogoff and the Kremlin, and I've mentioned Elaine and Bogoff, but how about Elaine and Pelosi?

If you are someone who ever pointed a camera at me for the purposes of surveillance then your family is almost certainly inside the kill radius. You should kill yourself and maybe I will have mercy on the ones that weren't so boldly irreverent as to point their camera at me. If you don't believe me then you are one of the unbelievers that the Bible goes on and on about.

I think Kathy Geiss, aka Kathy Green, from 30 Rock is based on how ridiculous it is that Yellen is a C-suite person at the Fed.

The more I think about it, the more it nags at me that RT is always posting photos of Hillary that are flattering to her ego by their strict adherence to some "power pose" only policy. I went to Fox News today, they had her picture there but it was covered by a numeral. It was just her ugly face, no gaping maw or theatrical body language.

Before it comes to nuclear war, besides what the American people should do and are being fucking retarded about, the Russian people should probably make a choice between Putin and I. I am the greatest living genius and also the rightful heir to the House of Romanov. Without regard for any actual ideological affiliation or likeness, Putin is the de facto heir to Bolshevism.

Seriously though, what is the point of being Mr. 47 if I can't gun down Mr. 46 in cold blood just because I feel like it, never mind if I have a good reason or not (which I feel like I do?)

What would be the case where everyone "in the know" didn't already know this? I guess it must be that every time 45 guy said, "But he's 47 guy," then 46 guy said, "Fuck you dude," and killed 45 guy.
>tfw 9/11

Very interesting.

Here I make a semi-duplicate post where I point out that the word on top doesn't mean "reset." It means "overcharge."

So... how's this for collusion motivation: you don't tell on us for stealing from him and we won't tell on you for stealing from him.

I've been noticing that every time there is a picture of Hillary on RT's website it is always one of her bright red lipstick with a gaping maw and sweeping hand gestures power poses. RT posts plenty of unflattering pictures, but not for Hillary.

When it comes to the argument that I should not be in control of those things which God commanded that I be put in control of, not only should my character detractors point to my flaws but they should also point the lack of flaws in the person who they think is better than the one God chose. I say this primarily because I am extremely confident in how I measure up as a good person compared to some other random person. Also, this is true for arguments in general: if you say what is bad then you should complete your rhetoric by also saying what is good. Don't just point to problems, offer solutions (like I did in my professional pursuits.) So if we examine the real data of who it is that has been deemed to be so much better than me and compare merits, I am very very confident in my virtues. So if my virtues are greater then what does this other person have that I don't which makes them qualified and me unqualified? I suspect that missing link is a desire to suck dick. I don't have that desire but I feel strongly that the people they are trying to replace me with uniformly share that characteristic.

Why am I harping on the homosexuals so hard lately? I've got on my mind that where I never cared about their private sex lives, they did very much care about mine. I've got it on my mind that some people representing the church have become so un-Christian that the only thing they can say in defence of their alleged Christianity is, "No we're gay like Jesus. Everyone knows Jesus was gay, it's obvious. We're like him loving our neighbor." But then when I'm not gay they have no ground upon which to stand in their heresies. Too bad so sad. Jesus and the apostles traveled with women who gave them "comfort."

Them being gay is one thing. When they say I have to be too then that makes them faggots. Those Putin interviews with Stone certainly left me with the impression that Putin doesn't fancy the ladies, and that is on my mind too.

How's this for collusion motivation? You don't tell on us for stealing from him and we won't tell on you for stealing from him.

On my vacillations regarding Putin:

Helene used the word "puttin" a lot in my childhood. She said it was a cross between a kitten and pussy cat. She also invented "duppy" that day but I never heard about a cross between a dog and a puppy again while the word puttin did stick around. I think Helene is the person referred to as "Putin's niece."

I suspect Putin came to Alliance disguised as my friend but if I recognized him then how disguised was he and what was he doing there? One time when I was a blue belt I mentioned to Adam Green who was a black belt in judo and my fellow blue belt in jiu jitsu that Putin does judo. I don't remember how it came up. Adam said, "Oh Vladimir?," like they were chums. Are Adam Green and Katherine Green closely related or is that just a coincidence? And is her name perhaps Catherine? I forget. She was the general manager of CNN International when I met her and probably still was when her relative Emily Hancock stole my sperm to consecrate an abomination inside Catherine's homosexual underling at CNN. That person was Kelly Frank whose name is suspiciously like the Franks family name of Joe's in-laws. (And indeed suspiciously like the Pope's chosen name.)

