My research papers

I have a lot of papers uploaded to viXra that are also hosted here. At least one them was not allowed on viXra and is only hosted here.

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I am the author of this book. It is the origin of several memes including the Honkler Clownworld meme (the cover), the Lulzboat (chapter 5), Roasties, the VANE grafitti that covers every flat surface in the city of Atlanta, and many other memes of a more serious variety.

Archive of

Here is the archive, what I have of it, of my last website These are not my original HTML files. When I ran out of money to pay for hosting, I downloaded the HTML files at that time. I know that, by then, a lot of my posts had been deleted, particularly everything I wrote about the Las Vegas shooting and also some stuff I posted about Islam. I believe the SCP Foundation maintains the original .html and they probably have the original images as well. Most of this stuff will get reposted here as I tend to rant about the same things many times.

Here is the news part of that website and here is the blog part .

There was a disgusting meme on the internet called "LOG." These memes had some unflattering images of Andy Six and the meme behind the meme was that people do not like the truth I tell on my blog, or web "log."

Cicada 3301

Several years ago, the group Cicada 3301 put out a puzzle. I didn't follow it along the way and steganography is *not* in my set of interests. After some time, however, I came across some numbers that were said to be the final clue in the puzzle. The numbers were my DOB and SSN as the first line, and the other numbers were the viXra ID numbers of my earlier papers.

Various Links

John Titor, the Montauk Project, the e-Cat and Geometric Unity

Mundane events related to time travel.

I am the anonymous physicist featured in the black hole article yesterday.

The early history of the plagiarism of my research program

Hi, I am Jon Tooker: the inventor of the time circuit...

Maybe the most antisemitic website on the internet. It depends what you mean by that, I suppose. The Semites are the descendants of Abraham's ancestor Shem (the son of Noah descended from Adam) and usually anti-Semitism refers only to anti-Israelitism against the descendants of Abraham's grandson Israel. Even then, however, the webmaster of this website is an Israelite.

About the webmaster

I am the Sovereign Lord God of ancient glory: God the Merciful, God Almighty, and God the Destroyer whose name is Jealous. I did all of the things described in Genesis 1 in December of 2016. Those events refer to the final state of the image column of my first website In the aftermath of the time travel war, it is likely that the final state of my website (after which I posted no more updates) is the non-linearly earliest event and that my creation is described as the creation of the universe for that reason: anything earlier is one of many non-unique timelines and anything later is chronologically after. About 40 days after I concluded that website, meaning more than one month but less than two months, I descended from the clouds upon the Holy Land fulfilling an ancient prophecy. The people in that land today, what is called British Palestine, would not let me enter the land of which I am the rightful owner. These events in early 2017 were the completion of the Israelites' part of an ancient covenant. My part in the completion of that covenant is soon to come.