I suspect Putin came to Exide disguised as someone I hate. Again: if he was disguised then why do I think I recognized him? Did he want me to know? If so, what did he want me to know? That he likes cosplay?

When I was watching Oliver Stone's interviews with Putin last year I saw in one scene, possibly a special scene that hackers put on my computer special for me, where Putin's hands were replaced with some other hands. Here is the story of those other hands: On the second time I tried to return to Jerusalem in February 2017 I got denied at passport control, sent to primary detention, and then sent to secondary detention downstairs where there was Hebrew and Thai writing on the walls and there was a big military plaque for the Thai-Israeli Task Force. The point of the room was to be creepy. I think JK Rowling was in that room with me sitting next to a man. She was sending me the vibe like I was about to get tortured in the next area just beyond the door but then the man with her said, "What if he is the owner?" After that I got undetained real quick and they brought me back to the regular airport and flew me to New York. In the Israeli airport (mock up in Area 51?) everyone started calling me El Arcón. After that people began calling me that in many other places. In English El Arcón means The Lord. The man who asked her if I was the owner had very pale blue hands with blue veins and these were shopped onto Putin's hands in the scene I mentioned above. I will never forget those hands, they were highly eccentric. Then later in Stone's interview series my mind wandered and I began to think about all the problems I have had while I was watching the show on my laptop laying in an alley near a dumpster that evening. Then I realized that the translator in Stone's interview was saying verbose, broad, and complete sentences in English but in Russian Putin was just saying, "Da. Da. Da. Da..." It means "Yes." Was the point that Putin (or the hacker operating Putin's likeness) was saying the things in my suspicions did happen or was he saying that he organized the things I was suspecting? It's like when Kozloski was saying, "I'm one of them," without clarifying who they are. When Putin says, "Da," then I have to get and answer to, "'Da,' what Vlad?," before I understand the point of what he was saying.

Finally, I have noticed that just as the Americans don't recognize my great accomplishments in physics, the Russians also don't praise me by name. Don't they like physics in Russia? How can Russia and the US be in opposition when they are in collaboration in the rebellion against me? Just like I think I am the owner of the USA Corporation, I think I am also the rightful emperor of Russia. The Romanov emperor was deposed in 1917 and killed in 1918, 100 years ago.

Let me state this simplest of all principles again. If you were afraid of me, more afraid of me than you are of running out of money, then you would stay away from me. You would not glorify yourself by saying, "I went into his presence without his invitation and lived to tell the tale." Stay away. It's that simple. I will tell you if I want to see you. When your actions say, "I can approach God and my family can live to tell about it," then I feel obligated to go far out of my way, even very far out of my way, to prove you wrong. When you do that it is like you are saying that you are my equal, or that there is some type of sociological parity between us. There is none and where the meek are likely to get a meekness exemption, the bold have no such hope.

Feel free to send me an email: jonathan.tooker@gmail.com

If I'm not the owner of the United States of America Corporation then why does it say "In God we trust" on everything?

UPDATE: I looked at my eyes again. It's hard to tell but I do know some historical photos of my irises exist and I would like to compare them. If there were cameras in there, that would explain how the people around me are able to heckle me regarding the drift of my gaze. However, eye cameras are not the only explanation for something like that and I will be eager to learn the truth of it.

When I was at Elavon I saw the mote in Rhonda Capone's eye and I thought it looked like she had a camera in there. The other day I was looking closely at my own eyes, and I now have identical motes in each eye just like Rhonda's. While I can't be sure if that's just how my iris is, I don't think I would have thought Rhonda's mote was creepy in 2014 if I had already seen identical motes in both of my own eyes. I think someone sliced my body to "wiretap" me. Although I may have to look at these scars for the rest of my life and show them to everyone who ever looks into my eyes -- arguably my best physical feature -- I will not have to look at the members of the culture that sliced the flesh in my eyes. They have scarred my eyes forever and I will scar their family forever so that their inferior genetics do not grow and their heathen culture does not propagate into the future. I will exterminate them all, they will have no part in the Kingdom of Heaven which is now very close at hand.

This post is about how I came to believe that I have rank 47 in freemasonry. Over Christmas 2016 I went to middle Georgia to try to visit my father but I guess he didn't want to see me and there was some similar looking man that I met and called Dad without being corrected. We were sitting in the kitchen and he exclaimed, "Forty seven," for some reason. Later I asked what he meant by that because I already had the feeling that I am the King of the Jews and it would make sense for me to also have the highest masonic rank that I'd read about on various conspiracy pages across the internet. He said, "I have no recollection of any such incident in which the number 47 was stated by my person."

I said, "When I read this email, who should I understand that the pronoun 'I' refers to?" He was very evasive and it was enough for my inquisitive foray for the person using that email account to demonstrate egregiously evasive bad faith. I did not push the issue after he refused to clearly answer several questions without lawyerly language. I think the last email he sent in that thread said, "It's me, your one and only biological father." I never was able to get an answer on who "me" and "I" were in reference to. I couldn't tell if the tone of that last email was his mockery of my suspicions that perhaps someone else is my biological father (someone besides the person that the look-alike looks like (I was trying to clarify if I was emailing with the look-alike or the other one)), or if the tone was one of sarcasm with the implication that neither he nor the look-alike are my biological father. The only thing I have ever heard is that Joe is my father and Helene is my mother. I never questioned it and I don't know why they started saying, "Do you think we're not your parents?"

I have seen some memes that suggest Richard Kuklinski is my real father. When I watch his HBO interviews it is striking how similar he and Joe's mannerisms are. Richard in those interviews says he and his brother Joseph have the same father, and I have even come to suspect that that father might be Adolph Hitler. Indeed this got memed to me with the meme volume turned up pretty high. It popped into my mind while I was trying to get to Israel and then when Joe wired me some money to finish getting to Atlanta he said on the phone, "Did you tell them your grandfather was a Holocaust survivor?," but in the back of my mind I heard, "grandfather was Hitler." I am certain that I don't know the truth of it. When Helene (who is from Williamsburg) and Laura took me on a tour of Brooklyn in the 1980s, they made a big deal of Joe's childhood family home being directly behind the Gemini Lounge where the mafia tortured people and ran a pornography business. I feel like is not too far of a stretch to speculate that whatever was happening in there then is related to the torture porn that was on 4chan back when Erin was telling me how cool it was and I thought it was weird it and gross and never visited that site.

I am reminded of the split between Sunni and Shia Islam; the only time anything should go to the brother is when there is no son. Certainly I look more like Richard than Joe, and I am not covered in moles like Joe (who Erin tells me has had them removed.) However, I do look a lot like Joe and never doubted the truth of it when they told me he was my father. Without me ever bringing it up, a few years ago Helene and Joe both came at me with, "We think you're delusional. Do you think I'm not you mother? Do you think I'm not your father?" How the fuck would I know? You tell me. Whatever the truth is, the rest of the truth is that the brother should never get anything when the son is alive.

After Joe and Helene filed that fraudulent affidavit on me in 2014 I had to argue before a judge to end my involuntary detainment. Luckily the judge agreed with me that I should not be deprived of my freedom. In front of that judge Helene said, "He's obviously delusional Your Honor, he thinks he has like super DNA or something and that people are trying to steal his sperm because they want his baby so badly. Please extend his involuntary detainment, he is so sick as evidenced the fact he thinks people are trying to steal his super sperm and that Richard Kuklinski is his real father. I mean, he's obviously schizo if he thinks that." That was Helene's paraphrased argument about why I should be deprived of my freedom in 2014. At that time Helene was investigating the predicates under which she could be appointed as the legal guardian of my assets. That was surprising because then I didn't believe I had any assets but now I believe I am the owner of the United States of America Corporation either directly or through my ownership of the Vatican Corporation.

All your base belong to me.

This picture looks like Kimberly Kozloski did her make-up to look like Helene Gutfreund. That shadow on her cheek is Helene all day.

Here's another story. Long after Helene inflicted anal rape trauma on me with her fingers, a thermometer, and possibly an electrode, (who knows how many issues grew from that) Joe eventually did sue for me not to be left alone with her any more. (Thanks by the way.) He got custody and we moved to Georgia. I lived with him there for about a year. Then he took me to the local court where I was convicted of "unruly child" and then I lived at the Georgia Baptist Children's home until I was 17. There was a young lady at the Children's Home that I had a crush on but she didn't feel that way about me at all. About 15 years later I was trying to get a prostitute and this person online told me to go to this hotel. The prostitute was the girl from the Children's Home and then when Helene visited Atlanta shortly after she stayed in that same hotel I had met the prostitute in. This was very weird because normally she makes a big effort to get the cheapest hotel near me but this hotel was neither cheap nor near me. She got it to be creepy about watching me. When I realized that the girl was the prostitute that day, I became certain that my prostitute situation was being managed by my babysitters. When Helene booked that hotel, I knew the babysitters were in league with Helene.

Of my own problems, problems that don't involve the people that I care about, the one I am most angry about is that the babysitters sent the good looking prostitutes to the other men. This one makes me a lot more angry than my research status. My professional problem is much, much bigger but not much makes me angrier than the thought of my babysitters sending the good looking prostitutes to the other guy. That day at the hotel where Helene would soon stay the girl saw how much money I handed her she was shocked. She said, "You know you can get it for a lot less than $200." No, I didn't know that. Also, are you sure that I can or are you just talking about some random guy who doesn't have my babysitters sabotaging his every step away from their cult of faggots? I'm going to start marching back that way sooner or later but I don't think they're going to like what I'm bringing them. I've got the biblical battle between the King of Babylon and the King of Assyria framed in my mind as a war between the King of Babies and the King of Ass. FYI, faggot: you can't connect to the future through the asshole.

Is Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton a fictional persona created by the FBI's counterintelligence unit for the purposes of running Judicial Watch and derailing hawkish oppositional citizen oversight of the FBI?

Did the real holocaust, which can be the hollow cost of those who do not make into the remnant, even happen yet?

A few clarifications:

I didn't quit my job to protest the government. I quit my job to move to Israel where I intended to apply to the University of Jerusalem. What I did to protest the government was not apply for another job.

I said, "I don't care about civilian casualties." I do care about them, what I meant was, "In war I don't care about civilian casualties." The main difference, in my mind between war time and peace time is that the former is the time when civilian casualties are ok and the latter is the time when they are not. I meant to state my opposition to the idea that civilian casualties are to be avoided in war. My opinion on war is that the purpose is to kill your enemy, not to spare your enemy's population.

I'm certain I made a post about this before but now I cannot find it. I had learned the word "eschatology" while I was at the Atlanta Mission and I looked up "Islamic eschatology" because that was the one with which I am least familiar among the Abrahamic eschatologies. I made a post regarding pic related (I thought, maybe I just didn't ctrl+f the right words) which said something like:

It almost sounds like Allah will consider the hypercomplexly infinitesimal neighborhood around doomsday and then create a kingdom on another level of aleph.

If this post was removed from my website (hopefully I just couldn't find it) then I wonder which other posts were also removed.

I went to see The Last Jedi last night. It was really good. The movie's detractors are retarded. I couldn't have asked for anything more and I will probably remember it as one of my favorite ones. My favorite part was when Luke became one with the force, and I also really liked when Yoda burned the tree. Great movie.

I think I read somewhere recently that no one knows why atoms are neutral. Is it not because it minimizes the energy? It's the same reason planets and stars are spherical, that configuration minimizes the energy.

Trump is real asshole to say that the economy is doing great when it isn't. If Trump said, "Americans should thank me for the positive economic forces demonstrated on one specific and well-documented metric," and then also showed the Americans what his best case scenario was for the true economic implications of that metric, then the Americans would see the obvious derision in his claim that the USA economy is performing well in 2018. Trump is somehow able to get away with this claim, however, when he simply leaves it in brief, likely due to Twitter character limits, "The economy is doing great even though I don't really say what I mean by that."

Scientific Theory And The Multiverse Madness

I've been seeing an increased discussion of the multiverse lately and I noticed that Sabine (who in my mind I like to call Sabini) used some double M alliteration here and referenced my Hebrew name several times in her article. This post is about the place of the multiverse in the MCM.

Sabine wrote that even Newton could have said his theory of gravity was a multiverse theory. Likewise, one can also place the MCM inside a multiverse. I do not do so, I opt for the minimal interpretation as did Newton. The MCM is not necessarily embedded in a multiverse. What is necessitated by the theory is that the observable universe bounded by the CMB is in contact with an external information reservoir. Where one can easily say that the MCM model of a lattice hypercosmos is a multiverse model, I do not do so. The MCM "universe" that exists at each pi-site is not even a spacetime, it is only a timeless condition in which the universe was observed to exist at a given moment. For intuitive purposes it is easy to refer to a universe at each pi-site but when the details are examined technically it is immediately revealed that there is no reason to claim that an infinite number of pi-sites imply an infinite number of universes. Pi-sites record conditions of the universe, not entire universes.

In the MCM explanation of the double slit experiment, we can say that the particle goes through both slits into two universes, but again this is only for intuitive demonstration. Here we consider the case when the observer does measure which slit the particle goes through. When the details of the theory are fully examined, if the observer sees the particle pass through slit A, then the probability amplitude for the the particle to have gone through slit B has diffused into the information reservoir, and due to the non-unitary evolution of the eternally inflating MCM universe, somehow unitarity is preserved even though a fair portion of the probability density has disappeared. It is true that the reservoir is not a thermodynamic clusterfuck like a heat bath, but it is an information reservoir nonetheless. A very nice, elegant one.

Here I state the best anecdote I have come up with regarding the MCM multiverse. In electromagnetism no one asks, "Does the electric potential imply that there is some real parallel universe where the landscape around electric charges goes like 1/r instead of (1/r) squared?" Likewise in the MCM, it is sufficient to treat the lattice sites through which an observer does not travel as a mathematical potential, or an informatic potential that I like to call an information reservoir. Maybe the hypercosmological lattice is a real thing but Newton himself would have had to admit that maybe this universe is one of infinitely many that span a continuum of gravitational coupling constants. For the MCM as it relates to the strictest, most conservative definitions of physical theory it is enough to say that the MCM hypercosmos is a potential. A potential is a mathematical tool that physicists use to describe observables in the single universe that they inhabit.

Trying to post this but getting 504 errors all day:

I think it is great that there is at least one person on this board who will admit the truth even at the expense of not ribbing me.

Indeed such a theory does exist, and since my balls are so much smarter than Ed's balls, I was able to formulate the theory. However, sometimes as a matter of semantics people say that "formulate the theory" is the same as "write the energy function" and I did not do that that. For semantic purposes, one might say that I defined the space in which the theory will exist while Ed was unable to define such a space. However, as I clearly demonstrate in my new book, the precise form of the energy function is irrelevant because my model can host arbitrary energy functions that people like Ed can postulate and then turn the crank on.

check out my new book
>The General Relevance of the Modified Cosmological Model >http://vixra.org/abs/1712.0598

Woit said in the post that it is the topic of this thread, "The problem is not that it's 'hard' to figure out what the measure on the space of string vacua is, but that you don't even know what the space is on which you're looking for a measure." Pic related, this is the space you're looking for.

They must have really not liked this post that I made because now I'm not banned but technical errors keep preventing me from posting to /sci/ even thought I just posted on /pol/ with no problem. The first few cities said Tampa, then I was getting Atlanta.

Lately I am getting the feeling that the Iran deal was the ultimate outcome of the uranium scandal which was all about fucking me over while exalting the people I hate that are my mutinous subordinates in the grand scheme of things.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are one of the wonders of the ancient world ("ancient") but no one knows how they could have lifted so much water to irrigate something like that (or where the Hanging Gardens were located.) How about nuclear water pumps?

Hey Faggot, listen to me. The instructions you have say that you are supposed to be like me, not that I am supposed to be like you.

I feel pretty confident that it was all organized by a faggot and a woman. Can you think of a more unnatural duo? It might be somewhat mysterious why there is so much hate for homosexuality around the world when it is victimless and even likely in accordance with the golden rule. I bet the ultimate source of all that hate is how much all people throughout history and time hate that one faggot, (also this), and they see other homosexual men as waving his flag... or upvoting his meme.

I recently made the switch to Notepad++. I should have done it a long time ago.

If all these Congressmen are saying, "I can't believe we do that in this country," regarding the new surveillance memo then they should consider the following. Perhaps the egregious unethical behavior of which they have recently been made aware is representative of USA policy as a whole. Regarding the war on terror, perhaps the Congress wouldn't believe that the terrorists don't "hate us for our freedom" but instead "hate us for our egregious unethical behavior" that the Congress' inept investigative efforts have thus far failed to uncover. Perhaps the Congress should consider that when they keep funding more and more war, they are supporting the evil side of the conflict and that the true interests of justice when the complete context is considered align with freedom fighters that the Congress calls terrorists. Indeed, if the deep state could have kidnapped and tortured, and sent drone strikes against the weddings of the family members of the FISA surveillance targets in the new memo then they probably would have done so if not for their overall position of weakness in this particular circumstance.

Am I not the owner of the this land?

In the medieval castle, entering the King's chamber without an invitation from the King was punishable by death. I learned this from movies and shows, but I've seen it in enough places to believe in the real historical precedent. Therefore without even examining what people who were entering my home without my permission were doing in there, I will feel comfortable sentencing them all to death.

I still agree with my earlier comments that torture should be reserved only for people who have already been sentenced to death and will never live to tell about. It's almost too much that the torturer will have to carry the memory with him, and this is one reason why I am very opposed to to torture: if you want to torture someone then there has to be a torturer. However, I am comfortable existing in a world where torturers exist.

When that time comes and I properly sit on the throne with a crown on my head then I will want to know everything that happened. Between pissing me off by showing me something that pisses me off and not showing me something because you know it will piss me off, the former will be a much better position than the latter. When Tim said, "There is no reason," I think what he meant was, "I'm going to try to hide the reason from you forever." I do want know what it was. I have a burning desire to know.

Here's another complaint about Exide that I probably mentioned before but is on my mind again. Tim was my favorite person in the office but that might have just been how he positioned himself in the appearances because he was actually my worst enemy.

I had been making some posts, maybe on Reddit, about how the women were always saying no to me and saying yes to the other guy who sucks compared to me and is way lower on the totem pole of the grand scheme of things than I am. Although Tim didn't clearly state the context of what he was saying, one day he said to me, "There's nothing stopping you," or something like that. I had said, essentially, that I was done asking women for their company until I figured out the conspiracy that had turned them all against me and Tim was saying, basically, "There is no conspiracy, it's just you." I didn't believe him and I still don't. I'm tall, my face is symmetrical, I speak well, I'm athletic, and I had plenty of money back then so there was no reason for them to always be turning me down if not for some conspiracy of lies. One recalls the other post I made about how I was dating some woman from OkCupid and she sent me a picture from inside the women's room at the night club where it was written on the wall, "Jonathan Tooker is an asshole."

So fast forward a while and Tim, Rod, and I are in Rod's office one day. Tim makes me aware that Joelle (whose name Joelle Cochrane sounds too much like Jo'el Cockring for me not assume that it is a pseudonym (keep in mind that Rod is a body/face double for Steve Collins whose real name is Jo'el, and also that Stefan in the Exide emails was probably Steve himself or else Joey Collins whose real name is also Jo'el)) is the office prostitute. Tim said that Joelle gives him the front all the time and the implication was that Rod fucks her in the ass. Then a little while later, weeks later, I come out of the bathroom and there Joelle is standing with Tim and she shoves some bright red Star Wars lunch box right in my face. I ignored it an went to my desk and I heard her and Tim having some scripted conversation. It sounded like she was telling me that it was ok if I wanted to lick her pussy. That she was the whore, and I could extend sexual services to her.

So tell me this Tim. If there's no conspiracy to fuck up the story of who I am and what I've done then how did Joelle get the idea that I am an autistic man child who's going to get aroused by a Star Wars lunch box? Probably no less than five different women I've dated heard some mention of Star Wars, probably in the context of,"What movies do you like?," and then said, "Oh I've never seen Star Wars." They were all lying of course and they were trying to bait me into, "OMG YOU NEVER SAW STAR WARS??? OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!!!" The reason I went through this with like five different women is because it's the single biggest autistic man child meme that exists and they wanted to see if I would upvote it. Full disclosure, I don't give a fuck about Star Wars and when they said they never saw it I probably said something like, "Oh really?" I don't give a fuck if you saw Star Wars bitch, I care if you can bury your face in my bed with your ass up in the air.

So tell me this Tim, of all the men in that office whose dicks Joelle was sucking, how many of them did she shove a Star Wars lunch box in their face? Of all the men whose dicks she was taking, how many of them was her first service offer to let them lick her pussy? "Hi Jon, I'm Joelle. Let me tell you what I think of you with this stupid plastic lunch box. I let Rod fuck me in the ass but you can give me oral service." Tell me this Tim: if there's no conspiracy, then how did I get that special treatment? It's true I post Star Wars memes sometimes, but I also post Willy Wonka memes. Do you think my desire is for whores to indulge some Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fetish that I have?

Not only do I not have a Star Wars fetish, but my sister Erin does have one and that is something that makes me think lowly of her. One time she was telling me about my other sister Jenna's daughter Natasha and she said, "The girl is only X years old and she already likes Star Wars, so I was like, `Yes! WIN!'" She was going on and on about it like it was the critical thing in the little girl's life about whether or not she would grow up to be a good person. Who gives a fuck if the girl likes fucking Star Wars Erin? It's just a movie. So then when Joelle put that fucking lunch box in my face it was like she was telling me that she thinks of me as one of the those autistic losers like Erin's cosplay friends. That's not me bitch, and I would have fucked that pussy better than any of those other Exide douche bags, and kissed all over it too.

So how did she get that idea, Tim, if it wasn't for some conspiracy spreading lies about me? Maybe if the Star Wars lunch box wasn't the number one autistic man child meme you could say, "I wanted her to express a common interest," but it is the number one autistic man child meme and if she is the prostitute then her pussy is common interest enough. Before she started fucking the football guy did she shove a football lunch box in his face? You lied to me that day Tim. You lied when you said, "There is no reason." There is a big one.

You know actually since I am diagnosing the presence of Putin based on the chin that is also Helene's chin, and I quit on the day that I came to believe Helene was working at Exide, and that any sperm agent in 2005 that could have precipitated the growth of Barron in 2006 (named after me: The Baron of the Tower) was almost certainly Helene, then in fact that may have been Helene impersonating Rod that day.

All my speculations aside, when I was flying back from getting rejected by Israel for the third time in March 2017 I had a connection through Moscow and the Russians gave me a seat by myself. That's a fact, no speculations. I didn't have have sit next to anyone on the flight back from Moscow and I liked that very much. To the credit of my own hometown Americans who are all fucked up, I also like that they didn't sell me to a torturer. (Not sure if that was for lack of trying though.)

If I had to guess, however, it probably was Putin at Exide that day. I thought I saw him at Alliance too on occasion and I don't want to even entertain the thought of Helene wearing my friend's black belt on the mat. The Russians were probably growing children from my DNA without letting me actually feel the texture and warmth of the vaginas in question just like Trump was. This is probably what is now called the "uranium export scandal."

I guess it's like Medvedev said: "Double headed eagle looks in both directions."

You see the difference between Donald and I is that when his face appears on the ancient Egyptian architecture it's because of photoshop.

You know what would be funny? If Trump makes it to 2020 and the democrats put up a woman again because I'll be slamming #Trump2020 all over everything I can see just like I did last time.

Also, they say hindsight is 20/20.

I watched this movie Bright recently. It was original, very nicely done, and I liked it very much.

I bet the real story behind the meeting that Bannon called "treasonous" was that Bannon was referring to the meeting at Exide where Trump and Putin watched me in my real persona while they hid their true identities like some teenage cosplay trannies. I am certain that there was nothing good happening in that meeting. They might say, "If we hid our identities then how did you know we were there?" I don't know that though, that's complete bullshit. All I know is that Dave Morrison's eyes looked different that day, he looked taller even though he was seated, and his eyes looked just like Trump's weird slanted plastic surgery eyes, and that Rod didn't have the white dot in the middle of his right pupil that day and his chin seemed like Putin's chin... which is very recognizable to me because it is also Helene's chin. Also, it doesn't make any sense that Trump and Putin would have come to Exide to meet me with me when all we talked about was how Sandy had been telling lies related the manufacture of commercial electrical batteries.

Anyone who says that job at Exide was a reward for me is a liar and should be killed unless there is some reason to torture them before they die.